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A Sunday Afternoon at Playa el Tesoro


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Wednesday July 1st 2020

Canada, Flag, Maple, Leaf, Flying    Happy Canada Day    Canada, Flag, Maple, Leaf, Flying

Today A mix of sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of showers. Risk of a thunderstorm this afternoon. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 near noon. High 20. UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight Mainly cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers. Risk of a thunderstorm this evening. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light near midnight. Low 10.

I slept lightly and woke at 5:30 to cigarette smoke and got up. 

M smokes even though she has asthma and COPD.  Sound familiar?  The only three people I can think of that smoke are old women, oh, yes, and Mike. Strange indeed.

Smoking on a boat can never be personal.  It is a shared experience. The smoke travels everywhere in eddies no matter which way the breeze blows.  I like to complain, but it really does not bother me and sometimes the smell is pleasant.

Today we go sailing. 

*   *   *   *   *   *

"White Lives Don't Matter" Academic: "I Resist Urges To Kneecap White Men"

*   *   *   *   *   *

'Tucker Carlson Tonight,' 'Hannity' help Fox News Channel finish quarter with record-setting viewership
Both shows averaged more than 4 million total viewers for the second-straight quarter -- something no other cable news program has ever accomplished prior to their historic first quarter.

US Interest In Coronavirus Waning

"...nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults saying they’re finding it hard to identify truth from fiction regarding COVID-19. A growing percentage of Americans are also paying more attention to the conspiracy that the coronavirus outbreak was planned by “powerful people.”

"Woke" Censorship Is Tyranny

"...Three of the largest platforms on the internet – Reddit, Twitch, and YouTube just acted simultaneously in a single day to shut down tens of thousands of forums, streamers and video channels, the majority of which espouse conservative arguments which the media refers to as “hate speech”.

Think the ‘Cancel’ Mobs Can’t Get Any Worse? Think Again

*   *   *   *   *   *

We went shopping at Chedraui in the morning and were ready to leave by noon, so we set out on the adventure.

I motored out across the bar towards the Magote beach and began the back route.  I only remembered to turn on tracking once in the trickier sections (yellow line is the track). 

All went well until the very last section when I touched bottom.  The gauge still showed a foot under the keel and I have been down to zero without touching so I wonder if there was a bump on the bottom?  Something was weird.

I backed off and tried again, several times, while looking at the route I had drawn on the chart.  I wondered if after all that I would have to go all the way back, or anchor and wait for more water to arrive with the rising tide.  I was soooo close to the exit.

At the moment, it seemed on my phone that I was on the route I had planned  but after a while I saw by the track (red circle) that I had apparently wandered off.  Regardless, that did not show at the time, so I wonder if the GPS lost accuracy for a few moments. That happens.  One cannot completely trust GPS for life-critical matters.  This was snot.

As disconcerting as it seems, touching is harmless at low speed on sand and I doubt there is a rock anywhere near there.  All I could see was sand on the beach and on the bottom.  Worst case, I might get stuck, but I was careful to make this trip when another foot of tide was expected within an hour or so and we would be floated off if we got stuck.

Once clear of the shallows, we continued along, following the beach. 

We had bought a hot roast chicken at Chedraui and that was our lunch.  M feeds chicken bones to the dog and some of the fat.  I was always told it is a bad idea because chicken bones splinter, but Osso is her dog.

We had intended to go in to shore along this coast, hike, and anchor off the beach overnight, but I was concerned about re-launching the dinghy from the beach in the surf and we tacked out towards Espiritu Santo instead.

Or so we thought,  We were actually on track for Bahia Falsa again and ended up anchoring at Punta Colorado for another night.

On the way across we were sailing close to the wind on a fair heel, making six knots.  The ride was a bit rough and the dog threw up, on a seat cushion, of course.  I cleaned it up.  Cleaning terrycloth is not easy, but can be done.

I said let's keep the dog on the floor now.  Next I knew the dog was on the bench and threw up on another cushion.  Again I cleaned it up and said be absolutely sure to keep the dog off the cushions and after a while lay down for a nap as the boat sailed itself and M was watching out.

Next I knew the dog had done it again and M was annoyed with me for being unhappy about it.  The dog was causing trouble.

First the dog had muddied up the boat yesterday and now was throwing up, plus I had come to realise that now, with the dog on board, the parks are out of bounds so we would have to abandon our plan and go only where dogs are allowed.

*   *   *   *   *   *

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Quote of the Day
“The farther backward you can look,
the farther forward you are likely to see.”
Winston Churchill

Word(s) of the day
Social Justice

Be very careful about this one.  As a movement, it is not at all simple or even what the name suggests.  See also Critical Theory.

Ideally, "Social justice is a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society, as measured by the distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity, and social privileges. In Western as well as in older Asian cultures, the concept of social justice has often referred to the process of ensuring that individuals fulfill their societal roles and receive what was their due from society". Wikipedia

And... From here

"Historically and in theory, the idea of social justice is that all people should have equal access to wealth, health, well-being, justice, privileges, and opportunity regardless of their legal, political, economic, or other circumstances. In modern practice, social justice revolves around favoring or punishing different groups of the population, regardless of any given individual's choices or actions, based on value judgements regarding historical events, current conditions, and group relations. In economic terms, this often means redistribution of wealth, income, and economic opportunities from groups whom social justice advocates consider to be oppressors to those whom they consider to be the oppressed. Social justice is often associated with identity politics, socialism, and revolutionary communism..."

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Thursday July 2nd 2020

Today Mainly cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers this morning. Clearing this afternoon. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 this morning. High 23. UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight Clear. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Low 7.

I slept well, waking at four and dozing until dawn at six-thirty. 

The days and nights lately are humid. The night was calm and the morning as well.  I had hoped for a strong south wind to carry us north but no luck.

From Dr. Mirkin:
Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

I raised anchor after net and sailed out from Punta Colorado intending to go as far as Espiritu Santo if the wind co-operated.  I had forgotten the dog on board and dogs are forbidden in the parks.

