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Windy and rough out at El Magote


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Friday January 10th 2020

Today Increasing cloudiness. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h this morning. High minus 9. Wind chill minus 38 this morning and minus 18 this afternoon. Risk of frostbite. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Mainly cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries. Fog patches developing near midnight. Wind southeast 20 km/h becoming northwest 20 after midnight. Low minus 16. Wind chill minus 12 this evening and minus 24 overnight.

I'm up again at 0430. Time flies.  By the time I am organised and finished breakfast, the net is over and it is nine AM.

Andres came by and wants to clean and wax my boat.  He wanted $200 and use my material.  I said no and by the time we were done, he agreed to $150 and he supplies the material and does the stainless, too. I did not really want the job done, but he insisted.  He left, then came back for a $50 advance. I gave it to him.

Now I have to take my spare propane bottle up to be filled.  A taxi gathers bottles twice a week, takes them away, has them filled and brings them back.

That done, I returned to the boat and had a nap.

I like this marina better than Palmira, and I did like Palmira. I feel more at home here and I can walk to anyplace I want to go or snag a collectivo.  At Palmira, I always had to make the two-mile trip before I got to where things are happening.  Palmira is a half-hour closer to the Islands, however. near anywhere.

I picked up my propane, took it to the boat, then caught Uber to the bank.  I took Uber because the road construction on Abasolo has diverted the colectivos to other streets farther away and the routes are now uncertain.

The bank gave me some info that may help me use my card on Amazon and I walked to Waldo's looking for velcro dots.  No luck. 

I then went out and got on the next collectivo headed for Balandra, hoping to get to Palmira to buy a Canadian flag and/or ride to Balandra Beach.  When we got to el centro, my phone rang and we were at a stop so I got off.  It was Dr. Ellis's office saying they have noting to do with the cardiologist and to talk to my doctor.

I caught the next collectivo, but it took a long, convoluted route out to Soriana on Forjadores and then down almost to Walmart, then back towards el centro.  When we were as close to my marina as we would get, I got off and began walking.  It was only a mile, but I needed a washroom by then and called Uber.

When I arrived back at the boat and got aboard a neighbour tapped on the hull and when I came out he said he had disconnected my Internet and had run the cable across the dock.  I was surprised and taken aback.  That is something I would not do without discussing it with the owner first and the cables are easily damaged by traffic.

The problem is that there is only the one pedestal with two power outlets but one Internet outlet to serve both boats and he had assumed that it was all his as it is close to his boat.  However, the pedestal is clearly marked 319 and 322.  I had discussed this with the marina and bought the long cable on their recommendation.

Anyhow, he was not going to compromise.  The marina staff came down and said they will add a second outlet and it seemed they started, but then it was quitting time.

I cooked rice and beans for supper and tried to get Amazon to accept my Mexican card with no apparent luck.  I phoned the bank, but Telcel's audio quality is terrible and I had to give up.

I watched several episodes of Medical Police, a terrible, stupid Netflix series and went to bed around midnight.

Quote of the Day
I can normally tell how intelligent a man is by how stupid he thinks I am.
Cormac McCarthy

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Saturday January 11th 2020

Today Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries early this morning and late this afternoon. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High minus 13. Wind chill minus 27 this morning and minus 22 this afternoon. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Cloudy. Periods of snow beginning this evening and ending before morning. Amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind becoming northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 late this evening. Low minus 22. Wind chill minus 22 this evening and minus 32 overnight. Risk of frostbite

I was up again at 0430, had breakfast, and went back to bed until 0750.

I listened to the net and then Andres showed up at nine to begin work on the boat.  It is a cold, windy day with a high of 72 F predicted, but it is sunny.

Andres came by at 0900 as promised and began cleaning the exterior.  He said his son had just a car accident and had hit an Uber car.  Expensive, he said. He got to work polishing the stainless steel.

I went to coffee at 0945 and ran into Gina again.  I returned the boat and got busy with cleanup. I made spaghetti and had a nap. 

I'd like to go to Walmart and get some Gorilla tape.  I think it would make a temporary dinghy repair.  I tried to order the best Gorilla tape for underwater on Amazon, but it does not seem to be possible so far. I'd like to go, but with Andres working, should I?

