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The Jade Trees in My South Window Bloom at Christmas


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Sunday December 20th 2020

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Ecowitt | Wunderground

I woke at 0645 and feel just fine.  I stepped onto the scale and seem to have dropped about five pounds now from my peak a week or so ago.

It is right at freezing here in Sudbury and we are expecting a few continuing warm days leading up to Christmas. At home it is is plus three with continued mild temperatures for the week.

Lately peckford42 is a must-read lately. 

One in 50 Albertans have now tested positive for COVID-19

The divide between the 'official' stories promulgated indiscriminately by the MSM and enforced by the social media giants, and the actual incoming data continues to widen.

Well documented reports of inexpensive and effective treatments* for the virus, comparisons of mortality in jurisdictions with and without lockdowns, and credible and voluminous reports about rampant vote rigging and widespread and open cheating in the recent US federal elections are, in one of Trumps's favourite words, absolutely "incredible"--in the true sense of the word.

Add to these puzzles the unbelievable and unsupported inflation in money supply and stock valuations and, Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore.

I really don't know how to write about such dissonance. Others do so much better and I can only point to their work.

I'm pretty well convinced about the efficacy of ivermectin as a prophylactic and treatment, and HCQ plus azithromycin and zinc as a treatment, but need to actually look more closely and write down the doses and timing. If I have seen this summarized clearly, I have lost track of where. What we need is something like this for each remedy:

  • Day 1: symptoms: treatment, observations

  • Day 2: symptoms: treatment, observations

  • Day 3: symptoms: treatment, observations

  • ...

  • ...

Of course it is never quite this simple, but timing, dosage and expected results and alternative actions is very basic. 

Fact is, we cannot count on a doctor to know--or care.  Many are afraid to go off-road and are just 'doing the job'.

Although prescribing either of these off-label is permissible in most jurisdictions, many doctors simply paint by numbers and never colour outside the lines.

I don't believe anything that comes down officially anymore.  I take note, but we've been fooled too many times by craven 'leaders' who are subject to bribery, coercion, and the public mood. Democracy is great when it works, but democratic leadership waves in the wind.

The vaccines may provide some protection when and if they are offered to me but no one knows how well they work and for how long.  I think one has to assume that at some point, we'll all get this virus so we need treatments, not some talisman to protect us and the vaccines may prove to be only an ephemeral protection, although vastly profitable for the corporations and a messiah for feckless politicians to promise to distract the masses and put off the day of reckoning.

The more I read about the virus and responses the odder the whole thing becomes. It is sort of like shadow boxing. They have given this virus such extraordinary properties, almost mythical. As if humans have never ever before dealt with disease and epidemics.

I really can't figure it out. The madness of crowds is historical, though and it is not obvious when a person is young. It only becomes apparent as one ages and sees how people drop one idea for a shiny new one like pack rats.

Somehow the technological prowess we can now muster is producing very little of value or giving an extra advantage. If anything it is just making things more difficult and complicated for people.

It is looking more and more as if the less technological global regions are faring better since there is already widespread prophylactic use of HCQ and ivermectin. Not sure, though.

The old adage of if you are sick stay home and do not contact others seems to have gone by the wayside as the primary response to an epidemic. In reality it is the best approach with probably similar benefits to the ones ostensibly ascribed to all of the testing and restrictions.

There seems to be credible evidence that all the draconian measures actually exacerbate the problem.

Add to that what is truly known about the vulnerability of the aged and infirm and another logical level of actions should be in place rather than avoiding any kind of contact between people of all ages. But if one points out some of these gaps in logic and information to those in deep fear, the reaction is incredibly violent!

It was ever thus, only different hot-button issues were in vogue

Remember when 'commie' was a condemnation not a popular political platform?

Did you see that Sydney Powell apparently conferred with Trump in his office on Friday? And of course there are the predictable reports that loud voices were heard by nearby bystanders.
They used the same language to describe the meeting of the supreme court justices on the suit brought against states by other states. So much drama that it is hard to figure out what is real and of substance.

I hadn't followed that Friday meeting, but looked it up. The reports are sketchy and imaginative. Several quoted the Daily Beast. There is a lot of yellow 'journalism' out there. Giuliani was on the phone, so how anyone heard him shouting is a mystery. Same with Judge Thomas the other day.

Yes, I also ran out of popcorn. Only have Xmas cookies and goodies left.

Take it easy on those carbs...

The ivermectin and HCQ info coming in is intriguing. Did you see this forum thread?

Chinese Communist Party Used Internet Propaganda 'Army' to Shape COVID Narrative

WHO (Finally) Admits PCR Tests Create False Positives
"The answer to that is potentially shockingly cynical: We have a vaccine now. We don’t need false positives anymore."

Scientists Warn UK COVID Mutation "Unlike Anything We Have Seen"; Cali Cases Near 2MM As Apple Closes Stores: Live Updates

CDC Issues New Guidelines, Launches Probe After 1000s Negatively-Affected Following COVID-19 Vaccination

Court to hear challenge to Alberta government cancelling Christmas

“Old News Sources Are Dying”
Mikhaila Peterson with Andrew Says
Very interesting interview.

I just got word I am trading my 2018 Bavaria 34 for a 2007 Bavaria 50, Corus.  Corus is the boat I skippered twice this summer and is a fantastic boat.

I never cared much for the smaller boat and only was on her a few times but I really like the larger one.  There are some issues to address, but that is true of any boat.  Now for the paperwork...

BREAKING: White House Splits Over Special Counsel, Martial Law Amid Aftermath Of SolarWinds Breach

"...Attorney Powell and General Flynn’s grassroots election integrity movement, now known as “Stop the Steal,” aims for a full congressional hearing to address the evidence of mass voter fraud before a joint session of Congress on January 6, the day that the legislature certifies the electoral college votes..."

Peter Navarro Issues Report on Voting Irregularities:
 ‘The Emperor, In the Election, Has No Clothes’

No Act Of War But "An Easy Score": Here's What We Know & Don't Know About SolarWinds Hack

BREAKING: Trump campaign takes fight BACK to SCOTUS, files to REVERSE PA court and VACATE appointment of BIDEN electors!!
We knew this was coming.  Never bet against Trump.

WOW: YouTube Removes Video of Trump Lawyer’s Opening Statement at Senate Committee Hearing
(See it here)

MI Sec of State Official Caught On Video Telling Volunteers To Count "Multiple Ballots with the very Same Signature" During "Audit" Of Votes In Antrim County

The Gateway Pundit - Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback

'Simple Math' Shows Biden Claims 13 MILLION More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters Who Voted in 2020 Election

At two-thirty, Bill came over and we did the 2.2-mile walk around Minnow Lake.  I am getting out of shape and really need to get more exercise.

The temperatures were just above freezing and there is a bit of wet snow on the trail around the west end of the lake, so we had to be careful walking. 

I find it amusing that while I go charging down steep mountain slopes on skis, I have to pick my way carefully up and down these hills and rocks in the bush.

'Simple Math' Shows Biden Claims 13 MILLION More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters Who Voted in 2020 Election

After supper, I went to Walmart and bought a turkey.  I wanted to be sure to get the type I wanted, a pre-stuffed Butterball. They are twice the price, but ready to roast and the stuffing is already inside.  No giblets.