When we got to Lobos I decided to stop and anchor near Isla San Rafaelito for a few minutes to snorkel and it turned out to be the best snorkeling I've ever had here.   We are here at high tide and that makes a huge difference.  I'm told the water is clearer in the summer, too.  I saw a full variety of fish and found there is an underwater cliff on the west side that should be interesting in the afternoons.

M decided to go snorkeling some time after I had entered the water.  When I returned  to the boat, I was surprised to see her gone and when I looked, I saw her far down he shore to the north.  Rather than follow me ti the south, as most people would do to stay together for support and because I know the location and the currents she had gone the opposite way. 

I figured that was a long way for a timid swimmer, and that she might tire out so went in the dinghy to offer her a tow back.  I assumed she was wearing flotation as advised, so I was unconcerned, just being helpful.

I had noticed when snorkeling with G several months back that G always thought she could swim farther and last longer in the cold water than we found she could once in the water and was glad I always set easy goals with safe refuge.  I had found that odd , since it has been men who are known to be overconfident.  Maybe times have changed.

M said, no, she'd swim back, so I went back to the boat, stripped off my suit, wrapped my new big towel around me and opened the locker to get out the hose.  The dog had made a mess of the deck and cockpit with dirty paws and shedding hair, assisted by M grooming him, so the boat needed a washdown, badly. 

Her buoyancy belt was in the locker.  I had told her to wear a lifejacket because she is not sure of her swimming ability, but she said she prefers the noodle over a jacket, BUT, she had gone without anything and quite far down the shore.  I had noticed she was in the shallows and stood up on the coral from time to time.  Touching bottom where there is coral is generally a no-no when diving, but there is no telling her much.

Soon she was halfway back and had moved out into deeper water to reach the boat.  About fifty feet from the boat she started calling for help, flailing a bit, then floating on her back.  I could see she was not drowning.  Drowning people don't shout.  They can't.  She would just thrash a bit, shout, then turn onto her back and float.  Oh jeez.

I had already stripped off my swim suit and was wearing just a towel and was not about to struggle the wet suit back on and jump in, and even if I did, then what?  I threw her a life ring on a line.  It fell a bit short.

By the time she got to the life ring, she somehow dropped my fairly new, high quality goggles and snorkel in twenty feet of water.  That is too deep for me to dive, so they are gone.

She got back to Baja Magic and I assigned her the job of hosing down the boat using the deck wash pump I had fixed a month or two back. This was the first time ever I've used it and worked surprisingly well. 

The system pumps salt water and saltwater is less than ideal, but does a surprisingly good job.  I'll rinse with fresh water when I return to the marina.

About then I got another message from Coin calling, practically begging, me back to work in  Sidney and saying I can isolate the two quarantine weeks on Magic Moments.   I guess he is serious.

I checked flights again and found one on United that nicely uses up my credit with them and drops me right at YYJ.  However, it takes 21 hours with three stops.  I called United to make sure the US won't deny me entry passing through and then booked it. 

I arrive in Sidney at 2:59 PM on July 9th.  Cooper promises to pick me up and I need to have a printed self-isolation plan. I guess that means two weeks by myself on Magic Moments.  I'll find out how isolated I have to be.  I don't see the rules posted clearly anywhere.  I assume I can talk to people from two metres away?  Can I cheat a bit?

Now, I have to get back to La Paz and get the boat ready to leave it at the dock for three months or more.  M has planned to stay on Baja Magic until the 11th when she flies, but this changes things.

Also, after today she has reached the end of her rope with me and I am wondering how I can concentrate on what needs doing with her around, distracting constantly.  Also, by now, this trip, I am really tired of her and her dog.  I've adjusted my plans to stay close to La Paz in case this reaches a breaking point, and close to dog beaches.

M has been bossy, assuming things, and messy, leaving things around, and increasingly disrespectful.  She is good company in other ways though and a good cook.

Debbie came by yesterday to buy my extra VHF radio and I mentioned that M and I are going out for a week this time, but that so far three days was our record for being able to get along.  When M was out of earshot, Debbie said, "You are more patient than I am".  I no longer wonder what she meant.

I've had to be uncharacteristically short with M just now and in fact, I told her that she says one more word of backtalk we'll return to port immediately.  She bit her lip and mumbled, but that can still happen.

Now she and the dog are going ashore.  I'll take them in and drop them on the beach and return for them in two hours.

I arrived back at Baja Magic and had a swim plus caught up on some things. Peace at last! A Mexican speedboat with about ten on board stopped just north of us and they all went swimming, then left, playing loud rap music in Spanish.

I had noticed a ledge between the boat and shore, so I went snorkeling again, looking for the lost mask on the chance that where she lost it was shallower than where the boat was at the time.   No luck, though. 

Since then, the boat has swung 180 and I did let out more rode at the time, thinking that I might drift back over the mask and spot it. The water was clear and I can see the bottom, but no luck. I'll mark  the anchor location and return, perhaps at low tide.

I went in to the beach again to pick up M and Osso.  Of course she was not ready although she had been sitting there waiting on the beach.  I had to wonder.  I suspected she was drunk or having some sort of episode.  Things clearly were falling apart.

She had forgotten her sandals when she got off originally and blamed me for not noticing.  She had also forgotten to take the handheld VHF to call me if needed.  Finally we pushed off and then she thought she had lost her phone.  We had to go back.  She shouted at me. Nope there it was, after all, in her bag.

Finally we got back to Baja Magic, but I  was thinking by then that I have had more than enough.  We had earlier agreed to have her friend Sarah out to Tesoro tomorrow, but I had decided that will be it. Then we go back. Trip over.  I have to get back anyhow and start planning my return to The Great White North.

After a while, I raised anchor and motored back to Punta Colorado for the night.  She had been doing something or another in the cockpit and had a few things spread out.  The cockpit is a working space when underway and clutter can be dangerous.  I was not planning to sail, but even when motoring, sometimes it is suddenly necessary to be able to move freely without tripping over things.  It is just standard procedure to clear and tidy the cockpit when getting underway for safety and understood by sailors.