I see the dock staff is installing the Internet receptacle on the pedestal, so I'll have fast Internet again without using all y mobile date.

Tomorrow is the 'race' to Roca Lobos from Punta Prieta and I'm thinking I'll go.  If I do, putting the dinghy into the water would be a good idea and I don't want it on the foredeck where it is in the way.  If I could mount the outboard and use it, that would be even better.

After lunch, I walked out to Serdan and caught a collectivo to Walmart.  There, I found most of what I went for, but no Gorilla tape. Time flies and when I looked, it was four-thirty. I had bought frozen chicken and I also thought Andres might be wondering where I was, so I caught a colectivo and went home.  If I want tape I will have to go back to Home Depot tonight or whenever it is open.

After supper, I walked out to catch a collectivo at Serdan and found I could not read the collectivos' destination signs in the dark, so I summoned an Uber to Home Depot.

At Home Depot, I found they don't stock Gorilla brand, so I bought something similar and although they did not have velcro dots, I found some velcro and will cut dots from it.

Finished shopping, I walked to the bus stop and caught a colectivo back to Revolucion de 1910 and Legaspy and walked the four blocks back to the boat. 

I was in bed by ten.

Quote of the Day

Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.
George Orwell

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Sunday January 12th 2020

Today Cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries. Wind north 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this morning. Temperature falling to minus 25 this afternoon. Wind chill near minus 34. Risk of frostbite.
Tonight Cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries early this evening. Snow beginning this evening. Amount 2 cm. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 27. Wind chill near minus 36. Risk of frostbite.

I slept until six and have to decide whether to go to the race or not.

If I do, I have to stow the various loose items in the cabins and get ready to go.  I'll also tape the dinghy.

It is seven now and dark, and the race is at eleven so time is short since the start is an hour's travel away.

At home, i see the sort of weather coming up that worries me.  Minus forty-two is predicted for Tuesday night!  It is minus twenty at the moment in Swalwell. So far, things look good on my cameras, but weather this cold is hard on everything.  I'm glad I stocked up on fuel.

We're running into cool weather here, too, at a mere 22įC as a daytime high. It is sixteen now and I have heat on.

At 0745, it is still overcast and cool. I started on the outboard and am thinking I'll likely skip the race.  I may go out anyhow, but time is too short to do all I need to do. I also have to figure the time and tides for the trip to Punta Prieta.  My old marina location was much closer to the point and less subject to currents. 

Seems the incoming current will not begin until just before dark.  We have a full moon, but if last night was an indication, it'll be dark at sunset which is at 17:52. Moonrise is at 20:09 and the prediction is for overcast. With wind from the north and overcast conditions, I am less inclined to go.

At home, the temperature has dropped six degrees in two hours  to minus twenty-six.

Well, I was called on the VHF and asked about the race.  Gina and Dave had decided they want to go.  I had expected to hear yesterday to have time to get ready, and at first said no, but they could not find another ride, so said if I throw everything into the forward cabin I can do it, but it will be close since I was in the middle of projects.

I was ready by ten but they were late and we decided to forget about the race and just go for a sail.  It was just as well as Gina got seasick when we headed upwind.  We altered course to something more comfortable and she was fine. 

We sailed around for a few hours, then turned back and arrived at the dock in time for them to make it to the Seahawks game.  I had  a nap.  All that fresh air tired me out.

When  we arrived, the other boaters on the dock were there to catch lines.  I usually don't like assistance as almost invariably everyone has a different idea and this time was no exception with some pulling one way and others pushing another, but in this instance their effort was appreciated as the current in that narrow channel can be strong.  Plus it is a good way to bond wit the neighbours.

Quote of the Day
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
George Carlin

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Monday January 13th 2020

Today Periods of light snow ending this afternoon then mainly cloudy. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 24. Wind chill near minus 38. Risk of frostbite.
Tonight Clearing late this evening. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 36. Wind chill minus 35 this evening and minus 42 overnight. Frostbite in minutes.

I was up early.  Andres arrived around non to start waxing and I wandered up for coffee at nine-thirty.  I had expected to see Gina and Dave there, but if they went, it was after I left.

I returned to the boat and spent the morning doing odds and ends.

After lunch, we spun the boat end for end so the far side could be waxed.  I decided this is better for leaving the dock, but found my power cord won't reach, so I'm running on solar.