There were two in the freezer and I picked the smallest. Our room in the fridge freezer is limited and besides there will only be four of us for the meal, so far.

I did not watch video.  I started on Jack Ryan, but after Bosch, nothing suits me. 

I noticed that tonight things seem to be braking loose and the Trump team is mounting another challenge.  At present, the odds look poor, but that could be part of the strategy.  It takes time to gather facts and also is necessary to lose a few minor battles while positioning for the main battle.

Many a game that looks hopeless has been won in the final minutes. Is Trump holding trump to throw down in the final hand?  Never bet against Trump.

Quote of the Day  
If you would be a real seeker after truth,
it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things
Rene Descartes

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Monday December 21st 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I woke right at 0645 again and got up a moment, then slept another forty-five minutes.

I feel just fine and see I have lost a little more weight. I have not really been trying.  It seems that small changes have an effect.

Last night was the longest night of the year and the days now grow longer and the sun higher in the sky. One would think that the weather will get warmer now, but the coldest is yet to come. The lake just froze last week, but won't thaw until May.

What’s Going On?
Have We lost Our Minds In the US and Canada?

COVID-19 outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study

That is a good article. I think that I'll have to start a page to assemble all the various references I have seen for HCQ and ivermectin.

So far, the info is scattered and I don't see anywhere simple instructions like (these are not instructions, just examples): 1.) Take ivermectim monthly as a preventative or, 2.) on starting to cough and experience tea fever and shortness of breath, take X amount of A, B, and C for X days.

Breonna Taylor: The True Story of a BLM Hero - Ann Coulter

Scientists, MPs Ask "Where Is Evidence Of 70% More Contagious Mutant COVID?"

Twelve Principles of Public Health
Telling the truth.

Do Mask Mandates Work? New Analysis Suggests They Don't
Told you so!
Follow the science. 
(Real science, based on facts, not fear and  models)

From the forum:

Post by BadBeeKeeper » Today, 9:49 am

I worked in a virus lab for a couple of years, and I can say with certainty that none of those things is going to do a lick of good against *any* virus. Got lupus or malaria? Take your HCQ. Got scabies, lice, heartworm or 'blindeye' worm? Ivermectin is for you. Got a bacterial infection? Take your Z-pack. But none of those are good for Covid or any other virus.

Older folks *have* been studied for the vaccine, it's the children for which we lack data. That's why the older folks here in the US are among the first scheduled to get vaccinated, and younger folks are lower on the list.

I am truly appalled at the amount of misinformation that is being spread, and the number of people who believe it. I knew this was going to be bad when I saw the reports of the Chinese government trying to silence the doctors who were raising the alarm, back in January. And I am angered to the point where I could go to jail if I expressed my true feelings about the bungling of the US government in the handling of this crisis.

This was largely preventable, if it had been handled correctly from the start. On a number of forums I warned people to take a lesson from the 'Spanish Flu' epidemic, but no one listened.

Frankly, I think that there are a whole bunch of people who should be dragged out of their government offices, tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail...and one in particular who should have a halyard tied to his balls and be hauled up a flagpole.

If it were only the stupid people who died I might be a bit more callous and say it could be beneficial, from an evolutionary perspective. But that isn't the case.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Post by Allen Dick » less than a minute ago

Great post. I think if the legislators and public employees had their pay suspended until this is resolved we would not be where we are now.

(Note, though, for Trump haters, he donates all his pay back to the government less a dollar which he is compelled to take.)

And, as for the ivermectin and HCQ, azithromycin, vitamin D, and zinc, etc... I don't think anyone is claiming these potions act against the virus, but rather that they reduce the effects and alter the body's response.

Of course, I don't know, and there are always a lot of cranks out there.

However, from what I see, either the increasing number of studies suggesting these are useful are as fake as the recent US election results in some states or there is something to them.

No one is claiming a cure or panacea. People still get sick and a few die, but far fewer and with less enduring aftereffects.

The size of the individual studies is problematic, but when the number of positive studies is considered statistically, and there are no credible negative studies, the power is increased sufficiently to achieve fairly high confidence. IMO.

We do know the 'studies' used against the treatments are not credible. One that made Lancet was a fake and and a number of 'studies' were deliberately set up to fail. I have not seen one credible study denying the efficacy.

I'll be watching these things and keep HCQ, and azithromycin at hand and hope to never need to use them. I have started taking zinc supplements as there seems to be pretty much universal agreement that it is beneficial or at worst, not harmful.

Be sure to read the preprint and the comments in this link.  They are excellent.

COVID-19 Outpatients – Early Risk-Stratified Treatment with Zinc Plus Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: A Retrospective Case Series Study

Sample comment:
Received: 26 July 2020
Commenter: Tianchi Zhao
The commenter has declared there is no conflict of interests.
Comment: I have been following the excellent work you and Dr. Zelenko have been doing that can save lives of millions around the world. I would like to add my observation to support your conclusions. Countries that use Hydroxychloroquine for early treatment covid-19 all have very low death rate. These countries include: India, Russia, Turkey and many mid-east countries. Among them, Qatar has 109,036 people test positive, but only 164 total deaths with a fatality rate 0.15% !!! The country's hospitals are empty even though the infection rate is very high for a small country with 2.8 million population. Brazil started relatively late due to short of Hydroxychloroquine. President Trump sent 2 millions of pills to Brazil on May 31st upon the request from Brazil's Bolsonaro.

Bill came over at two-thirty and we walked around Minnow Lake again, this time taking a longer route adding up to three miles.  He had brought two beers so we stopped at Lonsdale schoolyard and sat on a bench a while. 

This is the first I've had beer in a week or more. I had gotten to drinking quite a bit of beer and have the belly to show for it.  haven't missed it and think that if I want to lose weight, avoiding booze in any form is a good start.

Ivermectin And Hydroxychloroquine

FWIW, here is a link to the recommendations of the FLCCC.
Prophylaxis & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19

Caveat Emptor. These links are offered as information, not advice.

With any drug there can be side effects and sometimes serious ones so taking anything without a good reason and professional oversight is not advised.

Moreover, I don't know about the wisdom of prophylactic use. I'm not a big fan of eating lots of pills, but if I was living with or caring for someone infected, I might see things differently.

Ivermectin looks a bit more risky than HCQ but both have possible harms.

And then there is this video:

You decide.

As I age I am finding my cohort is fading. My neighbour is in the Alberta Hospital now for assessment of dementia and another close friend has fast advancing pancreatic cancer. My mother, of course, is approaching 102 and although crippled with arthritis, is still bright and healthy.  Me, I am starting to feel my age and pay for my careless ways.

COVID-19 outbreak declared at Nakiska Ski Area west of Calgary

I see there was a covid 'outbreak' associated with Nakiska.  I gather it is in the staff, who are mostly young, but as always, details are scant and, I assume, sensationalized.  I hate all the alarmist news and the spin put on it. As far as I can tell, virus (flu and covid) deaths are down from 2018 or about even.