I asked her to fold the table and move all her belongings below. She refused and complained.  I told her simply that it is an order, which it is. She complied but made quite a fuss, which I ignored.

There was no wind and it was very hot out on the water. Once we arrived at Punta Colorado and anchored I immediately had a swim.  Then I went below to see what was happening next.

She was cooking supper and I asked what the plan was.  Given the mood, I wondered if she was cooking for me or just herself and what to expect and expected a normal answer but she got lippy, so I said I think it is time to go back. Now. 

She suggested staying until tomorrow and entertaining her friend again a reasonable suggestion, but under the worsening circumstances, I wondered.  I thought about it and it could be nice, but that exposed me to the risk of more abuse overnight, and she was definitely getting abusive. 

We have had a lot of fun together, but at the rate things were going bad it was clearly time to cut my losses.  I've seen what can happen when a woman goes really nuts and she was headed that direction.

So I said, no, we are going back now.  Pack your things.  It is over. I want you off the boat tonight. Please.

I raised anchor and motored back to la Paz, docked, and she left.  That part was quite civil.

So, that was sad. I could see she is disturbed about something. Buying the house?  Going back to New York?  My becoming more assertive as time passed and she became more intrusive?  Maybe we had been getting along too well for her script? 

Also, I notice that my change of plans upset her, but that was not the central issue I am sure.

Just a cycle?  Drinking too much? She was definitely spinning out.  This is not the first time I am guessing. I had noticed what looked like slash scars on her wrists.  Too bad.  I like her, but know better than to stand too close when someone starts spinning out and to always have an escape route handy.

It is funny.  I saw no gratitude.  She was giving me static on a free  cruise like one my appreciative and respectful clients in Canada will be paying thousands of dollars a week for when I get back. Go figure.

I am too soft.  I can't complain though.  I'm doing what I like, when I like, where I like, and with whom I like and I know how to say no and mean it.

So, now, at nine tonight, I am back at the dock with a very different plan.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Reading the above, that narrative sounds like Reality TV--not that I have watched more than fifteen minutes of any RT show--I find them offensive and puzzling. 

What I find puzzling--I suppose that is the word--about such shows is the soundtrack of people explaining what they thought and why they did such and such. It is bizarre and disturbing.  I'm sure that few if any have a clue what they are really thinking or the real reasons they do anything.  Moreover, if they did, I doubt that they would admit it out loud.  They are just saying what they think they are supposed to say.

*   *   *   *   *   *

In case I give the impression that I think she was the only problem, of course I don't.  I drew lines in the sand and held them. I did not have to.  Maybe I should/could have given more. Who knows what might have happened?

However, I am a fussy old guy who expects respect and co-operation and I like it that way, and it is my boat. Some regrets, but very few.

I could have overlooked more, but in my experience, it pays to watch to see in which direction things are moving and not let people take too much advantage.  Some step over the line occasionally by mistake, but some don't respect lines. Some have different concepts of what's appropriate balance and that can be interesting. Some people are crazy or stressed and we need to make allowances, but we also have to keep our guard up. IMO, anyhow.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Why We Should Not Be Concerned About Increasing Covid-19 Cases in Texas

*   *   *   *   *   *

I have revised and added to yesterday just now.

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Quote of the Day
In wartime truth is so important it should be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.

Word of the day


This an interesting one.  No one seems to be able to define truth very well except in terms of itself, some other indefinable, or what it is not.

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Friday July 3rd 2020

Today Mainly sunny. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 near noon. High 26. UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight Partly cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers this evening with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Low 9.

I awoke at four and realised that the central issue was that M needed approval and was increasingly getting disapproval.  That is my flaw.  I cannot hide disapproval or even disgust.  It is written all over me.

As is so often the case, people who need approval tend to do things that are certain to get them the opposite when they are feeling needy.  Their actions get them attention alright, but it is not the same thing.  It can be disapproval, disbelief, or anger, and the spiral widens...

I've had breakfast and coffee and I'm going back to bed.  It's a new day  and time to get ready to jump to that very different world.  What better way than to get some more shuteye?

I'll write her later and say a few things to make her feel more appreciated.  I truly like her but things were going bad fast.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I woke up at eight in time for the net.  Word is that there are more  WuWHOFlu cases here suddenly and that the government closed all the beaches as of today except Cabo, so we could not have met up with Sarah at Tesoro today anyhow.

Could there be something in the air that tipped me to come back last night?  I sometimes wonder how I sometimes make the exact right move for no reason or even an apparently wrong reason.  Seems I am on track.

Now that I truncated the trip, maybe I should move up my flight?  Maybe not.  Magic Moments is up on the hard under repair, waiting on part and Colin said they are working to get the new saildrive on and splash her by the time I get there.

Jose again...

Hey Allen,

Read that one Harvard epidemiologist suggested recently there is an association between increasing "cases" in the southern and western US and the use of air conditioning. It is also interesting to note that places that had peaks early on, mostly in the northeast, are not having clear increases now. And their central air is more for heating than air conditioning....

Saw that your life plans have changed dramatically. It will be interesting to see how you view the post-Covid Canada. You may not sense it as restrictive as you imagine, but could be wrong.

Happy travels!


> It will be interesting to see how you view the post-Covid Canada. You may not sense it as restrictive as you imagine, but could be wrong.

It will be interesting, assuming I get back alive, given the sudden spike locally.  Moreover, I have to ride the shuttle to SJD, then take four flights and stay in a hotel overnight along the way. 

No matter, Que sera sera.

As for the restrictions in Canada, we'll see. Life on the boat there will be good and the nights cool enough to sleep soundly.

Now I need to think ahead. 

Just in... the daily COVID report from CTV:

Travel quarantine extended. Until at least the end of August, any travellers entering Canada will have to isolate for 14 days, whether or not they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, the federal government announced on Thursday. The extension of the mandatory quarantine order, which was originally put in place in March, comes with penalties that include prison time or fines that could reach $1 million.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP After Protesters Threaten Mayor's $7 Million House

Actually, we knew this a long time ago
Hydroxychloroquine Lowers COVID-19 Death Rate, US Study Finds
Do we believe anything anymore?
'Study' is becoming a dirty word.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Now I have to plan and visualise the coming weeks.  Where is my teaching stuff, my sailing supplies in Canada? 

