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Tuesday January 1st 2019

Today Mainly sunny. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High zero. Wind chill minus 13 in the morning. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Mainly cloudy. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Low minus 7. Wind chill minus 12 in the evening and minus 5 overnight.

The day began dull and cold.  Minus twenty.  I slept until eight and got up, hearing sounds downstairs.   I was groggy.  Mom was up and already had breakfast.

Susan did not show up and neither did Carrie.  Susan has been ill and even if she could come, she did not want to pass on whatever she has.  Carrie had other commitments today.

Anyhow, Mom wasn't too happy to be starting a new year, her 100th, but fortunately the neighbours came for coffee and cheered her up. 

I'm relaxing today and doing an few things at the desk and reading. One of the most interesting articles was this one, from zerohedge.com. 

"...while many of the trends observed in 2017 were taken to their logical extremes in 2018, it is difficult to say that 2018 provided much needed closure to many of the themes and narratives that emerged in the previous year and earlier, most of which played out in the political arena, where for the first time in decades, the non-establishment president of the world's biggest superpower, a manifestation of the "protest vote" that had built up over the past decade, shook to the core everything that the world had taken for granted, setting the stage for a dramatic revulsion from widely accepted norms and principles."

Readers -- assuming I still have one or two -- will know that I am a skeptic and while I don't think The Donald is a nice guy (?) or someone I would want to spend much time with, for now at least he may be the not nice guy the US and the world needs.  He ability to ignore consensus and strike out in new directions is refreshing as some of the past decisions have painted the US into a corner.  Trump is willing to ignore that and walk out of that corner any way he sees fit.

Trump may well to be the antidote to the disastrous groupthink that has brought the US and the world into a forever war and creates, then grapples with serial demons in a continual orgy of fantasy, tribalism and fear.  Allowed to continue to an extreme, the Donald might be a new disaster of another kind, but he is for now an antidote bringing a reversion the mean from an insane extreme. 

Whether he carries on to another extreme will depend on whether the wisdom of the crowd can restrain him from least advisable actions.  In the past, that wisdom, or lack of it led to the American Civil War, McCarthyism, and Jim Crow to name just a few manifestations.  In France, 'collective wisdom' led revolution after revolution.  Need I say more?

 The next time they give you all that civic bullshit about voting,
keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free democratic election
George Carlin

I was not in the mood to do much, so I watched an entire one hour plus Jordan Peterson video.  Then YouTube offered me these sensible comments by him on the topic of Climate Change, a very clear critique of the current pseudoscience and logic used to subvert the foundations of our western societies.   I have to say that although I noticed him earlier and considered him a positive force, I am very much impressed by his incisive mind and education, deep thought, fact-based logic, calm demeanor, and precise language.

Mom's PSW came by to make her supper.  Sharon dropped by, and I spent the evening watching video and working on this diary.

Quote of the Day
Facebook just sounds like a drag, in my day seeing pictures
of peoples vacations was considered a punishment
Betty White

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Wednesday January 2nd 2019

Today A mix of sun and cloud. Wind west 20 km/h gusting to 40. High 8. UV index 3 or moderate.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Wind west 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Low minus 6. Wind chill minus 8 overnight.

I was up at 0730 and made breakfast, then Susan came to give Mom a bath, cook, and do exercises.  I'm deciding whether to do the First Aid course tomorrow and Friday.  I really don't look forward to it, but need to get it out of the way.

I enrolled for the first aid course tomorrow and Friday.  I'm warming to the idea, especially after beginning to read the manual.  I need to get onside.  A negative attitude won't help.

Mom's physiotherapist came at eleven-thirty to work on new exercises.

Thought of the Day

We often speak of Greece as being the cradle of democracy, but few seem aware that Athens' method of choosing decision makers was very different from ours.  They selected participants by lot, not election

From Wikipedia:  "It is accepted as democratic when public offices are allocated by lot; and [regarded] as oligarchic when they are filled by election."