I had supper, read in the evening, and since Sail Canada in its pursuit of wokeness now requires a criminal background check and passing a course in wokeness to teach cruising, I wasted an hour on a badly conceived 'course' and exam.  There were some good aspects, though in covering various types of abuse typical in sports, but the part about trans surprised me. 

Why it was necessary to discriminate against trannies by singling them out seems counter to the courses' stated goals.  I don't think I know any trannies (am I allowed to use the term?) but why they require special treatment is beyond me.  I guess it is just a sign of the times. Virtue-signaling and hypocrisy rule.

I then watched a bit of a Will Smith action movie on Prime, but cut it off and went to bed at eleven.  I like Will, but the story was awful.

Although I have been listening to Pimsleur Spanish lessons, I have not been working on Duolingo or other lessons and am finding I need to see the words as well as hear them. I also am having problems with pronouns. I can use them, but cannot visualise the syntax.  I'm used to seeing the declensions from Latin studies.

So, I started up with Duolingo again.  I find it a bit cumbersome and slow, but it has done good for me in the past.  I'll also get back to using Qroo Paul's videos. In fact I did both before bed.

Learn Spanish with Qroo Paul.

Quote of the Day  
If you would be a real seeker after truth,
it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things
Rene Descartes

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Tuesday December 22nd 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I woke at four and was not sleeping well.  I got up, had coffee, spent some time reading, then had breakfast and went back to bed. I slept fitfully until 9:45 and got up again.  While dozing, I dreamed I was talking to Ellen about my sailboat transaction and other such things I now forget.

Fox, Newsmax shoot down their own claims on U.S. election after threat of legal action | CTV News

This a slanted article.  It seems that nobody can tell it straight.  These outlets AFAIK simply aired people who made such claims and I have to say some of them seemed quite tenuous at the time and made me wonder about Sidney's claims and her grip on 'reality' as we know it.  Allowing someone to speak on a network does not amount to to endorsement, or should not be thought to be.

I suspend my judgment on all these claims, though as she has a good reputation and who knows, maybe she is flying flags to see who salutes or sending up trial balloons.  It is standard warfare to send out decoys to draw fire and identify enemy positions. Only fools fall for these gambits, but it seems there are many, many fools.

Amazingly to me, CTV describes claims of election fraud as baseless, but how would they know?  Fraud is very well documented, and with many affidavits and eye witness accounts.  It should be very clear to any fair-minded observer there is ample evidence of fraud, and, in at least a few cases, very significant fraud.

In fact, Biden himself said as much: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”  Of course, the usual suspects jumped to say he misspoke, but did he?  If he is to be POTUS, should we not take him at his word?  Does he not know what he is saying?  How is it that people 'correct' what he says and then give the incumbent no quarter.  (Personally, I believe he is demented and innocently said what he knew to be true.  I give him credit for honesty)

Anyhow, enough of that.  A pox on both all their houses.  Trump is a reality TV star and the show goes on. How many of the claims are flak and feints, and will there be a thrust?  A touché? 

*   *   *   *   *   *

In addition to being fed up with the 'news', I'm thinking that watching and trying to understand the virus catastrophe is a waste of time. There is just too much conflicting information and opinion out there. There are too many clowns and fakers.

It is becoming obvious that the news is written for the most part by immature and poorly educated or badly compromised folks who are mostly in a big whispering game.

As for the alternate news, it offers a bit more honest perspective. I can't say that the news and opinions I get away from the mainstream are pure either, but at least I get a scattering from many perspectives. They tend to circle a story and with the MSM cancel out, leaving a residue which might resemble objective truth.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I think I am going to change my focus to planning for June, planning for Mexico, and getting back at my Spanish.  Being preoccupied with the news flow and video is a sign of an empty life.

*   *   *   *   *   *

The decadence came long ago, so long that taht word is seldom if ever used anymore.  Here we are now down to the bread (CERB) and circuses (24 Hr News) phase of the decline of civilization. Can the collapse be far off?

I may delete my Twitter account. maybe not.  Twitter is a huge time waster, but also a goldmine.

*   *   *   *   *

Now for important things:

Nakiska also got 44cm new in the last 24. So YYC is striving to stay open.

Calgary airport diverting flights to Edmonton

So, here I am at one in the afternoon, on a sunny , warm day with fresh snow, free to get back the Spanish again and forget about the world.

I called Bill and we agreed to meet at the boat ramp and continued on down to South Bay where we parked and hiked the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.  Our hike worked out to be two miles on snow packed trails.

As I arrived home, a courier arrived with a package.  It is my new Pixel 3XL, bought for $300 on Amazon.

UPS (pronounced Whooops!) had decided to deliver after all.  When walking two days ago, I had received a robocall from UPS saying to phone some 800 number to clear customs.  I was walking and thought such a call very awkward and presumptuous and hung up.  I expected they might just send the product back to sender, but, no.  Here it is.

I hate UPS.  They try to extract border charges if they can. Apparently if you don't bite, they can get by just fine without.

I am upgrading the phone to Android 11 at the moment before restoring my apps.  Last time I did that backwards. Apps first, upgrade after.   Not wise.  Upgrade, then reset to factory and go through setup then. I notice I was offered a finger imprint on this phone during initiation so maybe this one works.  The one on the one I returned did not.

I took a quick scan of the news and Mr. Peckford has been busy.  He has an amazing and very cogent collection today.  Be sure to give it a scan.


Pharmaceutical factory on fire after explosion: 2 injured
"Liberty Times reported that the factory produces hydroxychloroquine APIs, and is the world’s second largest HCQ raw material supplier."

If I had a suspicious mind...

A Peculiar Kind of Racist Patriarchy - Quillette

Shows with data that actually everyone is earning more than white men. (All averages)

My new phone is now set up and

Quote of the Day  
From the fact that people are very different it follows that, if we treat them equally, the result must be inequality in their actual position, and that the only way to place them in an equal position would be to treat them differently Equality before the law and material equality are therefore not only different but are in conflict with each other; and we can achieve either one or the other, but not both at the same time
Friedrich August von Hayek

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Wednesday December 23rd 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at nine-thirty. I', dopey today and my eyes don't focus well.  I spent the mrning setting up the new phone.  So far it seems perfect with the only exception that it somehow can only find one of my hearing aids on the adjustment app.  Is the Bluetooth weak?  I doubt it as it works well with them for audio.

The hearing aids are fantastic for listening to music and other audio.  I can drive down the road listening to Spotify.  The fidelity is great, too.  The speakers are tiny but have a wide range response. Maybe the bass is a bit weak, though as usually hearing does not need bass correction.  Most hearing loss is in the  higher frequencies.

The morning was windy and overcast, but at one, the sky has cleared.  The wind continues.  Walk today?  I doubt it but maybe I'll drive Mom around the neighbourhood.

Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 & The Hegelian Dialectic "New Normal"

It has been clear from the start that this whole normalization of house arrest of innocent people without charge is not about a fairly typical disease that resembles the flu, but about the worldwide coup that was openly planned and rehearsed last fall.  Will it succeed?  Is it a bad thing?  For those of us who value our freedom, it is a disaster, but for those who have been indoctrinated by the 'education's system and enslaved by debt, it may seem just fine.