Under the bunk in Cassiopeia, I think. Gotta get it out before that boat goes out on charter.

Here are the bookings for the summer.  Business has taken a hit, but may come back since being on a boat is a great way to isolate.

Magic Moments


*   *   *   *   *   *

Truth Irrelevancy Project Update

"...Science is one way humanity searches for truth. The Covid-19 panic and response are a direct assault on what remains of science. All of the hysteria and the political reaction to it are driven by models and projections, which are nothing more than hypotheses.

"...Social media companies openly proclaim their fealty to the party line and remove anyone who has the temerity to challenge it. After a slow start most of the alternative media has woken up. Only a remnant cling to the official narrative, hoping any new uptick in cases anywhere heralds the kind of pandemic they predicted but never came, or at least a second wave of the one that did. Disappointingly for them, death rates keep going down and increases in cases are mostly driven by the increases in testing the coronavirus commissars have mandated.

"...Corrupting science is the penultimate step to making the truth irrelevant.

Any time anyone says 'science' or 'data' these days, I run the other way. 

Over time, words often reverse their meaning as in 'literally' now meaning 'figuratively'.  Decimate' used to mean the inverse of its real meaning.

This fun
17 Words That Mean Something Totally Different When Spelled Backwards

*   *   *   *   *   *

I cancelled my Calgary August flight now that it came ot mind. Free, no-cost cancellations are wonderful.  I wonder if they will find the idea works well for everyone and increases confidence for bookings and reduce change fees going forward.  They are a real pain, but I do understand the reason for them, just not the high amounts.

Bob called and asked if I was ready for my dinghy--the one I had bought and paid for but found issues with--and I said yes.  I had told earlier him to bring it over and I'd look at it and decide whether to keep the old one or accept the new one.  After that he avoided my calls for three days, but he called yesterday when I was out in the bays.

Today I called him and he said he would be right over.  When he came, I was talking to Jack about my trip out the back exit and did not notice what Bob was doing.  Jack left and Bob was leaving, too.  I asked if he was not taking my old dinghy and he said, no.  I can keep it.

The fact that it was full of water probably had an influence.  I was surprised myself and I found when i looked after he left that the drain plug had come out.

He could also see I had done a lot of work on it since he brought it back when the new one had issues and was likely to maybe refuse the new one again.

I'm guessing he already spent the money.  I gather he is satisfied because I did not dicker at all. I can't help wondering if I am too tough.

Nah.  I try to be fair and appreciate what other people are going through, but it is hard to balance.

BTW, photos lie.  These two dinghies are the same size, exactly, length and width.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Our Motto? Anything Worth Doing is Worth Overdoing

Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP is buzzing
Sure, Tucker is a great talking head and
I love his act, so let's make him POTUS.

Really??? At least he is not  a wrestler or a B actor.
I suppose we could do worse.

Oh, wait, I am a Canadian.  Does that mean I can't vote?
Not if there are mail-in ballots. 
Anyone who can open a mailbox or stand over a
demented senior can vote with mail-in!

I decided to take the new dinghy for a ride and moved the outboard across. The dinghy rides reasonably well, but may be a bit slower to plane and rougher riding. Hard to say.

Don Jr. calls out 'hypocrisy' of having protests during a pandemic
Interesting guy and passionate.

If history is any indication he could be president one day, assuming the USA is not taken down by the internal discord and foreign influences that previous admins have allowed to fester quietly until now.

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Quote of the Day
Learn From Yesterday, Live for Today, hope for tomorrow.
Orison Swett Marden

Word of the day


What does literally mean? Although figuratively has room for interpretation or exaggeration, literally is exact and concrete in its meaning. The adverb is defined as “in the literal or strict sense” and “actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy.” Whatever word or phrase the word literally modifies is being described in a literal manner; word for word.

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Saturday July 4th 2020

Today Mainly sunny. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 near noon. High 26. UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight Partly cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers this evening with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Low 9.

I woke at six, ready to rock.  Temperature is 82F at dawn.  I run the fans all night for comfort.  I have no A/C, yet anyhow.

Yesterday I just unwound. Today I need to get organized for my flight on Wednesday, starting with making a list.

The actual final preparations take about six hours and much of it happens on the day I leave.  My shuttle leaves at ten, so I close up and wave goodbye at nine that day.

 *   *   *   *   *   *

I've been watching Zero Hedge and Fox News who seem to be the main consistently reliable source of info from all sides and sources.  Enough from the MSM bleeds through from Google that I get a pretty clear idea of what is going on there and it is truly scary.

My intense focus on the news ahs been because I saw these things coming back around the beginning of the year and wanted to be sure to duck if possible.  Now that the SHTF, and it is out in the open I have less interest and concern.

I am now seeing a tendency for things to right themselves.  The 'fake news' networks and media are losing traction for the time being at least, but as predicted by Lenin and mentioned below, capitalists (media and advertisers) are falling all over themselves to sell the berserkers the rope to hang them.

We'll see if order prevails or if the forces of chaos are more organized and stronger than they appear at the moment.  It could be they are just regrouping.  The idealists have taken over the education system and turned the head of the upcoming generations, so there may be a second, stronger wave.  We are well into the decadent stage of civilizations.

As for the virus, as long as cases go up and deaths go down or level, we are in good shape.  Will we get a 'cure' or preventative?  Probably, but public interest is already waning and the crazy actions of authorities in reaction to the virus has been a major factor in destroying the credibility of the governments. 

We're racing blindly down a box canyon with no idea what is at the end.

The Decadent Stage of Civilizations

The Eight Stages of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Must read
Year Zero In America: Pulling Down Statues Is Only The Beginning

"...Lenin wrote, “When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract.” This is certainly the case now as transnational corporations jump on the George Floyd bandwagon. The Ford Foundation (CIA), Amazon, Citibank, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and many other large corporations are underwriting the effort to take down America under the banner of “social justice” and the destruction of capitalism.

