September 2020




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I'm losing interest in bees lately and bee-related posts are infrequent these days but at one time I was very involved in beekeeping. Just about every topic has been covered somewhere on this site some time or another. Your best bets for finding ideas are:

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 Sunday September 20th 2020

I got up and had breakfast. The others were up soon and left for their breakfast.  I did some repairs on board and carried the duck boards up to the office where Larry went to work on them.  I returned to the boat and did odds and ends until suppertime.

I had promised Larry I'd buy supper so we walked to the Thai restaurant but it was takeout only so we walked up to the main street and had supper there on the balcony.  Pulled pork sandwich and beer.

I returned to the boat and went to bed shortly after.

 Quote of the Day
Boys, you must strive to find your own voice,
because the longer you wait to begin the less likely you are to find it at all.
Robin Williams

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Monday September 21st 2020

I woke up at two and set the alarm for four.

At four I got up, had breakfast and packed, then cleaned the boat and left for the ferry at 0720. 

Packing is simpler when I don't leave anything on board.  Just pack everything and go.  No sorting.

The ferry took me to Little River and when I walked off my cab was waiting as promised.  I had called last night and was assured it would be there.  It was.

Shortly after, I am at YQQ.  I'm told my flight is delayed a half-hour.  No surprise.

*   *   *   *   *

My flight was a bit late taking off and I worried about missing it as there was no nexus line and the lineup at security was glacially slow.

We landed at YYC forty minutes late and Bert was waiting.  We drove to Airdrie and went to Walmart but now they are insisting on masks so we went to No Frills.

They were insisting, too. Everyone is closing the barn door in a somewhat futile gesture IMO, after the horse is down the road.  if these things work, then the time to wear them would have been months ago, not now that deaths are tapering off.

Apparently the trick in stores is to wear a mask into the store and then take it off or put it below the nose to breathe once inside. I noticed a woman I assumed to be Muslim with a mask below her nose and thought about what a fuss there was a year back about Muslims with face coverings and now everyone is forced to wear coverings.  What a hypocritical world we live in.

I bought groceries and dropped Bert off. I was home by five.

I have to say that this time it is good to be home.  The trip was somewhat of an ordeal, not in  a bad way, but the smoke, lack of wind, overcast skies and free riding crew somewhat detracted from the adventure.

I have changed a lot in the four years since my last FACS cruise. Since then I have become an instructor and hired captain.  I usually lead the adventure with paying clients and it seems a bit odd to be a follower with free riding crew.

Although that trip was a good one, I found it wearing.  I've been spoiled by better crews on bigger boats in better weather.  The itinerary was a good one, though. I went to several places I have never been to and I have wondered about Hole in the Wall, so that passage was novel for me.  Stan knows the region and planned the distances well, however he did not communicate well before or during. 

My crew was a bit tiring and definitely cheap.  They did buy food and brought booze, though.  If I do this again, I'll demand a bigger ante.

*   *   *   *   *   *

In La Paz. things look good.  It has been a good summer so far hurricane-wise. There is some cyclone action but it is headed out to sea. 

When can I return there?  Hard to say.  I could go tomorrow, but coming back is a pain with the requirement to isolate on arrival.

I also want to go to California for Thanksgiving and that will take some planning.  It seems that border restrictions will not be dropped easily. 

Canadians tend to look a bit askance at the US and with the media destroying the country and undermining the president, the country looks pretty bad from here. We tend to be protectionist.  We 'temporarily' closed the border to US packages back in the eighties and never managed to open it again and now there is talk about more stringent screening and restrictions at the border when it reopens.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Quote of the Day
You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Tuesday September 22nd 2020
Fall Equinox

I woke at three and got up.  Around five, I lit the furnace and at six-thirty went back to bed for an hour.

I was up again at seven-thirty.  I plan to get some things done but need to deal with my flight to Sudbury and some other little things like ordering a door latch for Magic Moments, follow up with  the prospect and attend a Zoom meeting at eight PM.

I see my weight is way up.  Some could be from travel so I will see tomorrow how I look. It is time to clean up my act, though.

I spent time on the books and cancelled the Sudbury flight that was now spread over two days instead of straight through as booked and booked a much cheaper flight to Toronto, return, and rented a car to drive to Sudbury. All that takes time.  The online booking process has gotten slow and tedious.

All this used up the entire day and evening.

Tomorrow I go to see my eye doctor in Calgary at noon.

I went to bed at 2310 but could not sleep so I got up and reserved a flight to LAX for Nov 22 to go to Jon's for Thanksgiving. From there I'll fly to La Paz, I hope.  That is if they have not burned California down by then.  After all there is an election and the so-called activists are sworn not to accept the results if they don't like the and I'm betting they won't.