The main characteristic that distinguishes this notorious virus from the normal flu strains is the emphasis made on lingering after effects that are observed in some victims.  Much is made of these particular unusual cases.  Maybe this virus maims in some unusual cases, but not in the vast preponderance.

However, the flu kills too, and also can maim also.  Is the frequency and extent comparable?  Nobody is comparing, or if they do, the reports are suppressed. I had the flu twenty-five years ago.  It was unforgettable and had lingering effects that never left, too.

We are being hoaxed.

lingering effects of influenza - Bing

"Even in healthy people who don't develop complications, the flu can cause symptoms that persist for weeks, including: Fatigue. Weakness. Low appetite. Dry cough. Airway irritation that affects how long you can be active. Loss of sense of smell, which in rare cases becomes permanent."

Bill and I went for a walk again in the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.  This time only 1.7 miles, but over interesting terrain and along the edge of Lake Laurentian.


I returned home and made supper.  Sarah called to say that she was fifteen minutes away, then showed up shortly after.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Working to Oust Trump?

More at
Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP

I watched this video in the evening.  Interesting.  If Trump is not planning to throw in his hand and fold, this is how it looks he will play his cards.  He set this up starting a long time back, building a strong hand but what has he drawn?  Does Trump hold Trump or a busted flush?  He is playing against much lesser adversaries, but they are many and they are motivated by fear of being revealed as the sell-outs they are. 

The compromised are not all Democrats, highly placed Republicans are sold out, too.  That is why he has had to keep discarding staff. Honest men are hard to find.  Nit only has the USA been hollowed out, but the politicians and many career bureaucrats have been bought out.  What is shocking is that when this is revealed, half the country says, "So what?"

FOX News Censors Sean Hannity, Blocks Guest To Bury Voter Fraud Report

National Election Fraud During the 2020 Presidential Race
I only skimmed this one

Interestingly, lately I'm finding Zero Hedge, my former favourite source of unreported news and opinion is becoming late to the stories and missing the meat..

Quote of the Day  
Half a truth is often a great lie
Benjamin Franklin

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Thursday December 24th 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at seven after a good night's sleep.  I feel fine, have dropped a few more ounces, and my BG is back to normal!

I assume cutting out the booze, eating more carefully, and walking is making a difference.  Some of us are built to work hard and, like a diesel engine, are damaged by light loads and a lot of idling.  Beekeeping and windsurfing/kiting/skiing/snowboarding kept me in shape.  Yachting is fairly active, too, but sitting around is hard on me.

My new phone has a morning news feature, so I tried it.  I listened for a few minutes but found it was insulting my intelligence and went to reading. I prefer reading anyhow as I can skim and select where to drill down.

The 'news' turned out to be Reuters and CNN US news and since I follow the details and the backstories, and have listened to George Papadopolos' book, I was shocked, but not surprised,  by how incomplete and dishonest the 'news' is. 

It is absolutely revolting and somewhat frightening to think this is what is fed to the unsuspecting masses.

I'm not frightened by the virus.  I'll live or I'll diem but I am frightened by the tides in human politics, having read a little history.  Fact is the long peace that has been the norm here where I live and in my time is unusual and special, and I am aware of that every day.  I don't like what I see coming.

It is pouring rain here and the lake is now covered with water.  The snow is being dissolved and when it freezes hard again, slating will be fantastic.  As a teen when this happened, a bunch of us would put on skates, take a rug with us for a sail, line up side-by-side  holding the rug, and skim down the lake pushed by the wind.

What will I do today?  Well, I'll read a bit and do some Spanish, look at airfares to Mexico, and god out for a few groceries.  I doubt we will walk as Bill has some preparation to do for tomorrow and the rain has made everything slick.  Will it rain all day?  Maybe.  Then, maybe, snow.

Arghh! That’s what I should have said!

The news channels abuse language and shape opinion by their choice of words.  Classically, one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. 

Consider 'Star Wars', a band of resisters fighting an empire.  They are heroes, but Trump, who is flying in solo, trying to send a charge down the ventilator of the Deep State is treated as a villain.  It all depends on which side you are on.

Carrying on, I've been disturbed that media respectfully refer to many public nuisances as 'activists when they should be called what they are trouble-makers or psycho terrorists.  Maybe, tho', activist is the right word since many are simply active for the sake of being active.

Many, however, are useful idiots in the ongoing US color revolution.

“Color revolutions” refers to uprisings against authoritarian regimes, such as those that took place in former Soviet countries in the early and mid-2000s. The recent warnings from Trump allies about an American color revolution set off alarm bells for some experts on the topic.

COVID-19 long-haulers may be experiencing multiple syndromes: NIHR review

That's what I have thought and also that the problem may be not just effects of the WUWHOFlu but rather the cumulation of several infections simultaneously.

WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

Goldman Estimates 26% Of Americans Already Immune To COVID

Democrats, Several Republicans, China and Other Foreign Entities Are Planning to Run Out the Clock to Steal the Election - We Won't Let Them

Have the Courts Been Compromised Too? Where are the Righteous Judges? Supreme Court Slows President Trump's PA Case!

Frequency of allergic reactions to Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine greater than expected: US official

Okay.  This is what I have been waiting for.  This procedure is Trump's trump card. The game is coming down to the final hands. Trump has one other wild card: the 2018 foreign influence legislation. The opposition has rigged the tables over the years. Can he win in their casino? He crashed the doors in 2016, so we'll see.

Las Vegas has NOT Paid Out
on Election Bets Yet

Las Vegas knows cheating and they called this game rigged on election night.

Have the Courts Been Compromised Too? Where are the Righteous Judges? Supreme Court Slows President Trump's PA Case!

Robert Kennedy Jr. Again Warns of the Authoritarian Surveillance State and Coup to Overcome World Democracies

Kennedy is a bit weird on the subject of vaccines IMO but makes some good points.

Quote of the Day  
The truth is of course is that there is no journey
We are arriving and departing all at the same time
David Bowie

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Friday December 25th 2020
Christmas Day 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at seven since Mom's helper was planning to leave early.  The day is dull and we are expecting snow.

*    *    *   *    *    *

FAUCI on 60 Minutes March 2020 - "DON'T WEAR MASKS"

I can't believe anyone listens to this clown, and even after that very definite dismissal of masks and assertion they may do more harm than good, he later decided that everyone has to wear masks?  Who got to him?  What is the payoff?

Is there no one who is not compromised?  In March he speaking the truth about masks.  What changed?

The current mask mandates cannot be for hygienic reasons.  They simply do not work.  Many comparisons of mask/no mask jurisdictions show that the ones with masks have similar or worse outcomes.  

Maybe this explains what is happening?

Censorship and Oppression Threaten America’s Trademark Standards of Democracy and Open Debate

Another Incoming Congresswoman Announces Objection To Electoral College Votes

"Mike Pence Must Do This" - President Trump Retweets "Operation Pence Card" Urging His VP to Act on Fraudulent Election
Now things get interesting

Republicans block US$2,000 virus cheques despite Trump demand
CTV is biased, but the basic story is of interest

*    *    *   *    *    *

FLASHBACK: Biden Called for Paper Ballots Amid Concerns About Manipulated Voting Machines |

*    *    *   *    *    *

New Study Suggests Asymptomatic COVID Patients Aren't "Driver Of Transmission" |

Growing 'consensus' provinces should offer COVID-19 vaccine more widely, instead of holding back 2nd dose
Makes sense to me.