"BLM and Antifa are now involved in the sabotage and dismantling of American history and culture. “At its core, BLM is a revolutionary Marxist ideology,” writes Andy Ngo, a journalist attacked and beaten by Antifa goons in Portland.

 *   *   *   *   *   *

Looking ahead,

I leave here on July the eighth at nine, pulling out of La Paz at ten and arriving at SJD at 13:30.  My United Flight leaves one hour later, at 2:38.

Flight 1 of 4 UA2103   Class: United Economy (S)
Wed, Jul 08, 2020   Wed, Jul 08, 2020
02:38 PM   06:15 PM
Cabo San Lucas, MX (SJD)   Houston, TX, US (IAH)
Flight 2 of 4 UA459   Class: United Economy (S)
Wed, Jul 08, 2020   Wed, Jul 08, 2020
08:20 PM   11:08 PM
Houston, TX, US (IAH)   Seattle, WA, US (SEA)
Flight 3 of 4 UA8242   Class: (S)
Thu, Jul 09, 2020   Thu, Jul 09, 2020
09:10 AM   10:09 AM
Seattle, WA, US (SEA)   Vancouver, BC, CA (YVR)
Flight 4 of 4 AC8069   Class: (W)
Thu, Jul 09, 2020   Thu, Jul 09, 2020
01:30 PM   01:59 PM
Vancouver, BC, CA (YVR)   Victoria, BC, CA (YYJ)

I'm allowed one carry-on bag no more than 45 linear inches or 114 linear centimeters and one personal item (such as a shoulder or laptop bag).

The itinerary does not look too terrible assuming I get hotel at SEA since I have almost ten hours and a night's sleep would help a lot. 

I assume the city is safe enough to go off-airport for a few hours and that is permitted, but how would I know?

SEA to YVR is international but there is no customs clearance at SEA and no crowds these days so I assume being back an hour ahead is okay so I might get five or six hours of sleep..

I also wonder what the odds are of one connection or another going bad?

It will be an adventure.

 *   *   *   *   *   *

Young Americans Are Totally Ignorant Of What July 4th Represents

 *   *   *   *   *   *

I set out to deal with he the remaining delaminated blister on the old dinghy.  It is not hazardous, but looks bad.  I was going to slit and fill as before. but noticed some voids where I did that last time, possibly due to some old glue dust under the the edge of the delamination, so I cut the outer skin off and epoxied the fabric completely.  I'll silicone over the epoxy.

M came by for her jacket and wanted to start arguing again.  I said, no thanks. I don't argue and went below.  She did not like that and left, mumbling

After she left I remembered that she had told me earlier that she came down from San Diego on a sailboat as crew during the Baja Haha cruising rally and that she was booked to come all the way to La Paz but the captain let her off at an earlier stop along the way.  She said it was her idea because at the captain had told her to stay in her quarters and only allowed he a litre of water a day.  Hmmm.  I see a pattern..

I made spaghetti again.  Again I had accidentally bought the #5 noodles and they are thinner than I like, but it turned out okay.

Next, I booked a Motel Six at Seattle Airport.  I'd avoid Seattle but this seems to be my fate. I hope this motel is a long way from the crazies. 

Looks to be at least 8 blocks from I5 and further from the former CHAZ/CHOP.  Of course they have their own website.

Car Plows Into BLM Protesters On Seattle Freeway

After all the 'kill the cops' talk and 'defund the police', etc... look at how many cruisers are there to protect the march and chasing the hit-and-run driver.

Maybe these police should be defunded.  Their priorities are obviously screwed up.  Where were they to defend their own police station and law and order a month ago? What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Okay, here it is. The road was poorly blocked and the protective cars were set up to funnel any traffic to exactly where the speeding car went, away for m the crowd who were supposed to be on the other side.  Most were.  The woman hit was wearing dark clothing and standing in the middle of the only open path and obscured by a van until the speeding car was close.

Just before she was hit she was complaining about 'pork chops' , I assume police, trying to herd people to where they should have been.  Maybe she should have listened.

Was she visible to the driver?  The road was lit from above, but...  The hit did not look intentional and the driver did stop.

Did the driver even know about the march?  The road block looked amateurish and ambiguous unless there were signs farther back, who could know?

More here.  Watch the collision sequence frame by frame.

More details here: "...suspect is a 27-year-old man from Seattle, who is facing multiple felony charges. He is believed to have slipped through police closure points that keep traffic off the freeway and taken a wrong turn before driving around the protester vehicles.

“At the end of the day, the interstate is not a safe place for pedestrians. We’ve been very clear about that for all 19 days that the protesters have taken the freeway,” Mead said. “My hope is that as a result of this tragedy the protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate, because I cannot guarantee their safety.”

By now everyone knows from watching YouTube not to stop if surrounded by protesters or expect to be beaten by the 'peaceful' 'demonstrators'.  We can even see a video of a cop car plowing through a crowd attacking the car and sending several to hospital  No charges.

Keep going.  Better them in the hospital than you. 

Didn't work out too well, though.

Here is another:

This coverage seems quite balanced.

What people are doing on a freeway and how this is permitted is beyond me.

 *   *   *   *   *   *

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Quote of the Day

The mark of a truly civilized man is confidence
in the strength and security derived from the inquiring mind.
Felix Frankfurter

Word of the day


Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.[1][2][3][4] Characteristics central to capitalism include private property and the recognition of property rights, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system and competitive markets.[5][6] In a capitalist market economy, decision-making and investments are determined by every owner of wealth, property or production ability in financial and capital markets whereas prices and the distribution of goods and services are mainly determined by competition in goods and services markets

See also Investopedia:
Capitalism is an economic system in which private individuals or businesses own capital goods. The production of goods and services is based on supply and demand in the general market—known as a market economy—rather than through central planning—known as a planned economy or command economy.

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Sunday July 5th 2020

Today Sunny this morning then a mix of sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of showers this afternoon. Risk of a thunderstorm this afternoon. High 23. UV index 9 or very high.
Tonight Partly cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers this evening. Clearing overnight. Risk of a thunderstorm early this evening. Low 9.