Quote of the Day
My home is in Heaven. I'm just traveling through this world.
Billy Graham

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Wednesday September 23rd 2020

I finally got to sleep around 0115 and slept until six, then dozed fitfully until 0745 when I got up for the day. When I surfaced during sleep I wondered what boat I am on, where I am tied, and when my crew will be showing up.  These recent sailing trips have impressed themselves on my mind.

I weighed myself and have dropped five pounds since yesterday so the weight bump was a glitch or maybe the scale was off from not being used for a while.

*   *    *    *    *    *

I see (left) that there is an ongoing gale near Lasqueti Island this morning. Conditions near la Paz (right) are calm with no cyclones tracking that direction but temperatures reach the high thirties (39°C = 102° F) daily.

I hear mention on the radio of frost in parts of Calgary overnight. I drive to Calgary this morning to see my eye specialist at noon.

I have incipient glaucoma that has been held off for many years by SLT laser treatments but the condition bears careful watching so I see the specialist several times a year.  He is in a far corner of Calgary so the visit is a burden, but much less a burden than blindness that could occur if neglected.

Does Sweden Have Herd Immunity?

"When I wrote my first article, I engaged in speculation that the reason Sweden seemed to be developing herd immunity, in spite of the fact that only a minority had antibodies, was due to T-cells. Since I wrote that article, studies have appeared which support that argument. This is good, because T-cells tend to last longer than antibodies. In fact, studies of people who were infected with SARS-CoV-1 back in 2003 have found that they still have T-cells seventeen years after being infected. This suggests that immunity is long lasting, and probably explains why there have only been a handful of reported cases of re-infection with covid, even though the virus has spent the last nine months bouncing around the planet infecting many millions of people...

"So few true cases of covid are coming through the Emergency Room that it no longer makes sense to have a separate section for covid

Full article

I think I must have lost all my readers by now.  I'm not getting any feedback.  Maybe my reader(s) all died of covid?  No matter.  I write this for myself and I often wonder why I put it on the Internet.

I now have abandoned the WuWHOFlu designation pending further clarification as the virus has now reportedly been found in sewage samples from diverse and distant countries as early as fall 2019.  This does not rule out Wuhan as the original source, but makes it appear less certain. It seems clear though that the dispersal of the pandemic was related to travel from Wuhan and WHO downplayed early warnings, making the Chinese government and WHO complicit in turning a local outbreak into a worldwide pandemic.

The truth is hard to determine due to the high noise to signal ratio in the media and the true story may never be known.

We saw this next story coming a long way off. There will be more revelations of the corruption associated with the last administration as time passes.

Hunter Biden Raised 'Counterintelligence And Extortion' Concerns, May Have Participated In Sex Trafficking: Senate Report
Imagine if this was anyone with the last name Trump?"
But, sex-trafficking??? really??? How likely is that?
Of course some amazing revelations are coming out lately.

Things you could not make up.

Why Is The Mainstream Media Signaling That A Much Larger Stock Market Decline Is Coming?

I'm a permabear since 2015 and have stayed out of the markets as this has been looking more and more like a rigged game.  It seems obvious that what cannot continue for ever will end.  Trees cannot grow to the sky. Debt cannot balloon forever without a reckoning. When is the question and it seems that the puppeteers are hoping to pull the rug out from under Trump by crashing the market before the election. The social media are increasingly tilting the table and it looks like a full court press coming on.  My suspicion is, however, that this might just backfire.

You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time".

Edward Snowden Agrees To Forfeit Over $5 Million From Book, Speaking Fees

"...Last month, President Trump told reporters that he was going "to take a very good look at" pardoning Snowden, saying "There are many, many people — it seems to be a split decision that many people think that he should be somehow treated differently, and other people think he did very bad things."

China Is Spying On Millions Of People: And They Aren't In China

A very interesting history
Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the New World Order May Be Defeated Once More

*   *    *    *    *    *

I drove to the city and was right on time for my appointment. It seems my IOPs are high and I wondered why.  They bear watching.  Then I realised I took Benadryl last night for allergies and that is known to raise IOP.  I knew that but had forgotten. I'll have to stop doing that.

I returned home and sat down to organize things and I invited the Usual Suspects for a barbecue tomorrow.

*   *    *    *    *    *

I was talking to my commercial beekeeping friends and they say they are seeing too many mites and had to drive to Saskatoon and back to get Apivar to put in the hives ASAP. 

They had applied formic in spring and also vapourized oxalic several times but were not pleased with the results and they think the bees maybe just fanned the OA vapour out and that the hives have to be sealed for better results in future.  They are applying Apivar because it works when there is brood.

Apparently this was a poor honey year for them and maybe formic spring treatments are partly to blame.  I recall that early in the varroa years a researcher from Manitoba reported that spring formic treatment cut his yield in half.  Subsequent reports did not confirm that--or disprove it either. Could this effect be one of those 'sometimes' things? 

I went to bed at nine-thirty.