German Doctors Speak out

*    *    *   *    *    *

Trump's 5 Proclamations About the Meaning of Jesus Christ’s Life
Trumps most outspoken supporters are Evangelical Christians

What If Jesus Had Been Born In The American Police State?

Pepe Escobar On 'Political' Jesus

*    *    *   *    *    *

Elite hypocrisy is killing small businesses

Lockdowns are the great unequalizer

Quote of the Day  
All great truths begin as blasphemies
George Bernard Shaw

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Saturday December 26th 2020
364 Days until Christmas

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at four-thirty.

RT presents The WOKIES: 2020’s top virtue signalers, ENTERTAINMENT edition

George Clooney’s new eco-disaster movie The Midnight Sky tries to be everything but ends up being only a disaster
I started watching this movie the other night on Netflix or Prime but gave up after a while. Although the filming and sets were excellent the plot, if there was one, was slow, artificial, and directionless.

‘Do wear masks but don’t think you’re safe’: Top Soviet virologist & WHO expert explains Covid-2019 & debunks popular myths

‘Everything depends on where you got virus’: US & Russian top specialists explain odds of catching Covid-19 & surviving
These two articles puzzle me a bit.  3,000 deaths?

Boston doctor says he almost had to be INTUBATED after suffering severe allergic reaction from Moderna Covid vaccine

President Trump Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate the 2020 Presidential Election

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

I'm excited!  I'm fed up with the general silliness, and the irresponsible Canadian politicians with their destructive and pointless lockdowns. So, I decided to go to Mexico Jan 6th and bought a ticket.

Ontario is in lockdown. Alberta, too, and I just have to get out of Canada.  People are going crazy here and many are afraid of their own shadows.  The lack of wisdom and courage and willingness to submit to irrational arbitrary measures that violate our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms saddens and worries me.

"The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures" -Junius

Sid decided not to come home for Christmas.  He says that life in Florida is almost normal.  I Whatsapp messaged my friends in La Paz and they say, "Come on down.  Things here are not too bad".  Can I wander about and go sailing freely? Yes!

In La Paz, Dennis says my new canvas is installed and Luis will make sure the barnacles are scraped off Baja Magic's bottom before I arrive so the boat will sail well. My friend Miguel is in Guadalajara recovering from heart valve surgery and flies home to La Paz tomorrow.  I look forward to sharing a beer with him.

I can hardly wait to get back to Baja Magic, walk the streets of La Paz, visit my sailor friends, and sail out to the bays and islands to anchor and swim.  As I say, I am excited.  I did not realise how I miss it until I decided to go.

Brian Peckford collects very relevant articles at Peckford42, his must-read blog.

I wrote a letter of intent today regarding my plan to exchange my Bavaria 34 for Corus, a 50-foot Bavaria 50 Cruiser.  That took a while.

Corus is the boat I have skippered for clients several times now and the boat I chose for my boat when I lead the flotilla to the Broughton Archipelago next June. I like the boat and am trading my newer, smaller boat for this older, but much larger, faster, and more accommodating sailing cruiser.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Sarah left at noon for her home in Guelph. Mom has been unwell, having been sick last night and sleeping poorly so she stayed in her chair for the day.  Muriel came by to play Scrabble with her and Isobel is coming back tonight.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

I've gotten back to studying Spanish again lately and am now realizing that if I had spent an hour or two a day since I went to La Paz the first time I'd be fluent by now.  As it is, my Spanish is very elementary.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Tomorrow is my last day here in Sudbury.  I have to re-tarp my boat and Bill and I plan to go for another hike in the afternoon.

Monday, I get my rental car at ten and drive to YYZ, a four-hour trip and board my flight at

Interesting Alternate News and Opinion Sources.
Caveat Emptor.

Here is a starting list of places to look for information that the MSM ignores or suppresses. The number of such sites is astounding and I gave up listing them after acquiring a few. Although some are quite reliable, some are questionable and a few articles here and there appear to be trolls or outright fabrications, for the most part IMO, there is much to be discovered. However, it is easy to waste a day down the rabbitholes.







Quote of the Day  
There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth;
not going all the way, and not starting

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Sunday December 27th 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at seven.  Isobel was just leaving.  I'm taking care of Mom for the day.

Tomorrow I leave, and right now I see that the forecast for Sudbury is for snow today and into tomorrow.  Parry Sound is near Georgian Bay and the usual place for bad winter driving conditions on the way to Toronto so I checked Parry Sound weather.  The forecasted snow there is actually less than here and quitting before I arrive there midday but the winds are predicted to be 30 KPH so snow may be blowing and obscuring visibility.

I found Mom's church service on her tablet, then came up here to catch up. Next, I have to go out to the boat and do a few things since the tarps are shredding, then go grocery shopping. I hope I can do that without being arrested.

Reading back in the diary, I seem to be fixated on recent US politics and I guess I have been.

Worldwide, we are at a crossroads.  The US is the (declining) dominant world power and well into advanced decadence.  A lot hinges on which way things go in the USA in the next few years. 

The trend has been to increased covert rule by a Deep State with widespread influence and deep pockets.  We are seeing increasing state surveillance and control and a slide toward One World government, with China rising and Big Tech at the wheel, temporarily at least.  If/when they eclipse traditional western governmental forms, we are headed deep into fascism. The populations seems ready to accept--even demand--authoritarianism, and we are already feeling it.

In recent years, we have watched figurehead presidents and sockpuppet congressman, financed and managed by lobbyists from 'defense', drugs, finance, banking, and media who actually call the shots.  They even write the legislation for the congress to rubberstamp.  They own everyone and the populace is deep in debt..

Trump was a surprise counter to the trend, self-financed and a rebel against the establishment.  Consequently, he was opposed with a full court press by the threatened groups using  unlimited dirty tricks and subversion of the 'justice' system.

In recent years, US presidents have been mere figureheads, much like royalty in England.  No one realised that Regan had dementia in his last years as POTUS. He was an actor so covered it well as he read his lines.  GW was clueless.  Obama seemed to be in charge, but was he?  Biden is clearly demented and compromised, but nobody seems to care.  Harris, next in the lineup, is a weirdo, but I assume, stupid and compliant enough to be a convincing dupe when she replaces Biden--assuming Jan 6th does not upset their plans.  Just sayin'

The Trump interlude has run against the Deep State trend and threatened to upset that applecart.  I'm doubtful that the tide can be turned although when any trend runs to its limits it can turn overnight.

There are cases to be made for all the viewpoints--nothing is all bad--but although I tend to like a bit of 'socialism' and social co-operation, I also have a libertarian streak and do not like the idea of excessive social pressure.

At any rate, I shall be glad to be back in Mexico, which in spite of the bad press is a freer country in many ways than either the US or Canada, especially lately.