Around five Andres announced he was done and wanted to be paid. I said I should take a look and it turned out he had not washed the decks. We debated that and he agreed to do that tomorrow for another 300 pesos, so I agreed.  Washing was in the original bargain, but we have a language barrier so I cut him some slack.   He is broke and has a family and worked all day and his son came to help...  He was not as happy as he could be, but is coming tomorrow.  After he left, his son came back apologized for him.  "Disculpe", he said.

I had supper and a nap and then decided to check the transmission oil.  We had checked it before, but it had not been run and any impurities and water will settle out.  After this run, it should show its true colours and did it ever.  It looked like chocolate milk. (right). There was also some dust under the bell housing (left).

Water had entered during the flooding and it appears some rusting took place.  I hope it was nothing important but I think I can see a rebuild or replace in our future.

By then it was after eight and time to check the furnace at home.  Wow! the bin auger was not running and the main auger was bare.

I tried to raise MLE and then Carolyn and and Amanda with no luck. Bert was not answering his phone.   Finally I heard from MLE and she said she would go over. I had pinged C on Facebook Messenger and she responded.  I had phoned four times but she had not recognized my Mexican phone number and thought it was a drunk friend.

At that point MLE was going over and her dad went along. seeing as it is minus thirty there. We talked by Whatsapp and she sent a picture of the fire and I am glad the auger had quit.  The fire had built up ash and the ring had stopped turning. 

I had her flick the ring, turn up the air, and knock off the excess fire and cinder to let the ring cool and turn freely. When they left, everything looked good. Then they had trouble locking the door because the battery in the lock was cold.  It happens.

After, I chatted with C and she and MLE will go over again in an hour or so to make sure that things kept working right.

This has been one of those days: Andres did not finish and upped his price, bin auger failed to start, ring stopped turning, transmission oil is rusty and milky.

I'm staying up until I hear the word.

Worst case, I am on a jet home tomorrow.  Hmm.  I wonder if this cold is affecting flights?

Apparently not and the prices are reasonable for last-minute reservations.

I heard from MLE and all is well so I went to bed.

Quote of the Day
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
George Carlin

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Tuesday January 14th 2020

Late entry.  No weather.

Andres showed up at nine and washed the boat.  He then demanded 400 pesos rather than the 300 we agreed on.  I paid him and thought to myself, "Never again".  After he left, I noticed he missed some spots. He is not a happy man.

I walked to Sea Mar and bought ATF for the transmission and flushed the transmission twice, running the engine in both gears at the dock to circulate the oil. 

After the second flush, the fluid looks more the way it should. The pictures are of the fluid drained onto the white fibreglas pan under the engine before I scooped the oil up for disposal.

Original oil                First flush                   Second flush

I really should have drained it immediately after the flood.  I knew better, but trusted Miguel.  This may turn out to be a $2,000 mistake.  We'll see.

I had met several people on the shuttle from SJD when I arrived here. Gina, mentioned previously, was one and Mike was another.  

Mike had come to see Kay, a friend from home who is on a boat at Marina de La Paz also.  I had met Kay briefly at the Dock Cafe where she and Mike were having supper and as I was walking to Sea yet one more time, she stopped me in the parking lot and said Mike was was gone now, but she was on her way down to my boat to see me.

She had two beers and was intending to visit. So, we went back, sat in the cockpit and drank the beer. She left after a while, promising to come back and show me how to use the crib board she spotted while looking over the boat.

Then I walked to Sea Mar again and bought more ATF, rust remover, and fuel filters and returned to the boat

I realized yesterday that I can use my Mexican credit card in stores.  It's in pesos and it saves counting bills. 

I'm adjusting to La Paz and can name the streets with their strange long Spanish names and even talk to people--sorta.

I have not figured how to use it on Amazon.com.mx yet, though and that would every handy.

After that, I walked to Lopez and bought a solar vent and some epoxy touted to stick to hypalon. 

I had been searching for such an item for two years and it was there all the time. I had asked, and seen only expensive, toxic products, but this time the floor man pointed this product out.  Epoxy is ideal. It is quick setting and I can use water to wash-up after.