Quote of the Day
A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
William Arthur Ward

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Thursday September 24th 2020

I slept poorly until midnight, waking hourly with congestion. I woke at four clear of congestion but when I got up at six-fifteen I was congested again.

At 0643, it is still dark with no sign of dawn. Fall is definitely here. It is sixteen degrees out which is surprisingly warm, but this is Alberta where temperatures range widely compared to other regions like BC or BCS.

I got to wondering about the new flu in La Paz, so did some searching. Here is some info. Deaths look high, as testing in La Paz is limited to sick people, not the general asymptomatic population.

The day has been breezy and I'm hoping the day will calm by barbecue time. The prediction is not encouraging but the wind turns west and the picnic area is sheltered from that direction. We'll see.

Between now and then I have cleanup to do.  I have not vacuumed for maybe four months so that needs doing and there is tidying to do.  The shower needs a scrubbing and the kitchen floor should be washed.,,

I'm also thinking I need hearing aids and should check my notes and see what is new.

I managed to get the entry and hall vacuumed and some other chores, then began preparing supper.  The weather, which had turned cloudy and windy settled and became sunny and warm by the time my friends came at five. Bert had forgotten the date so Fen who is in a cast and cannot drive called Elijah to drive her so she arrived late. There was some mention of the new flu but no one cared much to social distance and Wendy gave me her usual hug. We'll all well over sixty-five.

My granddaughter wants to come up from Orange County for a few weeks.  (There seems to be a mass exodus from California lately) and since she is a dual citizen can tick all the boxes to qualify to self-isolate on arrival, except, "Not be in contact with anyone over sixty-five".  Talk about an irrational police state!

It should be my right to take any miniscule risk associated with seeing my granddaughter.  As for risk, I have been exposed to all sorts of folks in the past months and will be when I fly east next week to visit my 101+ year-old Mom.

After the meal, the wind picked up and we went inside and sat around until around eight, when people began leaving as darkness falls early now and there are distances to drive.

I'm realising these parties of mine which draw in very different people from some distance are quite important to those who attend.  Each time, the input from others solves someone's pressing problem.  I enjoy doing this. I buy the food, prepare the venue and do the cooking and wash-up after although usually someone joins in to help.

I went to bed at nine and slept until ten, then began the hourly waking up, congestion, and discomfort lying in any position except on my back. I don't sleep well on my back.

I have decided against Benadryl which relieve these issues  but is implicated in raising IOP.  My IOPs were alarmingly high the other day--16 & 24 instead of the expected 16&16 +/-2--and I realised I had taken Benadryl the night before.

Around midnight I decided to pull out my APAP machine which I had found unnecessary some months back and set it up. I figured my old settings would be fine, put on the mask and lay down.

Although the machines are regulated in the US and the doctrine is that only a professional should set them up, I researched thoroughly, downloaded monitoring software, and set up my own machine.  I monitored and interpreted the effects (reported here earlier) and made adjustments.

After I lost weight, the machine seemed to be doing more harm than good, as the only events I observed anymore were centrals and centrals can be caused by the treatment, so I discontinued its use, but I now have gained back weight and I am older.

Quote of the Day
Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go;
they merely determine where you start.
Nido R Qubein

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Friday September 25th 2020
Three months until Christmas

At first after setting up the APAP, I continued to be awake and uncomfortable but after a while I fell asleep and, although I was aware of the mask occasionally, I slept through to six-thirty feeling fine and then slept again until seven-thirty for good measure.

I had wondered if anyone reads here anymore. Here is more feedback. 

Well I can only speak for myself here...

Now that you are home and winter is around the corner, what is happening with the gas furnace project?

Will the kind neighbors and friends be saddled once again this winter managing an antiquated heating system while you bask in the sunshine of La Paz?

Time to go get er done. 

Off my soapbox now.

- Anthony

Good point. I need a kick in the butt. At my age, at some foreseeable point, I may become unable to manage.

I do have a new furnace sitting downstairs and I began on the job but it will take several weeks of concentrated effort and I have to do most of it since this is not the kind of thing one can just call a gas fitter to do. It is too unconventional.

I have a pile of research and sources and when I start the job I need two uninterrupted weeks to finish.  I know because I have started before and run out of time.  Also, I have quite a few other priorities and the next one is to see Mom.  That won't wait.

I expect to do some preliminary work this week, starting again today, and then tackle it in earnest when I return from the east.  Things like clearing the path and measuring are not hard and are necessary preliminaries, as I taking out the ashes. Reading manuals and ordering ducts, etc. needs commitment to finish or the effort is wasted.  I lose momentum and forget details if there are interruptions.  After all, i am juggling at least five balls.

As for the burden on my neighbours?  Well, it is and it isn't a burden. I do pay and the job gives people who otherwise would to have the work some income and structure. The same applies to my house plants and my gardens.  I could just give away or sell the plants and let the gardens go to weeds as I did last several years, but out here, miles from anywhere I am doing a service in hiring services.