This article is very depressing
The Joys of Paris in Coronavirus Days
Mom was watching Casablanca last night. Paris was under jackboots back then and recovered, so I trust Paris will recover from this.

Here is a more positive article I can relate to
What a Systems Programmer Learned from Working at a Fast-Food Restaurant

I'm off to buy groceries while Mom has her nap.  Bill called and I had to tell him I'll walk later.

I got groceries and returned.  Susan had shown up, so I am off the hook for now so I got to work tarping the boat, but first I had to dig my supplies in the garage out from things that my brother had thrown next and on top.  I came a cross my load tester and checked the seven-year-old van battery that had been dead flat and frozen when I arrived a week ago and see that it still tests good, but at the bottom of good.

I called Bill and cancelled the afternoon walk but maybe we'll walk Walmart after supper.

> Had been hesitant to use Zoom, and actually only participated via phone contact in one meeting. This morning I decided to just check out what would come up on the company at first blush. Not very reassuring:

I'm not worried about Zooom and use it although there are other options like Skype, Whatsapp, Duo, Meet, etc. Zoom seems to be what people know. I have nothing on my machines or in discussions that Zoom is likely to see that other such companies like Google and M$ have not already snooped through.

> Yesterday my sister who is a nurse and recently returned to working in a very small hospital in <redacted> wrote a very dramatic narrative of their current status down there regarding covid. She tends to be quite dramatic, but it does sound like a situation of a small hospital with poor management of staff, understaffed, serving a vulnerable population.

> A lot of the staff has been infected and some have been sick, one overweight male died, and the ICU seems unable to handle the influx of people, with many being choppered out to <redacted> ICUs.

>There is a raging disagreement inside our family, spanning several generations, over how to visualize covid. I commented that it is hard to separate covid from other issues in that locale.

Hospitals are the vortex where the worst cases go and where the anxiety tends to build due to being exposed to every variant. Sorta like the almonds of healthcare.

If anything is happening, the non-benign cases go to hospital and the staff don't hear about the other 95% who either have slight symptoms or none.

 If one of the staff gets sick, odds are that they got a megadose and maybe of several varieties. Then they have to isolate.  That is a big deal, taking them offline for two weeks.  Leaves a big hole. Traumatic.

People don't understand numbers, risk, or chance. If 30 people are in a room, odds are at least two share a birthday.  People find that impressive and meaningful.

Unusual?  No. Significant? No.

> Crazy times. It does sound now like the January 6 session of congress could be the day where things sort of unravel.

Jan 6 is indeed the next opportunity for a challenge. No guarantee that the stars will line up, tho'.

CDC: More than 5,000 COVID-19 vaccine recipients have reportedly suffered “health impact event”
This 'miracle cure' seems to be doing a lot more damage than expected and moreover there is no assurance of protection beyond a few months.

This is a must-watch video

Don't question the Coronavirus vaccine.
Tucker Carlson

What Happened After This Liberal Got to Know Trump Voters | Nicole Arbour | COMEDY | Rubin Report - YouTube
I like these people

Here is the analysis we have been waiting for.
Read the whole twitter thread.


Interesting Alternate News and Opinion Sources.
Caveat Emptor.

Here is a starting list of places to look for information that the MSM ignores or suppresses. The number of such sites is astounding and I gave up listing them after acquiring a few. Although some are quite reliable, some are questionable and a few articles here and there appear to be trolls or outright fabrications, for the most part IMO, there is much to be discovered. However, it is easy to waste a day down the rabbitholes.







Quote of the Day  
Peace if possible, truth at all costs
Martin Luther

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Monday December 28th 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at five-thirty.  Today I drive to the big smoke and fly home. 

I looked out and, sure enough, it snowed about six inches of fluffy white stuff.  We'll see if the plow comes in time for my rental car pickup or is I have to walk out the drive.

I stripped the bed and put in a wash, but not until I had breakfast and did some Spanish drill.

I had become annoyed with Duolingo for rejecting correct answers and for the noises it makes, but am finding it better now and found out how to kill the distractions in the settings.  I suspect these are new since I last used it.  I also have found it too elementary and repetitive and time-wasting on minor points I have long since mastered, but also found out how to make it more challenging, so, at present it is meeting my needs.

My car is ready for pickup at ten and Enterprise sends a driver to pick me up.  Once I have the car, I'll head south and hope the roads are clear.  Forecasts are for a bit more snow and for rain.  The rain will hold the snow down, but could create black ice.  I have until seven tonight to get to YYZ though and my flight does not lift until after nine.  Under normal conditions the drive is four hours.

Twelve Times The 'Lockdowners' Were Wrong

It seems the resistance to lockdowns is growing, at least on the Twitter folks I follow and that is a select sample of folks that confirm all my biases.  I'm hoping that they worm turns and the lockdown/mask people will take some heat now. At present they are raving about airports being open.

I see that a number of flights to and from Calgary are reported to have had covid exposure and row numbers are listed.

What 'covid exposure' means is not spelled out.  Are the 'exposures'  people who turned out later to actually show symptoms or people who knew someone who knew someone who tested positive in a now-debunked PCR test run 40 cycles and contacted by one of the contact-tracing apps?  Enquiring minds need to know. 

It seems most people have more sense than to download those apps.  Spread by asymptomatic persons (formerly known as normal healthy persons) has now been pretty well debunked as highly improbable by a number of reasonable convincing studies.

I see Trump finally signed the bill, but not until he had made it really obvious out how much money was given to special interests and sent out of the US and how little went to the people damaged by the lockdowns, and extracting an undertaking to send more to American families in coming days.  Smart move.

2020 is almost over and people are saying what a bad year it was. I can't complain, though.  2020 was a pretty good year for me so far.  Touch wood.  There are still four days left and a day can be an eternity.

At 9:45 I called Enterprise since they had not called and was told they cannot pick me up as usual due to the new and increased 'lockdown' in force as of today.  They said they would pay my cab fare so I called a cab and a while later was driving away in a new Chevy Spark.

The roads were snow covered in town and traction was iffy but I drove carefully.  Once out of town and on the four-lane, conditions improved and I made good time. I encountered some falling snow around Port Severn and south but driving was not hazardous. I have driven that road in winter when it was two lane with gravel shoulders and under far worse conditions.

I stopped several times for a bite to eat and got to YYZ around five.  My flight was not scheduled until 2150 so I had time to kill.  I asked about moving up to an earlier flight and was told it should be possible, but found after a while I was at the wrong gate and missed it.

So, while waiting, I had two small draft beers.  When i got the tab, it amounted to $28!  Hmm.  Ridiculous.  The beer was a mistake, too as I had to get up from my window seat once during the flight and that is a hassle.

Bert was late picking me up and arrived at the terminal right at 0000 hours.

We drove north and at one point on the 581, we encountered a large herd of maybe twenty-five young deer on the road and off the east edge.  I jammed on the brakes and managed to stop before I got to them and the deer were smart enough to clear the road.

They were massed on the one shoulder and not already grouping on both sides, so they all retreated off the road back to the east shoulder  If some had already been across, with some on each side, it would have been more dangerous.