Ever since I had turned the boat end for end, my power cord would not reach the pedestal.  I had been running on battery, but am not in the habit of conserving power when at dock and it was looking a bit low.  Plus, I like to have hot water so I ran my cord across the dock to an unused pedestal.  I hare to run a cord across, since no one else does, but that was the only solution other than turning the boat again.

From Lopez, I caught a collectivo to Chedrui and bought groceries, then Ubered home.

I had supper and was exhausted, so I lay down and slept until eleven or so, got up for a few minutes and then went back to bed and slept until four or so.

I am happy here. I have a social life of sorts and interesting tasks to complete.  It is also warm during the days.  I hope to get out to the Islands and bays soon, but have some things to do first.  For one, I need to get the dinghy into working condition.  A reliable dinghy is essential for an emergency tow and also functions as an escape pod, not to mention being the only way to get to the beaches other than swimming. This boat draws seven feet now.

Wednesday January 15th 2020

Today A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of flurries early this morning. Ice fog patches dissipating late this morning. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 32. Wind chill minus 46 this morning and minus 38 this afternoon. Frostbite in minutes. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Increasing cloudiness. 60 percent chance of flurries overnight. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 37 with temperature rising to minus 31 by morning. Wind chill minus 48 this evening. Frostbite in minutes.

I'm up before dawn again. It is minus thirty-seven at home but everything looks okay on the remote surveillance.

I began by installing the new solar vent. Then I did some tidying and threw out some items that came with the boat. I was originally reluctant to change much since the original owner had done a good job of setting it up and the spares were of some value. but now am taking complete ownership.

Next, I cooked some beans and meat and made chili. I had been unplugged ever since I turned the boat end for end since my cord is now too short but today I ran a cord across the dock to plug in.  No one runs cords across docks here, but in some marinas, the docks are a rats nest of wires and hoses.  We'll see if there are complaints. It's not my fault there is no pedestal here.

I spent sometime researching Internet fax but came to no conclusion. I corresponded with Aaron, C and phoned Mom.  She is doing much better.  Ron was to be down there today, but fell off a ladder and is healing.

Kay and I talked about cribbage yesterday and today she texted and came over at six.  We played a few hands and then looked a charts as she is going up the sea on the boat she came down here on as crew in a few days and likes to know where she is going.

Quote of the Day
Nothing in all the world is more dangerous
than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Thursday January 16th 2020

Today Mainly cloudy. 60 percent chance of flurries this morning. Ice fog patches dissipating this morning. Wind southeast 20 km/h becoming light this morning. High minus 24. Wind chill minus 41 this morning and minus 29 this afternoon. Frostbite in minutes. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Cloudy. Periods of snow beginning this evening and ending overnight. Local amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind becoming northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 overnight. Low minus 29. Wind chill minus 33 this evening and minus 41 overnight. Frostbite in minutes.

I woke up at two and got up for a while. When I checked the home fires all was well.  I see it is snowing lightly at home.  According to Environment Canada, it has warmed up to minus 28.

It has warmed here, too, to more seasonal temperatures. It is eighteen at present and predicted to reach twenty-three mid-day.

I did some bill paying and then went to coffee. I ran into Dave and Gina there and met George, from Thalia.

From there, I returned to Baja Magic and did a bit of email and cleanup.

Aaron finally reserved flights, in on the 21st and out on the 29th, so he will be here a week.  That settles that.  I am beginning to think that if my furnace holds on, I'll fly direct to Sidney in early Feb rather than go home for a few days and then west.

After lunch I got to work on the dinghy again.  The dinghy seam repair is taking a while.  I'm having issues clamping the glued seams, but it is coming. I used up the rest of the epoxy and walked up to Lopez again.  I bought two more tubes and looked at the bill this time.  Almost $100!. So, I will have spent $150 CAD fixing the $350 US dinghy. Oh, well.

I glued what I could for now, then had a long nap.  When I woke, the day was overcast and the temperature had dropped. I looks like rain.

I did a bit of Duolingo, but was not doing well, and quit.  I'm not in  the mood. Actually, I'm not in the mood for anything. Time for Netflix.

I watched the rest of Medical Police. It was just as bad as I expected.

It's open mic at Bob Marley's tonight and it is 2030.  Should I go?  It's blustery out and I am tired. I'm not sure I wan to be subjected to loud music.  I think I'll juts go to bed.