The Wikipedia article goes on to discuss in detail why elections are not democratic!  It seems obvious and it is also clear that neither the US or Canada is truly democratic by those ancient Greek standards.  Hmmm.

It does not take much thinking to realise that choosing by lot is likely to be far more representative than the results of elections and harder to influence by lobbying.

I booked a Red Cross First Aid course for tomorrow and Friday.  That will keep me busy 9-5 both days.

Then we made an appointment for Mom to see the audiologist and drove to the Four Corners at three.  Her hearing aids are five years old, but still pretty advanced.  They did need adjusting, though and it turned out that on was blocked with wax.

It was good that I was there with there and also good that I have researched the subject.  The audiologist would just have done a few tweaks and sent her on her way, but when I queried him, he did the full treatment, including updating the hearing tests and added a few programs to the remote control.  When she left, she could hear very well.

Another PSW, Lynn, came to make her supper and help her change for bed.  She finds having different people each day a bit of a bother, but by now, I think she has met the regulars.

I had things to do, but found that I was tired and had a nap after supper, watched some video, then went to bed early to get a good start on tomorrow.

Quote of the Day
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night
only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
Richard Grenier

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Thursday January 3rd 2019

Today A mix of sun and cloud. Wind southwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 6. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Wind southwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. Low minus 3. Wind chill near minus 9.

I'm up at 0530, getting ready to be busy all day.  It's minus eleven here in Sudbury, with snow predicted.

I had breakfast and coffee, and checked my email.  First thing, I found a bank wire I had sent had not gone through, so I spent an hour apologizing and writing my bank manager.

Next, I'll write a note to my mother's doctor who is scheduled to visit today.  Mom had lots of tests while in Saint Joe's but has not been given any results. Then it is off to a whole day of Red Cross First Aid Training.  The course runs 9-5 today and tomorrow,

I've taken first aid several times before, once here in Sudbury at Saint John Ambulance and previously in Red Deer for Ski Patrol.

I arrived at the course fifteen minutes early and found most of the class was already there.  I took and empty chair and with some assistance set up an adult and a baby CPR doll.

I was expecting first aid today and CPR tomorrow, but we did both.  We did some hands-on CPR practice, and then listened to the instructor read and comment on the guide, which was displayed on a TV monitor on the far side of the room.

Our instructor began by introducing herself and listing her many qualifications and inserted anecdotes from her experience throughout.  Seeing as I had arrived later than some, I was seated about the farthest from the speaker and the display, and being a bit hard of hearing today, I missed some of what she said, but doubt I missed anything important. 

This course was very different from the Saint John course I took a few years back and from the Ski Patrol course I took decades back.  For one thing, we were told that everyone passes, and so far, at least, we have not done any bandaging, just a lot of listening.  We did 'choking' hands-on and also practiced rolling a victim into the recovery position. 

I don't know what to think.  Going in, I figured it is a necessary waste of time, and I'm not sure my opinion has changed.

I noticed that many in the class were on a paid day from work and so the course was billed at 9-5, to give the workers in the group a full day's pay even if we were done and on our way home by two.

We were done by two and I left to go to the bank which was not far from the first aid site to deal with the funds transfer that had once again failed to complete.

My phone ringer had been turned off for class, and when I happened to glance at it, I noticed that Mom had called.  She was expecting a visit from the personal support manager and wanted me there if possible, so I drove home instead of the bank.

Not having been able to reach me, she had also called Sharon, so we both were there when Kelly arrived to fill out forms.  Mom says she had answered all the same questions and filled the same forms several times, but this is a government funded service so, of course, there is endless duplication.  The doctor had come by earlier and had been generally approving of my efforts in verifying and justifying the current medications she had prescribed and pleased with Mom's condition.

I had supper, went upstairs, did a few tasks, watched an episode of Madam Secretary and went to bed early.  Before that, though, I went down and watched a bit of TV with Mom.  I am able to sit in the same room as her TV now since her hearing is a normal again with the adjusted hearing aids, and her TV does not have to be turned up to industrial noise levels for her to hear.