I woke at 0420 and I'm feeling more ambitious today.  The changes in plans had thrown me a bit as I was expecting to be out for a few more days and the issues with M brought me back early.

It looks like a very hot one coming up, so maybe I'll go back out to to Falsa for a day or two. It is Sunday so not much is happening here in town.

I have five full days before I leave and there is not a lot to do other than adjust my thinking and remember all the little things that leave the boat secure, make the travel painless, and ensure a smooth arrival and first two weeks in BC.

I intend to return in October and before I leave I have to mothball the boat for those three to four months.  Here is the list:

In advance for Sidney

  • Ensure I have phone service and data in the US and Canada
  • Prepare media for travel.  Spotify, Audible...
  • Arrange for my materials to be in Sidney
  • Arrange for groceries there
  • Write and print an isolation plan for my arrival in Victoria

To do here before leaving

  • Get rid of one dinghy?
  • Decide on alterations to the dodger and windows.
  • Arrange for the sails to come off be checked and stored
  • Raise and deflate the dinghy(s)
  • Decide who watches the boat
  • Fill the fuel and water tanks
  • Write up an inventory and to do list for my return here
  • Stow everything away below.  Make notes
  • Cover the portlights
  • Tie the boat securely
  • Give away perishable food
  • Sort and pack. Take pictures.
  • Pickle the toilet
  • Check bilge pumps
  • There is more...

 *   *   *   *   *   *

As for the state of the world, I have been watching the devolution in case trouble was incoming personally but am starting to see some positive signs.

That does not mean that we are not facing some big adjustments, but if we actually knew at what is happening, the world is always on the verge of going to hell, so maybe it is best not to watch too closely.

Ain't it the truth!

 *   *   *   *   *   *

Skin Colour

Point of interest: I have noticed for many years that the people who are making the most noise about racism, claiming to be 'people of colour', and promoting the idea of "White privilege" and "Racial Guilt" appear to have white ancestors, and are often a very light shade of 'colour'.

Fact is that many promoting the idea of racial guilt for various atrocities, real and imagined, and projecting on 'white people' whoever they are supposed to be, have an awful lot of Caucasian blood from their looks.  Thing is that skin colour is not a simple thing to predict or explain.

I love this scene

Personally I live in the present and while knowing the past is useful, it is what we do today and tomorrow that matters. Injustices or atrocities in the past real, imagined, or exaggerated in no way justify injustices and atrocities in the present.

Revenge just leads to revenge.

Besides most of us were not around when these things happened and they actually have nothing to do with us unless we decide to adopt them, fall for the story and ruin our current lives.  These stories are just dragged up by politicians and demagogues to manipulate, divide, and exploit us.


Hi Allen,

Re: What We Know — And What We Don’t — About 'Asymptomatic COVID-19'

It would be nice if there were clearer data on how asymptomatic "positives" produce viruses through time.

But even without much data, as he notes, it makes sense that people who are not feeling any symptoms are controlling viral replication in their tissues, and hence not being as much of a risk as is assumed.

Someone wrote in the past that the asymptomatics were the the Achilles heel of the spread, but maybe not. Well, maybe the presymptomatics, but likely not the truly asymptomatic.

Still thinking that the virus is more prevalent than visualized, but at a slow burn, which should be the way out of this.


 *   *   *   *   *   *

Agreed and my take is that as soon as we have all been exposed to sub-clinical amounts and most experienced no or moderate symptoms, the thing will fade, as, in fact it seems to be if we look at deaths, not 'cases'.

I think that the panic measures to avoid all exposure is one reason the thing is such an issue.  I think the kids get it and some are even throwing covid parties.

We saw this when acarine came to Canada.  At a board meeting, I recall one large operator saying, we might as well all stop worrying and get it when it comes and start dealing with it rather than wasting time and money in a divisive and ultimately futile effort to block it.

Any way we look at this we lose and "Your first loss is always your best loss".  It allows us to move on.

The death stats are certain to be exaggerated--in spite of the recent 'study' that concluded a 19% increase in 'excess deaths' in the US this year were likely due to covid itself and did not consider the effects of stress caused by the draconian measures taken to try to dodge the virus. 

Death numbers are suspect, but not as suspicious as the 'cases'. Both are swelled by the moral hazard created by the bounty on covid paid to medical facilities and 'cases' is the favourite of the MSM which thrives on creating panic and overreaction.  I see them reaching out to find any scrap to exaggerate.

*   *   *   *   *   *

#DefundThePolice the Real Strategy Behind the Hashtag

Oh the irony!
Two poser white chicks hit by a black driver
BLM Protester Dies After Being Struck By Car On Seattle Freeway
Very sad, of course
At this point would I be attacked for saying
"All Lives Matter"?

Maxwell Didn’t Kill Herself By Getting Arrested
Everyone loves a good conspiracy story.

*   *   *   *   *   *

The Calgary Stampede would be starting today. It was called off. Was this all bogus? Who can we believe?

Stanford Doc: COVID Fatality Rate For People Under 45 Is "Almost 0%"

*   *   *   *   *   *

This is a really smart and insightful
lady with an unique perspective!

*   *   *   *   *   *

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Quote of the Day
The mark of a truly civilized man is confidence
in the strength and security derived from the inquiring mind.
Felix Frankfurter

Word of the day

Racial Guilt

"Racial Guilt" redirects to "White Guilt", which goes to show how screwed up and shallow current thought is.

Have fun with this one. It is so crazy and political on so many levels that it blows my mind.

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Monday July 6th 2020

Today A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of showers early this morning. 60 percent chance of showers late this afternoon. Risk of a thunderstorm late this afternoon. High 26. UV index 10 or very high.
Tonight Partly cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers this evening with risk of a thunderstorm. Clearing before morning. Low 11.

I woke at three and was awake so got up for a while and made coffee.

I have two more full days to get ready to go.

*   *   *   *   *   *

M is upset with me it seems and sent me some garbled texts, so I took the time to write a reply.  I imagine she was drunk but I like writing, so found it interesting to lay it all out as nicely as I could.  It is an exercise as tact is not my strong suit.