It has been demonstrated that caring for others is good for mental health and happiness. I derive that benefit myself in my teaching, guiding and my parties, plus my attention to Mom and other such activities.  It gives life meaning. Children often wonder why the trouble-causing sibling is often the favourite and the well-behaved conformist child gets less attention. That's why.

My biggest concern is that the system will fail during a cold spell and there are few with the ability to deal with the technology.

Even new gas systems fail, too, though, and sometimes when roads are blocked with snow or no critical parts are available quickly, so there's no absolute guarantee of performance other than backup systems.  That is why I plan on adding a second gas furnace after I install the first and should have an electrical backup some almost all modern heating, and particularly the efficient systems, requires 110 volts to operate.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Worth watching

Sarah Huckabee Sanders SPEAKS OUT About President Trump

*   *   *   *   *   *

I carry HCQ and arizomycin and zinc everywhere i go and that is my first line of defense in case of WuWHOFlu onset.  I have some slight concern about heart effects, but everything in life has risks.

US Pneumonia Deaths Have Plummeted in 2020
Mortality Now Attributed to Covid-19

*   *   *   *   *   *

The Value of Honey Bees in Self-Pollinating Almonds

What's with the Rich Kid Revolutionaries?
Through history, revolutions always
begin with bored spoiled rich youth

*   *   *   *   *   *

Countryboy posted a long and interesting question in the forum.

Queen Supercedure (from Bee-L)

I don't have time to answer right now, but maybe others do.  In short, though, all the points he mentions are probably influences.  Quality of drones is another question as is the influence of pesticides (herbicides, insecticides and especially fungicides) including the unexamined and supposedly inert ingredients may have a deleterious effect on the quality and quantity of sperm, and the useful life of a queen is directly related to the quailty of mating.

Associated with pesticides and although not necessarily directly involved in queen lifespan, surfactants in particular could be problematic with bees.  Consider that weak soap solutions are often used to kill bees.

*   *   *   *   *   *

It is noon. There goes the morning and -- help! -- I still have 50 browser tabs open.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I closed thirty if them and had lunch and a nap.  I had received my new full-face mask this morning and decided to try it.  It works perfectly.

I had been reminded about CPAP by Gunther's dependency on CPAP.  when he slept in the salon I had noticed he has a full-face mask and on returning home had ordered one on Amazon.  I bought the cheapest one and IMO it is a good as one twice its price.

Until I bought this mask my masks have been the type to just cover the nose.  Besides being uncomfortable, I found that the pressure differential between the covered nose and uncovered mouth would blow open my lips sometimes, drying my mouth and bypassing the intent of the device which is basically to force air into the lungs.  The full-face coverage eliminates the nose/mouth pressure differential.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Seeing as I resurrected the APAP machine, I figured I would install Oscar on this computer and import my old data from Hercules, my trusty old Samsung.  I have yet to read the card from last night or this afternoon.

It is clear my API was about zero back then.  I suspect it is higher now.

Actually it isn't so I don't know why the machine works for me. Could it just be the air filtration and humidification? Maybe I will have to see a sleep specialist. Either that or lose weight.

Insiders speak out
Covid Whistleblowers Expose Narrative As 'Total Fraud'

The tests don't prove anything important.

After studying dog emotions with MRI:
“Dogs are people, too”
We all knew this.  The question is are some people people?
Dogs lives matter!

So why are all these people holding up phones to video 46?  Don't they know this event is on YouTube?  (Reminds me of lighters at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.More).

This a really poor speech. IMO  He is tired right out and talks about being dragged all over by his handlers and his ratings. Campaigning is a huge distraction from his real job: draining the swamp.

I take it back. I watched on and persevered.  He recovers and the rest is quite amazing. This is no Hitler. IMHO, this a is just a mega-rich guy who's and outsider who has had it all, has nothing to win or lose, and whose personal project is 'making America great again' and he is doing it against great opposition from the swamp creatures and other billionaires who have corrupted the system and milked it dry to the point that a crash is virtually inevitable.

The truth is slowly emerging and he is being vindicated but even if he wins the upcoming election, the cards are stacked against him.

Quote of the Day
Let others lead small lives, but not you.
Let others argue over small things, but not you.
Let others cry over small hurts, but not you.
Let others leave their future in someone else's hands, but not you.
Jim Rohn

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Saturday September 26th 2020

I slept well until 3 AM and probably should have gotten up then, but went back to sleep and awoke groggy and with numb arms.

The mask worked well but I did experience dry mouth again. Seems the device did not record so figured the SD card got locked in handling, but apparently not so I don't know why it didn't.  I don't now whether to blame the sleep issues on the device or on having consumed a bottle of Ken's homemade raspberry wine before bed. I'll guess the latter seeing as there may have been dregs and yeasts affect me.  APAP can also cause issues, but my settings are so low that I doubt that is the cause.  I'll blame the wine.

