I voted, "Yes".  Although I was a strong opponent of the previous commission many years ago, I think the current proponents have demonstrated a good attitude, a commitment to consultation with all groups within the industry, and sufficient humility to be trusted.

I have, however, strong reservations about raising large sums of money on the basis of undefined needs and having money sitting around on standby.  In the past I have watched over and over as available funds were disbursed for questionable goals, simply because the money was there.

If money had to be raised for such purposes, beekeepers would have kept their hands in their pockets and said nothing, but, because the money was already there, it was spent.  Again and again, efforts to raise money for general research or marketing have failed.  I think that they failed for good reasons: beekeepers are simply too smart to shell out for causes that will not generate a return, understanding that it is not their job to finance abstract work or research not targeted towards specific, achievable goals.

On the other hand, we have seen that there has been no problem raising money, help, and materials for projects that beekeepers think will succeed and pay off in immediate and tangible savings. The Southern Alberta beekeepers Association and the seed growers group are a good example of how generous people can be when a good project is proposed.


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