Seems she thought she was crew, and somehow doing me a favour, but she was a guest.  She is not qualified as crew and did not function as such other than insisting on cooking.  In fact, I asked her often to just sit down and not distract me, and wound up serving her much of the time, not that I am complaining. I like to be helpful and she was good company up to a point.

I just found that after a time, things were getting difficult and she was getting cantankerous so we cut the voyage short and I asked her to leave before things unraveled further.  This is not my first rodeo..

I like her but don't take guff from anyone. She is entitled to her opinion as long as I am entitled to mine--and it is my boat.

It is interesting how many old women (can I say that?) are used to bossing men around and having their own way. She sure is and it is so natural to her that she does not even realise it. 

It is also interesting how many old women smoke.  Other than Mike, I can't think of any men that smoke but can name three old women without stopping to think. Two have COPD.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I updated my Salish Sea Pilot digital guides yesterday and got interested in the idea of printing them.  I was surprised at the low cost online of printing even single copies

*   *   *   *   *   *

I started packing and when sorting clothes, surprise, surprise, I have a sweater and a vest, and long pants, plus long underwear. 

I'd forgotten that it is cool at night here in winter, almost as cool as the Canadian west coast weather I am returning to.  I'm expecting a high there of twenty°C and a low of 11°C!  Here, the high is 38°C and the low is 25°C. That will be a shock.  There will be rain, too, and here rain is rare.


I want to pack light because if I check bags with three stops, I'll lose it for sure.  I have to carry everything on, so it has to be small and light.  I should leave things here anyhow and have duplicates elsewhere

*   *   *   *   *   *

Guess who this is

*   *   *   *   *   *

Around three it was up to 95°F and I decided to go swimming.  I started the outboard and ran out into the bay, headed for the Magote beaches. 

Seeing as I am leaving soon I thought I'd use up some gas and take a good long run.  I got about half a mile and the engine quit.  I started and went another quarter mile and the same thing happened.  After two more such happenings, I decided the fuel pump was shot and started pumping the bulb periodically.  The engine ran fine and i went over to The Magote to swim.

A good read
What Good Comes from this Tragedy?

"...The turning point came for me on February 28, 2020, when the New York Times podcast (which used to be my favorite) sent out a piece of panic porn that predicted that the coronavirus would kill 8.25 million Americans, or “six of your friends.”

Figures can't lie, but liars can figure
Is the Texas Covid ‘Spike’ Fake News?

"...while previously the determination of a Covid “case” was a confirmed test result, the definition was suddenly changed to count “probable” cases as “cases.” At the same time, the threshold for determining “probable” was lowered to a ridiculous level.

"As Judge Hill said at that May 18th meeting, “If you have a subjective fever and you have a headache and you live in Collin County, you now meet the qualifications to be a probable COVID patient. It is remarkable how low the standard is now.”

"Even worse, once a “probable” case was determined based on possibly unrelated subjective criteria, up to 15 people in possible contact with that “probable” case were also listed as “probable cases.” And “probable cases” were considered cases."

After returning I got very little accomplished.  It was just too hot.  I made a stew and I imagine much of it will be wasted since I leave Wednesday early.  I watched a few episodes of Barney Miller and downloaded more video for my flights.

Watching Barney Miller, ostensibly about a mixed group of detectives upstairs at a fictitious a New York police precinct, one would never know there was a race problem. Maybe there actually wasn't, but these days everyone is trying hard to create one. 

What seems obvious to me is that we do have and have had have culture conflict but promoters of identity politics draw lines conveniently and obviously on the basis of skin tone or cultural ancestry.  The divisions are ludicrous, but the mob just goes along and assumes an identify on people based on superficial physical features.  Resistance is futile.

It seems that most people are pretty dumb that way and go along with the scam.  Everyone loses, except the provocateurs, and they may well lose in the end, like Robespierre, when the mob turns. 

And mobs can turn unpredictably, as many innocent and well-meaning folks involved in protest marches find out.  Too often naive youth go along on what is promoted as a peaceful march for a high-minded goal and find the march turns into a riot.

What is particularly curious these days is that when we examine the people involved in these disruptions who are claiming loudly to represent 'first nations', or 'blacks', are apparently not either, and often come from far away.

Does this guy look black to you?  I offer a comparison at right.  That is black.  Most 'blacks' in North America are not actually black, but shades of grey.

If we want to talk race and heritage, Colin Kaepernick looks at least three quarters white to me.  What a poser! No wonder he is such a troublemaker.  Too much White Privilege, obviously!

We see that in the marches, too.  The troublemakers, if we really look, seem fairly often to be white.  It figures, if the marches represent the population and not a subset. But what about cultural appropriation?  This gets confusing.

Personally, I don't care about skin tone or ancestry even though strong forces are trying to make us all race-conscious.  The truth is that except for a limited number of people, most of us are mixed race and race, however we define it should not be an issue.

More evidence on vitamin D deficiency and death rates from COVID-19

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Quote of the Day
Curiosity has its own reason for existence.
Albert Einstein

Word of the day


"...Sociologists define race as a concept that is used to signify different types of human bodies. While there is no biological basis for racial classification, sociologists recognize a long history of attempts to organize groups of people based on similar skin color and physical appearance. The absence of any biological foundation makes race challenging to define and classify, and as such, sociologists view racial categories and the significance of race in society as unstable, always shifting, and intimately connected to other social forces and structures..." Source


"...Even though there is a broad scientific agreement that essentialist and typological conceptualizations of race are untenable, scientists around the world continue to conceptualize race in widely differing ways, some of which have essentialist implications...."  Source


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Tuesday July 7th 2020

Today Increasing cloudiness. 60 percent chance of showers late this morning and this afternoon with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind becoming north 20 km/h this afternoon. High 24. Humidex 25. UV index 7 or high.
Tonight Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms. Wind north 20 km/h. Low 13.

I woke at 0615 and got up.  I feel ambitious and should get things done before the day gets too hot.