When the herd is split and threatened, they try to form a dense cluster for protection and some get confused which part to join and may run out randomly and be hit.

I panic-stopped, d as I did, the brakes seemed very noisy, and after that, even touching them caused vibration and grinding noises.  I imagine a brake pad separated from the backing.  Fixing that is my job one for tomorrow.

I got home, turned up the thermostat, turned on the electric blanket to 'high', and checked the furnace.

The ring had stalled but the fire was fine. The ring had lifted on the one side.  I tipped the ring flat with a bar and it moved normally again.  There is timing issue due to wear that I'll have to resolve. I doubt that with the covid restrictions that I'll get the gas working in the time I have left before going south.

How long will I stay in La Paz?  Hard to say.  I'd like a month but maybe should be back sooner.  The hitch is the quarantine rules on arrival in Canada. Calgary can be a short a one week and maybe they will relent as better testing and the vaccines reduce the panic.  In three weeks, things may be very different.

I was in bed just as the clock turned 2:00.

Quote of the Day  
You can’t put a limit on anything
The more you dream, the farther you get
Michael Phelps

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Tuesday December 29th 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at eight and had coffee and breakfast.  I had slept well.  I always do when I move to a different bed. 

The mind remembers and sorts things based on context--at least mine does--and has a 'prefetch' function similar to a microprocessor where the data and routines most used and likely to be needed are held in quick access cache close to the action. We call it, 'top of mind'.

Less likely items are stored compressed father down on a slower drive and take time to call up and decode into complete memories. 

My wife referred to having 'turtle recall'.  It is sorta like total recall.  Everything comes back, but slowly.

When we arrive in a new situation, the mind automatically recalls and queues up the thoughts and feelings appropriate for that place and discards much of the previous situational prefetch data. Hence, less cluttered dreams when I move houses.

I think my subconscious mind remembers and links the dreams over the nights spent in a bed, accumulating a huge ball of ponderings.  When I move, it breaks the thread and starts a new thread.  Result?  Better sleep.

It's eleven and I have had breakfast, showered, and poked around with ham radio. 

I'm told the bands are picking up with a new sunspot cycle beginning. I heard guys on 14.162 and that is a change, but I really need a better antenna than an extension cord lying on the floor.

Next, I have to bring the van into the basement and pull the left front wheel. I hope I don't need to change a rotor.

Smooth brakes are very important on icy roads.  If the brakes grab or apply unevenly on ice, the car will corkscrew and go into the ditch--if you are lucky--or into other cars. Ditches are kinder. Ditches don't sue or call the cops.

I had a grabbing rear brake on my previous Grand Marquis and it cost me the car one icy day.

I was very lucky.  Driving along a divided highway with a fair amount of traffic going my way, I touched the brakes, looped, and skidded off the road.  The guardrail wrecked the side of the car. I was fortunate I did not hit anyone and can thank my habit of making sure I am not tailgated and my dislike of  having other cars close ahead or behind.

Gohmert suit may force Pence's hand in effort to overturn Trump's defeat

Partisan Wikipedia Editors Work Overtime to Protect CNN

After 12-Year Run, Obama Falls to Donald Trump as Most Admired Man 

I pulled the left front wheel and sure enough, the one pad had worn through to the metal.  I had taken it easy after the grinding began, so the rotor is still good once I clean it off, not like the rotor I changed in Round Lake last year.

I had done the rear wheels on this van not too long ago and the front ones had seemed okay at the time, but I guess they weren't.

I called around and it looks as if I have to go to Airdrie for parts.  I could buy parts in Three Hills, but the parts cost is forty dollars higher.

Airdrie is 75 km and 54 minutes each way.  Three Hills is 23 km and 16 minutes. The gas is to Airdrie about 100 km x 12 litres/100km @$1.05 or $13 plus the trip takes an extra hour and a quarter of my time. Groceries are a little cheaper in Airdrie, but not much.  So, maybe if I buy the top of the line pads I save $30 for the extra driving.  Nah!  Three hills, it is.

I went to town and bought pads for a price that would have bought both pads and rotors on Amazon, delivered to my door.  The problem with Amazon is that delivery would be Jan 12th.  The one day delivery has become two-week delivery.

I bought groceries and a mickey of Irish whiskey.  In the auto parts store nobody wore a mask. In the grocery store I was the only person without.

I returned home, had some roast chicken, and am now listening to the news. It is all covid all the time.  Panic. Panic. The nazis are closing in and want to lock everyone down.  Scary.  I just hope I can leave Canada on the sixth and that sanity will return by the time I come back.

'News ' is just entertainment and presented as such, but too many people tale it seriously.

Katrina Whasapp'd me just now.  (See message at right). After she left here at the same time I flew east and she arrived home to California, everyone got covid. Apparently it is no big deal. She did not say if the dog got it or not.  Or the cat.

I have the van up on the jack, the wheel is off, and the parts are at hand, but tonight I'll sip Jameson's and chill.  The Three Hills Amateur Club net is on  at the moment.  I was a founding member but nobody knows me now.

Quote of the Day  
By the time you're eighty years old you've learned everything
You only have to remember it
Bill Vaughan

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Wednesday December 30th 2020

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I got up at 0630 and sat down to read the news. I see that ZeroHedge has quite a few useful articles today after a dry spell with mostly dross. Good.  I was beginning to find other sources more informative.

I also see that the news is broadening out and that the coverage of Trump is becoming more positive.  Maybe folks, even the news readers, are sobering up to the realization that the presidency has a high probability of going to a geriatric stumblebum with a nasty unqualified poser next in line.

Reports are that Trump has now eclipsed Obama in popularity and also that Trump and Bernie are on the same side of the $2000 issue and, believe it or not, up against Republicans.  This is not surprising, though, as I understand that Trump has switched parties seven times in the past and both men are for the common man.  Moreover, both Trump and Bernie have been betrayed by their own parties and had a rough ride in the press.  (Politically a questionnaire I did recently put me very close to Bernie in my opinions.  I wonder where Trump would be placed?)

The covid coverage is still pretty scattered.  The signal to noise ratio is such that the truth is hidden down somewhere in the noise.  There is just too much nonsense.  I am sure some people actually know something, but who and what is hard to discern in the din of speculation and unfounded opinion arriving in a constant barrage from do-gooders and trolls.  Magazine and blog writers are paid by the word and as a result there are far too many words flying around. I am sure the essential truth could be written and written once in an essay of, maybe 1,000 words.

The news that my son's family is currently going through the WuWHOFlu came as a surprise yesterday and I think my assumption it will turn out to be nothing is premature since the disease has stages and the second stage sometimes kicks in a week after an apparent recovery. Again the truth is hard to know. I should have more news in a week or so.

Trump Campaign Asks Supreme Court To Set Aside Wisconsin's Election

ER Nurse Tests Positive For COVID 8 Days After Being Vaccinated

2020: America's Wake-Up Call

Ukraine Press Conference Explicitly Ties Hunter & Joe Biden To Corruption

The Top 10 Most-Suppressed News Stories Of 2020

Mysterious Disappearance Of Flu In San Diego Prompted Call For Audit Of COVID Records

One of the most bizarre features of the alleged COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’ has been the mysterious disappearance of the seasonal flu in medical and public health record keeping. It’s as if the Flu just vanished into thin air after being the most common perennial seasonal respiratory virus.  As it turns out, recorded seasonal influenza cases have literally nosedived by 98% across the globe.