Looking at the remaining days before I go east, I see the weather should be nice. I'll take a trip to the dump and haul out ashes before I go and make a start on the furnace project which I must finish when I return.  After that, I intend to go to the US for Thanksgiving and on to Mexico assuming that the US is still there after November 3rd.

Number of deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), pneumonia, and influenza in the U.S. as of September 12, 2020

I continued the housecleaning project.  It is a big job.  I've been away a lot and each time I return it takes me days to a week to readjust.

One's perspective changes over time.  I realise I don't actually have  a plan.  I live day to day but maybe should think ahead a bit. 

Interestingly, things converge.  Yesterday I came across this article by Randy Cassingham.. Planning for the Rest of Your Life

The fact that a friend today said he is going to scope out a nursing home later this week, thinking he may need to move in a year or two gave me pause. Did he really mean nursing home, or did he mean seniors' residence.  There is a difference, although many operations offer a progression from independent to assisted.

We're the same age and both are active and live alone unassisted.  I'm realising that "Oh my goodness!  I'm seventy-five now and that is considered to be old!".

The other day I decided that I won't live in Sudbury after Mom dies so I told my brother that I am releasing my first right of refusal on the family home.  Five years ago and ten years ago Sudbury would have been a possibility but today, now that my life is largely on the West Coast of Canada and Mexico, Ontario is just too far out of my orbit. I have a few close friends there and relatives in Toronto and area, but if I lived in Sudbury I'd likely seldom see them.

I had a package delivered to C's house and she left her rake here, so I walked down and had coffee. Seems it is decision time for my crowd as we are all looking at big changes in the next ten years.

I returned home, had supper and was in bed by ten.  I put on the mask again and am giving it another try.

Quote of the Day
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word,
a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring,
all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
Leo Buscaglia

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Sunday September 27th 2020

I slept well, without much congestion, only rising once during the night and got up at 0445, then lay down without the mask for a little while.

Examining my chart from the device, I see my AHI is only 0.41, seeming to indicate no need for the device. Somehow it seems to have helped, though, but maybe the change was that I drank nothing alcoholic yesterday.

The weather up west and north of Vancouver Island looks pretty severe but in the areas that concern me, the Salish Sea, the Sea of Cortez, Central Alberta, and Northern Ontario, things look tranquil.

I don't plan to spend much time today reading the news, but had to look.  The US soap opera is like a trainwreck and it is hard to turn away.  The Democrats we hear from sound more like wrestlers than serious representatives of the people.

The State's Response To This "Virus" Is Nothing More Than A Weapon Of Mass Submission

In Canada, I am getting used to the clown who is our PM and thinking that he is growing up.  We have paid dearly for his education on the job so maybe it would be a mistake to throw him out now. 

We'll see. I'm a believer in redemption and forgiveness and that people are able to learn from experience and change. There is no guarantee that they will, but most can.

Some can't. “Can people change the color of their skin, or a leopard remove its spots? If they could, then you that do nothing but evil could learn to do what is right.” Jeremiah was skeptical. We'll see.

The Conservative opposition IMO lost the chance to displace Mr.. Socks when they chose O'Toole over Leslyn Lewis.  The leader selection was another case, like the 2016 US election where the popular vote was trumped by the State/Province vote.

People may criticize the result but the system is set up to ensure regional representation, and it does, but in Canada I'm afraid that Quebec has a little too much weight.

I expect to achieve much today however "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak".  Distractions are many. We'll see. 

Well, maybe the spirit is weak, too, and can't get away from the keyboard.  I'm like a moth to the flame or you would not be reading this right now.

That is the issue with where I live.  In contrast to a boat where there are only a few things needing attention and few distractions and the day's plan is clear, this old schoolhouse and yard present me with tasks in need of attention everywhere I step and in every direction I look.

Trump Haters Gaslighting Trump Supporters

German Professor Arrested After Speaking At
"We Do Not Consent" Rally In London

The sleeping giant awakens.
The silent majority of Americans  are waking up

Bring Free Speech Back To Social Media... Now

1971: The Year That Changed Everything

> Sounds like you continue to stay physically busy and intellectually curious. Probably the best one can do to delay the inevitable consequences of aging.

I don't know what else to do.

> The only thing I would question about some of your approaches is that you should consider more animal products in your diet.

Actually, I eat three eggs for breakfast daily, with butter. I also eat a chicken or so each week along with some salmon and some beef, so I am good in that regard. I have cut back on mammal meat though and seldom have a big steak anymore. I do eat a lot of beans though.

> 1) As fall sets in, colonies drop brood areas dramatically. Some have brought up this concept of bees "backfilling" with collected nectar or feed generally from the top boxes downwards and sort of forcing the queens down into the bottom brood chamber. Is this a general trend?