Yesterday I was in touch with Colin and it sounds as if the repairs for Magic Moments are not progressing, so I called Dave and lit a fire under him. 

At present, it sounds as if I am going to find myself stuck on a boat with no motor at Port Sidney, the kind of hell I was trying to avoid.

I wrote to Colin and said I need certainty.  If I am going to return, I would rather go to Alberta where i have free range on my home grounds than be confined on a boat with no motor in Sidney for two weeks.

I'm thinking I'll cancel, postpone, or divert to Alberta.

This is interesting and shows we don't know what we don't know
Colony-Level Genetics Predict Gentle Behavior in Puerto Rican Honey Bees

Dennis, the sailmaker, came by and gave me a quote on the dodger work and the sails.

I love this one
The Madness Of Political Correctness

Somehow although the day was hot, I did not overheat much.

I spent the day writing back and forth with Colin about the next two weeks, phoning the RCMP to see how strictly they enforce the quarantine (not too strict as long as one is reasonable), picking up a sailor who was interested in my extra dinghy and running him in and back out after he decided against, finding the new dinghy is losing air and peeling paint, talking to Bob about taking back the dinghy, writing to the printer and proofing the Salish Sea Pilot books I am having printed, and then working on a grocery list to send to the store in Sidney so i can eat.  That last job took quite a while. Somehow i did not find time to drink any beer. Yet.  I totally forgot and it is seven.

Peeling paint                                   air loss

I also did not get much packing done, but the way I am, i do that in the hours before i leave, so I will be up at three again with six hours to do that final stuffing and locking.

I'm getting somewhat excited about this.  I had considered diverting to Swalwell before I assured myself I can cruise freely in Canada, but it seems I will be shuffling boats around during my isolation, then booked solid with work after the quarantine.  That will be ideal if it works out, but with four flights over two days through a country in turmoil between here and my destination, who knows?

I went to buy a beer at the tienda but forgot they can't sell booze after six, so I had two beers at The Dock Restaurant.  I was the only customer there. 

I ran into Jimmy and Jack and Nelson at the dock gate as I returned to he boat and we chatted a while.  When we parted, I asked Jimmy to take a look at my outboard and then went down to the boat, took it off the dinghy and set it on the dock.

I'm about done for the day.  I'll be up at three and stuff everything away and catch the shuttle by ten.  I always think I need days to get ready to leave but seldom do much until the last few hours.

A new life awaits up north, if I survive the trip back..

Public Forums & The First Amendment: Can Streets Be Painted With 'Black Lives Matter' Messaging?

*   *   *   *   *   *

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Quote of the Day
An intelligent mind is an inquiring mind.
It is not satisfied with explanation, with conclusions.
Nor is it a mind that believes, because belief is again another form of conclusion.
Bruce Lee

Word of the day


An agent provocateur (French for "inciting agent") is a person who commits or who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act, so as to ruin the reputation or entice legal action against the target or a group they belong to. They may target any group, such as a peaceful protest or demonstration, a union, a political ...

provocateur - a secret agent who incites suspected persons to commit illegal acts

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Wednesday July 8th 2020


Today A few showers ending this afternoon then cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers. Amount 10 to 20 mm. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 17. UV index 4 or moderate.
Tonight Partly cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers early this evening. Clearing this evening. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Low 9.

I woke at 0230 and got up.  The alarm was set for three, but I figured I'd be groggy if I went back to sleep.

This is the day I dreaded.  I leave this paradise and return to reality.  Oh, well reality should be pretty nice if promises are kept.

It is horribly hot here midday, but otherwise perfect.  Canada will be cold, even in summer, with highs around 16C when I arrive and nights at eleven.  I have to carry some warm clothes with me since I will not have my kit when I aarrive.  All my gear is in Powell River.

I am getting going on packing and that should take several hours, then i have to mothball the boat, but only for three months and that is not long considering I have been here for five.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I packed and got ready, but the dinghies were more of a problem than expected.  I want Bob to come and get his so I put mine on deck. I also had forgotten I had to take the autopilot off, so I found myself rushing at the last minute and left for the terminal with twenty minutes to spare. I was in such a hurry I took a cab instead of Uber.

Then I sat in the terminal for fifteen minutes waiting to go.

When the time came, my driver escorted me to a small car.  That wsa the van.   I was the only passenger.

We arrived at the terminal on time and I boarded the United flight to IAH.

We arrived in a little over two hours and I found my Seattle flight.

We landed a in Seattle a little after eleven and I called for a shuttle.  Motel 6 had promised a shuttle in writing and I was told there is none and never has been one.

The taxi stand attendant said a taxi would refuse a ride for only two miles, so I called Uber and was delivered to my motel.  It was nice enough and I slept well.

No sign of graffiti or riots in this part of town.

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Quote of the Day
If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?
Vince Lombardi

Word of the day
Public forum

"A public forum, also called an open forum, is open to all expression that is protected under the First Amendment. Streets, parks, and sidewalks are considered open to public discourse by tradition and are designated as traditional public forums. The government creates a designated public forum when it intentionally opens a nontraditional forum for public discourse. Limited public forums, such as municipal meeting rooms, are nonpublic forums that have been specifically designated by the government as open to certain groups or topics. Traditional public forums cannot be changed to nonpublic forums by governments.

"The use of public forums generally cannot be restricted based on the content of the speech expressed by the user. Use can be restricted based on content, however, if the restriction passes a strict scrutiny test for a traditional and designated forum or the reasonableness test for a limited forum.


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Thursday July 9th 2020

This morning I was up early and took Uber back to SEA and flew to Vancouver where I went through customs. I was advised that I must quarantine for 14 days, as I already knew and asked my plans. I explained I would be quarantining on a boat and sailing around the Salish Sea and that was fine. I did not debate being exempt.  No need to get into a discussion at the border. Discussions tend not to end well.

Next, I spent two hours in the airport and then boarded my flight to Victoria.

Omar met me at the airport with a van and drove me to Port Sidney Marina where I boarded a boat and settled in.

I went to bed early

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Everyone has a plan, until I punch them in the face.
Mike Tyson

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