Quote of the Day
Do not ever say that the desire to do good by force is a good motive.
Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives.
Ayn Rand

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Friday January 17th 2020

Today Mainly cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries this morning. Clearing this afternoon. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High minus 25. Wind chill minus 41 this morning and minus 34 this afternoon. Frostbite in minutes. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight A few clouds. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 34. Wind chill minus 31 this evening and minus 42 overnight. Frostbite in minutes.

I woke up at two and got up for the day.  I've been here nine days now and been out of the marina once.

Checking  the furnace, I see the pipe that restrains the bin auger came out and is lying on the coal beside the bin auger, lifting the auger enough that it is not moving coal.  No panic, but I notified MLE on Whatsapp and will watch the camera.  She replied around four.  It seems we Swalwelites are insomniacs.  C is up at all hours as well.

The cold continues at home, but with less extreme temperatures. Minus twenty-seven is much less destructive than minus forty.  Another day or two is expected to pass before the cold snap breaks.

*    *    *    *    *

Aaron comes on the 21st and I expect to have the dinghy finished by then.  I have four days.  Should be easy assuming the glue holds and there are no more surprises. In fact, I hope to launch tomorrow.

After he leaves, I will either go home for a few days or fly to Sidney. We'll see at the time.

*    *    *    *    *

At five, I could see the auger stop and then be repositioned. MLE and Dave were at The Old Schoolhouse rectifying the auger issue. 

When they were done, MLE sent me a photo of the burner flame and although the air supply may be a bit lean, that is better than too little air, which I think triggered the issue the other day.

I did some research next and then had a nap.  I listened to the net at eight, then went down for coffee at nine-thirty.

After that, I verified the glue work yesterday had held and then glued the remaining seams on the dinghy. 

Due to the floppiness and flexibility of the dinghy I have had to do one side at a time then wait for the first seam to set before attempting the next. Otherwise, the handling necessary to align the remaining seams would flex the boat enough to open up the fresh glue on the other side.  There is really no way to clamp the parts.  Even Gorilla Tape, which I had bought to hold things, does not get much of a grip on hypalon.

Following that, between trips forward to check the glue joints and adjusting as needed, I set out to master OpenCPN, a free navigation program that runs on both my phone and my laptop.

I had obtained free charts from Bruce, captain of Migration, a cruising boat, who had made up a full set for this area, but I also wanted to install some detailed charts from a local cruising guide that provide good detail and which I used in the past with great success and have come to rely on.  Their detail inspires confidence in a region which is poorly charted and where some charts are reportedly out by as much as a mile!

The charts wound up costing me $50 and a bunch of hassle downloading and installing, and I am still trying to figure out the software.  I have had OpenCPN working before, but there are some tricks that have so far escaped me.

That used up the afternoon and the evening so far.

I re-named several pages including this one and the links were not working for a few hours and it seems I still have a few readers.  Three people wrote me today. 

One suggested that I put a camera on the boat for security while I am away.  Interesting idea, At this marina it is feasible since I have really good reliable Internet here.

That is from Airenet's speed test. The speeds are great, but the ping seems high. I also notice occasional complete stalls. I don't have any real problems, though, except for momentary loss of connectivity. This site explains results.

By eight I  was ready for Netflix and discovered Cheers was available.  I watched it occasionally back in the seventies, but was never a real fan.  Tonight, though, I found it a refreshing treat in the Netflix wasteland. I watched a few episodes, made spaghetti,  and went to bed at ten.

Quote of the Day
Love yourself.
It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.
Jenn Proske

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Saturday January 18th 2020

Today Sunny. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud near noon. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 25. Wind chill minus 44 this morning and minus 33 this afternoon. Frostbite in minutes. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Clearing near midnight. Wind up to 15 km/h. Lo minus 27. Wind chill minus 33 this evening and minus 38 overnight. Risk of frostbite.

I'm up at 0545. I plan to launch the dinghy today and test the outboard.

At home all appears well.  The cold spell continues, but the cold trend is expected to end by Monday at which point the temperatures are predicted to be well above normal.

Here, the trend is for warmer over the next few days.

La Paz normals are is 23 Max and 12 Min.  La Paz sunrise is 7:07. Sunset is 5:57

At eight I was on the foredeck splicing the grab rope onto the dinghy.  The morning is cool, with an offshore breeze but sunny.

