well built small hives and very small bees

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well built small hives and very small bees

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I am also new to beekeeping. 2 weeks ago I was given 10 small beehives about 1 ft. tall by 14 inches long. They were full of bees with lots bee cone inside. Owner passed away and apparently had not attended these as everything looked old. As stated, all were full of bees but all were very small. I have yet to see a QUEEN, looking as advised by internet users. I give sugar water each day. Can these hives survive? Also what kind of bees are these, being so small. Would appreciate any help.

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Re: well built small hives and very small bees

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Very interesting.

More accurate box measurements would be helpful in assessing them.

Do you have pictures of the hives and the bees inside? If so, they would help a lot, too.

Your best bet for getting good advice is to find a local beekeeper. Most are happy to share knowledge and even look at your hives with you.

Honey bees are quite small and many new beekeepers are surprised how small they are. Some varieties are smaller than others, too..
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