10 Climate Alarmist Predictions For 2020 That Went Horribly Wrong

The truth of the matter is, climate is an extremely complicated science that remains far less than fully understood. While it stands to reason that carbon emissions may have an impact on the global climate, there is little concrete evidence to prove it — and nearly every prediction made on this hypothesis has proven false.

It is two o'clock and I spent the morning making stew, writing letters and ads and now it is time to get back to the van brakes again.

All Major Western Media Outlets Take 'Private Dinners', 'Sponsored Trips' from Chinese Communist Propaganda Front

Are We Really Going To 'Build Back Better' After A "Dark Winter"? Part 2

2020, The "Worst Year Ever"?... You're Joking, Right?

*   *   *   *   *   *

It is five and I am just now finally getting down the shop.  I found myself writing a few ads and researching the brake job....

BTW, it seems that Jon's family had the WuFlu at Christmas and have all recovered.  That was not clear in yesterday's chat

Well, I got one wheel done.  Seems the cause of the problem may have been rust buildup on the rotor from disuse. Maybe I should brake harder and more often.  Now I have to pull the other wheel and change those pads, too so the brakes are balanced. Doing only one side would make one side pull differently from the other.  I think I'll do that tomorrow.

I find I'm a little reluctant to pull on the coveralls and lie in the concrete floor, but once I get going I enjoy the work.

I was in bed around nine-thirty.

The world's largest economy is not going to be China

Quote of the Day  
Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth
Mahatma Gandhi

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Thursday December 31st 2020
New Years Eve 2020

Pan and zoom above to see your region

See my home weather station data online
Ecowitt | Wunderground

I woke at 0125 and wasn't going back to sleep so I got up for an hour and a half then went back to bed and slept until eight.

Currently the mob is making a huge deal about people returning from abroad.  They figure if they are submitting to house arrest, then everyone should. Of course, no one should be accepting these pointless and counter-productive measures but that does not stop the Karens from wanting everyone to be equally miserable regardless of how pointless these restrictions are proven to be or the damage to people and our human rights.

The Ontario Finance Minister is being pilloried for being away in St Barts.  He left December 13th and at the time there was a travel advisory but no prohibition. People were travelling out of country quite routinely with little concern, but having to submit to testing and quarantine on return. 

Ontario was under covid restrictions, but not as draconian as those brought in Boxing Day. Before he left he recorded Christmas messages to post on his social media at Christmas and left assuming all was well.  Now, the Karens are after him and he has been forced to return and is facing dismissal.  Ridiculous.

Now the Canadian government is bringing in a regulation to be enforced by airlines that returning travellers must be tested for covid before boarding a return trip to Canada. It is not a bad idea in that it might protect us when packed into a plane and folks at home, but which tests will be required, with what reliability, and how will this be accomplished?  making regulations is easy, but anticipating the unexpected consequences and collateral damage is not.

One feature that has been constant in this panicdemic is that the authorities keep moving the goal posts and enforcing increasingly impractical and ineffective measures based on questionable assumptions and under pressure from the mob.

When one bad idea does not work, they double down with a worse one.  Government is seldom the solution, but often the problem.

Canada to require all arriving air passengers to show negative COVID-19 test

"The test must be a PCR test — considered the gold standard of COVID-19 tests."
Really? How crazy can they be?  The inventor of the PCR specifically stated that PCR was not suitable for diagnosing disease.

As soon as I am wide awake, I'm headed downstairs to change the other front wheel brake and check the furnace fan motor. I have noticed that the stack temperature is high, getting up to 450 F after a long run, meaning excess heat is going up the chimney.

UK Woman Arrested For Filming Inside Empty Hospital

Russia Developing "Highly Efficient Antidote" To Fight COVID, Preclinical Tests Show 99% Effectiveness

EV Battery Price Has Plunged 89% In Ten Years

*   *   *   *   *   *

Is the US sideshow going to close down after the 20th?  I wonder. 

With a locked up population unemployed and juiced on gifted cash, and Twitter to entertain and spread mental viruses, I doubt it.  At some point I'm going to have to turn away, but at present, I am looking to see how things go.

Who, a year ago would have guessed things could be as crazy as they are.  We're under self house arrest and required to wear face coverings that were objects of contempt when Muslim women wore them only a year ago.  Now the same haters insist we wear them.

Meanwhile, in spite of well-documented widespread open cheating and ballot stuffing resulting in impossible results in the US federal election electing a man who can hardly talk, the courts won't weigh in and the legacy media will hardly touch the subject.  It is clear that everyone in a position to influence is bought out, being blackmailed, or is being carried along in the stampede.

What is left to say?
A sensible summary

China's Clampdown On COVID-19 Origins Exposed As AP Journalists Tailed, Samples Seized

This morning I saw a neighbour talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her.
I came to my house & told my dog…. We had a good laugh

Never in a million years could I have imagined I would go into a bank with a mask on and ask for money.????

I never thought the comment, “I wouldn’t touch him/her with a 6-foot pole” would become a national policy, but here we are!

Actually, I am going to do some Spanish practice before I go down to the shop.

Well, by the time I finished studying and got ready to go to work it was noon.  I'm thinking I really should go down early in the day and spend the bright, beautiful afternoons up here or outside.

I got distracted again.  Colin contacted me and wants me to run a Zoom next Tuesday.  Then started following a Twitter trail.  Out of it I got several useful pieces of info. I am not sure what this tells us. Alex Berenson is a hound dog on this trail, and a huge skeptic.  Here are some adverse effects from one vaccine.

And here is an interesting list of treatments for the WuWHOFlu in various countries.

I moved to Mexico during Covid-19

I put on my new wind suit and went for a short walk.  I was going to circle the town but found I was cold.  I had just long underwear and the shell and it is minus seven now and the sun is low in the sky.  Earlier it was above zero in bright sun so I missed my chance. 

This short walk gave me a chance try out the suit.  It is a nice suit but I am finding it a bit large.  I think I'll have to return it to Amazon.  I hate to do that since it is reported that many returns go to the landfill.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Jovan Pulitzer Reveals Electronic Voting Machines in Georgia Communicating with Vendor in China

Actually he shows nothing more than what is in the image here. There is lots bragging but where's the beef? So he sees a network.  I was expecting to see data from the voting machines and the data stream he claims to have observed.

For that matter, my living room TV has a wifi presence (below). Does that mean it is spying on me?  Maybe it is, but I'm thinking this guy is a crank.  He talks like one.

Just the same, I did not look too deep and here is someone who did see something in the presentation.
Synopsis of Jovan Pullizter's findings on the Georgia ballots

Man who killed himself after positive Covid rapid test wasn't infected

New border testing rules could be confusing for enforcers, passengers: Airlines

I'm leaving next Wednesday for La Paz.  Will I be able to return?  Who knows?  Last year I was there until mid-July.

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The truth is rarely pure and never simple
Oscar Wilde

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