I came in for the net and plan to go down for coffee at 0930.  After that, I'll splash the dinghy and test the outboard. If that works out, I'll be set to go to the bays tonight or tomorrow.

Coffee was well-attended this morning and I stayed an hour, then went back and splashed the dinghy.  Next, I lowered the engine and started it, but found it would not run without the choke.  I had that problem before, so pulled off the carb and cleaned it, then reassembled the carb to the engine.  It ran but would not idle, so I called Jimmy.  He is booked until Monday, so I pulled it off again and cleaned the jets.

When I put it back on, the engine ran but would not idle, so I called Inflatable Bob and asked about the 15 he is selling. I've wanted a 15 anyhow and I need a running reliable outboard by Monday, or so I tell myself.

Bob was out working on his boat, anchored at the Magote and said he would come in to Marina de La Paz (MLP).  His car is parked here.

We met at the dinghy dock and drove over to his shop. It was on a stand in his shop.  The paint is pretty good, but a bit faded in spots.   The outboard looks pretty good, but is heavy.  We weighed it and it seems to scale at only 44 kg or 90 lbs. I must be getting weak.

I looked it up later online and the specs say 99 lbs, so I guess the scale is right.  If so, that is about the same as the 9.9 on Cassiopeia's tender.

I pulled off the cover and it looks brand new inside.  I pulled the dipstick and the oil is milky.  Oh, oh.

Bob was surprised but said he had lent it and the user had dropped it momentarily into the water.  He said he understood the oil had been changed right after and obviously had not given it much thought.

He said he would change the oil, but by then the stores were closed and he did not have a filter. I said the motor would need two changes to completely clear the salt water so if he removed and drained the filter he could reuse it for the first change if Jimmy does not have one around. I also speculated that if the oil had indeed been changed, maybe there was more wrong with the engine like a bad head gasket from dropping hot into cold water.  Only running it will tell so we'll do that tomorrow.

Bob drove me back to MLP and I went back to the Nissan. I removed the carb again and submerged the carb in acetone this time and left it for an hour.  It would really help to have compressed air to blow it out, but I have no way.

I had supper and watched a bit of Cheers again.  Then I heard a knock and Kay was on the dock, having come by to say goodbye. 

They leave in the morning for a few days on the Sea, then cross to PV and from there are off to the South Pacific.  They will be back here on March 15th.  Sounds like a whirlwind tour to me with little leeway for weather and changes of plan.  I'm guessing her captain has OCD.  Most cruisers I know, just go and come back years later. Two months to do that circle?  Too rushed for me.

We visited a while in the cockpit until the breeze turned cool. She left and I watched more Netflix and went to bed around 2130.

Quote of the Day
Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.
Milton Friedman

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Sunday January 19th 2020

Today A mix of sun and cloud. Wind southeast 20 km/h. High minus 14. Wind chill minus 42 this morning and minus 25 this afternoon. Frostbite in minutes. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Clear. Wind southeast 20 km/h becoming light this evening. Low minus 17. Wind chill minus 25 this evening.

At 3AM, it was still minus twenty-six at home.  I woke at 0335, got up, and had coffee.

I see they still have the extreme cold warning posted.  Today's folks are a bunch of wusses, I guess.  This is normal Alberta winter weather.  Shucks, Jon and I were out on ski patrol at minus forty years ago.

Today the morning begins with a swap meet and that is worth attending. 

My very useful battery operated drill came from the last one I attended.  Cruisers have limited space, so often sell off good items cheap to make room when leaving.  I have a good jib I want to sell to make room, but am not sure I want to sit with it for an hour to sell it.  I'm inclined to just announce it on the net.  It is the sort of thing a prospective buyer has to measure and try anyhow.

In the afternoon, I have a ticket for the Mutt Strut. 

The Mutt Strut is a fund raiser for rescue dogs.  My ticket includes a meal and I really cannot visualize the event,  It will be a surprise.  Oh, here is a web page.  Now I know.  And, here is this year's promo.

Why am I going?  Simple.  I have resolved to be more social. I couldn't own for a dog even if I wanted to get another. I'm too much on the move. Dogs are great companions, but for me this just wouldn't work.