Definitely up here, anyhow. Beekeepers here add five gallons of thick syrup in top feeders or pails the day they do the last pull. That is when the bees are used to going up and when they will take feed fast. later, they may become less inspired to take feed. The idea is to plug out the brood chamber, even over eggs, and the queen has no choice but go down. The emerging cells get filled over time. That makes placing Apivar tricky and may require moving the strips down later.

> 2) Some of us are running colonies through winter in two deeps (I use 8 frame) plus sometimes an extra super or two above as added insurance. Some keep excluders on with the idea that bees can move honey down. I have heard many beekeepers in the North talk about this. Again, is this common or more of a rare occurrence since it would require warmish periods for workers to get to the honey above the excluder to "move down".

We never leave empty supers on and never leave excluders on because the cluster will migrate up to the highest point over winter and leave the queen and sometimes even brood. If we want the bees to have more space, as in single brood hives, we leave a box below the brood box and I have found that improves survival even if that box has no frames.

> 3) I have struggled with low level EFB cropping up in the spring, and sometimes getting quite dramatic in a few colonies. It does clear up with terramycin, but I try not to use it as a preventive and sort of watch patterns. Right now I am fairly confident that it pops up "seasonally" but mostly from bees moving brood rearing upwards to older-combed supers that may have EFB inocula from the previous season. It seems to set in locally in those supers and not in more recent comb I have in the deeps. Once brood rearing is rotated out of those supers the infection dissipates. In contrast, a couple of colonies that were not rotated out of those older combs in time have persisted with pretty intense EFB all through the summer and stayed small- sort of a vicious circle. Did you ever see anything like this? I guess not likely since you likely "medicated" prophylactically.

No, and even when I did, I did not. I wonder if the older frames have chemical contamination that weakens the brood and EFB is opportunistic. I assume you examine the brood pattern for larva age progression to be sure the bees are not just removing the infection more quickly in the new comb?

> 4) Sort of connected to the above. You used excluders in your operation? I have always tried to avoid them and tried to generate management systems to keep queens down, but in this climate I am finding it hard to keep them down. Add to that the issue with older supers apparently harboring EFB, and I am seriously considering moving to using excluders above the two 8-frame deeps.

I always used excluders and back when excluders weren't cool. In fact I promoted the use in Alberta and use is almost universal now. Using excluders is a science, requiring technique and timing. And, far from being 'honey excluders', they can increase crops by keeping brood rearing where you want it and making removing supers and extraction easier. For running single brood chambers they are essential. (Also using Pierco and Acorn standards increases the cell count in singles by a significant percentage due to the smaller cells and less wood.

> On the virus? It is so obvious that somehow the powerful and the medical establishment did a bait and switch on humanity. We were told this thing was so deadly, all kinds of measures were needed to flatten the curve of hospitalizations so that the system would not be overwhelmed and deaths could be reduced to a minimum. Now there are hardly any deaths, hospitalizations are manageable, and somehow all of the emphasis is on case counting as the most relevant risk factor. Very odd.

Yeah. Sometimes conspiracy theories are correct and there actually is a conspiracy. Sure looks like it here. What amazes me is how it has been pulled off and what galls me is how so many people fall for the false story and live in fear.

> ... pretty certain we can keep our bees alive without treatments...

Do tell more...

This seems a bit of a stretch, but I've heard crazier ideas...
Unusual climate conditions influenced WWI mortality and subsequent Spanish flu pandemic

I promised myself that I would vacuum today and try to get the living room done.  So far, I have found enough distractions to keep me from doing much. 

One such distraction was my couch which had to be moved so I can clean under it.  It has been looking really ratty and I considered taking it onto the deck to pressure wash it (Yes! That works!), but closer examination showed the issue is mostly dog hair.  Zippy has been gone a while, but her hair endures. 

So, I tipped it over and gave it a good vacuuming and, Wow! It looks 500% better.

Omar called and he had two issues with Cassiopeia.  The autopilot was not working and the water pump would not prime when the forward water tank is empty. I coached him and the problems were solved.

After, I went out to put the car door back together.  The liner has-been off since I had he window fixed a month or more ago.  It was a job but got it dome, with pieces left over and it works just fine. I wonder what those pieces are for?

The battery was down so I applied the new charger and it seems to be nothing at all special in spite of the claims online. I then needed to clean the back seat as some debris had fallen out of the liner when It was stored there.  I discovered that I had not cleaned the car since Zippy died and ,again, I vacuumed copious amounts of clingy dog hair.

That is two victories for today. And, in the process, I found two nice pairs of polarized sunglasses. Bonus!

Quote of the Day
“When you want something,
all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Paulo Coehlo

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Monday September 28th 2020

I slept until about midnight with the device then woke stuffy.  I got up for a few hours, then went back to sleep without the device until seven-thirty. I woke up groggy but that is normal lately.  I am wondering if it is my meds since I had forgotten them the one night lately when i slept without congestion. Interesting thought. I just take 2.5 mg bisoprolol before bed and wonder what good it does. I have been taking vitamins, too.

