Fmr Pres National Honey Board Estate Sale

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Fmr Pres National Honey Board Estate Sale

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On Facebook, the daughter of the late Steve Conlan is trying to sell the equipment and business. She had talked to me in messenger. Reading between the lines, she is overwhelmed and just wants rid of everything.

I advised her to get an auctioneer and sell everything at auction.

I don't think she knows what she has, or how to go about selling it. If anyone knows anyone who has sold off a large business like this, it would be great if you could point her in the direction of who to talk to.

They used to have 700 hives. She says there are less than 50 live hives left, and probably closer to 5 since no one has worked the bees since her mom died in late 2020.

There are still 4 part time employees, but it's a skeleton crew.

From 2010-2018 they averaged $168K a year profit.
She says they have a lucrative relationship with Krogers. ... RtBN78z3eA
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