I've also resolved to go to any event I am likely to enjoy.  So far I have resisted going out to music events at night as the evenings are cool, and I tend to get tired by then, plus I have trouble hearing conversation in loud places, but this is in the afternoon.

The social life is one reason I moved to this marina. Palmira was more isolated and the folks are much less gregarious.   Here, I am mere steps from the Club Cruceros clubhouse and can easily walk to coffee every morning if I care to.

So, my day is booked. Also, Bob is going to try to have the 15 HP outboard ready to go today.  Also, I'll put the carb back on the 6HP Nissan as soon as it is light today and see if it will run right.  If it does, I'll be less motivated to buy the 15, but a 15 would be very nice when I have company and want to go somewhere with several people in the dinghy and it will be a bonus if it is reliable.  The Nissan has been flakey.

I put the carb on and took it off a few times and could not get the motor to idle, so I took it off one final time to take it to Jimmy. It'll cost me $50, but at least the dinghy will be useable.

That unreliability may be due to y negligence in emptying the carb after use.  This is something I have never had to do before, but seems mandatory here with the heat and  the fuel available.

I am going to have to learn to detach the fuel line and run the fuel out of the carb religiously every time I am not going to be using the outboard for more than a day or two. The gas here evaporates and leaves layer of varnish that clogs the jets.

On Jan 3rd I bought the UMIDIGI F1 on Amazon for under $300 CAD.  I wondered how it would work out. 

So far, two weeks later, I can say it is pretty much everything my Pixel XL is except the screen is narrower (not a bad thing for working one-handed), the fingerprint sensor is more sensitive and the camera is not quite as good.  I could not get it to work for data on Public Mobile, so I may have to switch to a compatible carrier when I get home.

On the plus side, it is fast, has oodles of memory, a louder speaker, and a big battery.  Will this phone last a year and a half like the Pixel XL? We'll see.  I still plan to repair the screen on the XL.

I paddled across the alley to the swap meet and found a life jacket I was looking for.  I also ran into Jimmy, so I paddled back and got the carb. He says he will have it done by coffee time tomorrow.  He also says the idle passages are very small and need carb cleaner and compressed air to be properly cleaned.

I came back to the boat and am resting with nothing to do that matters until three  I'm tired and think I'll nap. I did and then it was time to go, so I walked out Topete to Encinas and up to Abasolo, then called Uber which took me to the event.

This turned out to be a fairly large event with several hundred in attendance.  Most tables were reserved, so I found a place and sat down. 

Two ladies were seated across from me, and seeing as I was unaccompanied suggested I move over beside them, possibly to clear the space for couples arriving later. At any rate, one turned out to be the founder of the organization, no longer involved, but still very much a dog person.  Her friend has cats. 

As I had feared, I could not hear much in such a loud environment, but we did manage some conversation.  As I suspected, there was a silent auction, then a parade of dogs up for adoption.  There was quite an assortment, but nothing I would have spotted as a purebred. IMO, that is a good thing.  Although purebreds can be excellent, there is also a tendency to inbreeding and consequent issues in many individuals.  I prefer mutts.

The meal was okay and I'm glad I went.

I was home around six-thirty and sat down to catch up on news and update my task list.  As it happened, when I opened the National Post, I came across the horoscopes. 

I look at horoscopes almost never and, as with everything in a newspaper, tend to be a skeptic but thought this was pretty spot-on, seeing as I am on a deliberate social kick after weeks and months, years maybe, of being a virtual hermit.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Lucky you! Itís party city for Librans for the next four weeks. Grab every chance to slip away on a vacation! Accept all invitations to socialize with others. Enjoy sports events, the arts and playful activities with kids because you want to have fun!

*   *   *   *   *

When the algorithms detect interest in a subject and a bias, they tend to amplify both by piling on more of the same in our feeds--and we like it because it tends to reinforce our convictions, right or wrong, to hear from others with similar views.  This is clearly polarizing us, the so-called echo chamber.

So, that said, Google served me this.  I offer it for what it is worth:

An Inconsistent Truth

I was tired, so went to bed early.  No Cheers for me tonight.

I've gotten into a pattern of "Early to bed, Early to rise".  Will it make me "Healthy, wealthy, and wise"?

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Quote of the Day
Nothing of me is original.
I am the combined efforts of everyone Iíve every known.
 Chuck Palahniuk

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