Mail-in voting fraud is baked in the cake and these articles outline how it works.

'Cash-For-Ballots' Fraud Uncovered In Ilhan Omar's Minnesota District

California Man Finds THOUSANDS of Unopened Ballots in Garbage Dumpster — Workers Quickly Try to Cover Them Up — County Says Returned Ballots from 2018?

Markets Are About To Be Dragged Into A Real-Life Version Of Fear And Loathing

The National Post picked it up and promulgated the lie uncritically
How a party in an Ottawa park became a COVID-19 super-spreader event

Is this disingenuous and fearmongering.  Yes! Correlation does not imply causation. And this a textbook example of bias confirmation and naive media.  

Obviously. Of the forty people, only two came down with the virus and at the same time, two days after the BBQ which is as early as possible for the party to be the source. The fact these people infected other later does not indicate anything other than they tested positive after they were at the party. I'm sure they were many other places, too. Correlation does not imply causation.

From Medical news Today: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that symptoms typically appear 2–14 days after exposure.

"The findings of 2020 research on 181 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection suggest that 97.5% of those who are symptomatic will begin to show symptoms within 11.5 days. The researchers also estimate that the mean incubation period for SARS-CoV-2 was 5.1 days.

COVID-19 Symptoms: Day-by-Day Chart of Coronavirus Signs

Did these guys have a common contact earlier?  They may have already had it when they went and apparently no one else at the party got it which seems to vindicate the open-air party.  The subsequent cases were after the party and among the two people's contacts, so how does that relate to the party? 

FAIL. Very unprofessional all around.

A Primer For The Media On
Viruses, Vaccines, & COVID-19

This is a n authoritative vaccine professional's perspective and it is a definitive must-read article IMO.

Spoiler: No, a vaccine is not the messiah.  A vaccine at best will lower risk but never eliminate it.  Moreover, covid has proven to be about as deadly as the flu.

I'm feeling a bit punk today and uninspired.  but it's noon and I am going to take out ashes and start preparing the basement to be a work site.

I took out most of the ash drums then paused to read email. I can still roll those 500-lb drums around like nothing. Now to finish the job.

I finished the job, then changed the oil in the Merc. This has been a productive afternoon.

I d chicken for supper and lay down.  I'm tired and have not been myself since I got home.

A while later I'm up again and sitting around, just being here.

I tried sleeping in my recliner to see if that helped with congestion, but could not sleep, so went back to bed, this time with APAP.

Quote of the Day
All successful people, men and women, are big dreamers.
They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and
then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.
Brian Tracy

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Tuesday September 29th 2020

I slept well from then on and woke at around six and dozed a while, then got up. I am feeling more like myself today.

Looking at the OSCAR results, I see my average respiratory rate was 14.8 A typical respiratory rate for a healthy adult at rest is 12–18 breaths per minute.  Interesting.

I got moving and sorted out the kitchen counter and a cupboard, ten vacuumed some more and then pressure washed the car. Doesn't sound like much now, but it was a pretty full day. I also did laundry.  I listened to Joe Rogan most of the time on Spotify.  I see many episodes are still on YouTube as well. 

I finished the episode with Miley Cyrus which was surprisingly interesting, On Spotify, there is no way to view without video and that will be an issue

I'm sitting here catching up and waiting for the 2020 presidential debate which begins at 7 local. I want to watch it rather than catch clips on the media which are likely to be selected and 'interpreted' by 'pundits'.

I have a Zoom meeting at 8 local and we'll see if I blow it off. That will depend on whether this debate can hold my interest.

I watched the debate and I thought that all three participants could have done better. The moderator's "questions" were phrased as statements.  The camerawork was close-in and IMO poor and the angle on Trump seemed biased, or maybe it was just the way he stood, listening intently

In spite of all the BS on media, the debate did reveal a lot. As with any TV, turning off the sound gives an entirely different impression that the soundtrack and whereas Biden smirked a lot, Trump looked pensive, could be seen as listening attentively much of the time and shrugging when Biden lied.  Whether that is any indication of suitability, the mime was interesting, especially to those of us who have followed all the information channels and listened fully to Trump's speeches. My impression from facial and gestural messaging was that Biden was a smirking and disingenuous, evasive schoolboy and Trump was a beleaguered incumbent.  Trump seemed to believe what he was saying, even when the answer was incomplete, but much of the time Biden appeared to know he was lying.

An incumbent is constrained by current facts but a challenger is not to the same extent. An incumbent may be a lame duck, but also can be seen as a sitting duck. Both analogies indicate vulnerability.

I then joined the Cooper Zoom and after that, at ten, went to bed.

Quote of the Day
I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way.
I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house,
we had an enormous feast,
and then I killed them and took their land.
Jon Stewart

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Wednesday September 30th 2020

Pan and zoom to see your region.

I slept well until about one and woke with minimal congestion for a change. I did not use the APAP machine.

When I did not fall back asleep right away, I got up for an hour or two, then went back to bed and slept undisturbed until six.  I dozed until seven-thirty and got up. Still almost no congestion

Why no congestion?  I did wash the pillow cases yesterday, but other factors changed as well and I have washed the sheets weekly without noticing this effect before.  Who knows? 

It is time for new pillows, though. Pillows should be changed ever six months -- ideally.

I am feeling 100% today, and that's good because today I have to finish house cleaning and get packed as I leave at four-thirty tomorrow morning.


The car is ready.  Bert can't drive me tomorrow, so I'll drive in and leave the car at the airport and Bert will pick the car up and keep it until I return.

The covid hysteria is ramping up again, suddenly, so I wrote to the immediate family and Mom's caregivers to make sure no one feels threatened by my visit. So far no objections.

I'm expecting A, MLE's Mom to drop by today to look at the plants and Jean and Nathan plan to stop on their way home from The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology which is east of here so this will be a full day and I should get to bed early since I have to be up by three to drive to YYC at four-thirty.

A came over and we discussed the plants. I had lunch and now have the rest of the day to finish my chores.

Today in email...

Hey Allen,

Assume you saw this? 

These kinds of plots are just so deserving of attention. But only a few mostly outsiders seem to be looking at them critically and asking why the fuss now. If I were/was in the medical research community, I would be all over this asking questions, generating hypotheses, designing some kind of protocol to look at causes.

In contrast to the post Covid era for Europe, perhaps Canada, and many states in the US, now five Latin American countries (including Mexico) are in the top ten of "cases". And their mortality curves definitely look like the intense first wave.

AD: > That is because they are southern regions and there was no real first wave. One of the definitive articles I posted discussed this in a long and detailed presentation.

The regional aspect  is mentioned around here.

At the same time I highlighted another important article.

Listened for a bit of the "debate" on the radio just to get a sense of the charade. Not impressed with these "representatives". I could not even bring myself to watch them for other signs.

Happy travels,

AD: >  I watched most of the 'debate'.  It was badly planned, badly staged, and terribly moderated. The problem is that the political climate is not conducive to reasoned discussion. With a cancel culture and virtue-signaling environment, it was bound to be a shit show.

I'd like to see both together on The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan has a way of getting the truth out of people. Joe has made an invitation and Trump accepted but Biden declined.  I wonder if Biden did wear an earpiece.  He looked distracted and smirked a lot.

IMO Rogan's recent podcasts are probably about as good an x-ray view of contemporary American culture as can be found.  His interviews were sufficiently open-minded that Spotify has censored some and the Spotify woke staff are in revolt, not because of swearing and drug use, but because of taboo subjects and canceled people.

 Stay tuned.

No masks, no distancing: Schools in Denmark defy COVID-19 — with success so far

Denmark Nears Pre-COVID Normality: No Masks Or Distancing In Schools, Just Common Sense

Finally someone dared to say it. He won't be the last.
(I Hope.) Go Elon!
"Everyone Dies": Elon Musk Says He Won't Get COVID Vaccine, Calls Bill Gates A "Knucklehead"

Calls For Joe Rogan To Moderate Next Debate Intensify After Chris Wallace's Disastrous Performance
I would enjoy that.  Joe is one of the best interviewers I have ever watched.

When is Covid, Covid?
Good question. It is becoming clear we are being duped.  Big Time!
Can symptoms and medical examination accurately diagnose COVID-19 disease?

New Research Hints At Lower 'Herd Immunity' Threshold; EU Approves Rapid COVID-19 Test:

This fun: people who are actually proud of the US and not afraid to say so.
They are painted as far-right but don't appears to be.
And no, they do not appear to be racist unless racism means being proud of your culture.. 
Is that how far left the us mainstream has gone?
Stay tuned.

This is good.
Kyle Rittenhouse To Sue Biden Over 'White Supremacists' Campaign Ad

People's minds are already made up
With Surprise Ratings Plunge, Do Debates Even Matter In This Election?

I found the encounter last night most interesting. I was trying to parse Trumps' facial expression last night.  I come up with 'Quizzical', 'concerned' and sometimes 'angry'.  Biden?  'Snide', 'insincere', 'weak', 'programmed'.  As for Wallace? One word: 'weasel'. As I contemplate what I saw, I realise this was a set-up, and intended as a lynching.  Trump was the target. Didn't work out. He slipped the noose.

Actually I feel pity for Biden.  The poor guy is in far over his head.

Face Mask are the Mob's Dumbo’s Feather
In other news, Disney lays off 28,000. 
Can't fly?

Quote of the Day
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
Albert Schweitzer

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