At home, I see that the belt keeps jumping off the auger and being replaced. I guess Carolyn has not figured how to adjust the switch.

I also spoke with Dawn this evening about finishing up my certification and It appears that we will be doing a cruise and learn in early February before the Vancouver International Boat Show which is February 6-10.

Quote of the Day
Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it.
William Shakespeare

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Friday January 4th 2019

Today Mainly cloudy. Clearing this morning. Wind becoming west 20 km/h gusting to 40 this morning. High plus 3. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight A few clouds. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 11. Wind chill minus 5 in the evening and minus 14 overnight.

I woke up around two, got up, made coffee and porridge, and got to work. 

I like to sleep a few hours -- usually three to five -- then get up for a few hours, then go back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

I began planning the cruise and learn I'll be doing in February and wrote to Precision Sails to ensure my new sails will be there in time.  Now, at four, I'm going back to bed, had breakfast and made Mom's then went out the door. 

I got up at seven-thirty and made breakfast for myself and Mom, then left for the course. 

The van was covered with snow and the temperature around freezing.  Skies were overcast.  I arrived at First Aid 4U at 0850 and sat closer to the video and speaker today.  The session ended by one and I headed for the bank to re-send the transfer.

They discovered that the account number was lacking on digit and corrected that.  I discovered later that it was my error in cut and paste, so maybe the transfer will finally arrive at its destination.  I have now been to the banks at least seven times.

I drove home and continued on my various planning chores.

After supper, I drove over to spend the evening with Bill & Faye and returned home at nine.

Quote of the Day
There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors,
and no slave who has not had a king among his.
Helen Keller

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Saturday January 5th 2019

Today Cloudy. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud near noon. Fog patches dissipating this morning. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h late this afternoon. High minus 1. Wind chill minus 13 in the morning and minus 5 in the afternoon. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Increasing cloudiness late this evening. Wind southeast 20 km/h becoming light after midnight. Low minus 4 with temperature rising to minus 1 by morning. Wind chill minus 10 in the evening and minus 5 overnight

I woke up around two-thirty, stayed up an hour, then slept until six.  I noticed I was experiencing a slight allergy and assumed at first that it was from the three small glasses of pinot grigio at Wickenden's last night, but then realised it was likely something in the guacamole.  At any rate, I did not want to take Benadryl due to the fact I would be driving in a few hours and took 5mg of desloratadine instead.  Desloratadine is a less effective antihistamine than Benadryl, but it worked quite quickly.

I left the house at 0630, and headed out the driveway to pick up Bill for our trip to Manitoulin and the camp.  At the road, I slowed and then spun out.   Since I was making no headway, I tried to back down for another run at the grade, but even with brakes locked, the van slid on the ice, and I found myself against the snowbank. 

I called Bill and he came over and pulled me free, then we drove to Maurice Street, dropped off his van and drove to M'Chigeeng where we met up with the Island ham group for coffee.

When the group broke up at eleven, Bill and I drove to Little Current and had lunch at the Anchor Inn, then drove to Gravell Road where we parked in our usual spot and hiked down the abandoned rail line to the water's edge to set out across the ice to Rock Valley Lodge. 

The river over at Whitefish Falls (left) was still open and although there was open water at openings of culverts where water was flowing not far from where we were descending onto the ice, the ice on the lake was at least eight inches thick and we had little to worry about.

We were walking through about seven inches of wet snow on top of the ice, so we wore our snowshoes at first, but we soon found that progress was easier without them and carried the snowshoes instead.

The camp was just as Bill had left it in the fall.  We sat around a while, then made the trek back, stopped at the Red Dog for a beer, and drove back to Sudbury.  I was exhausted and almost asked Bill to drive, but revived on reaching town and bought some groceries at Walmart, dropped Bill off, then drove home.

I had a bite, then lay down and slept.  I woke up a while later, watched some video and went back to bed.  I was thinking I must be sick.


I'd had indigestion, gas, and fatigue all day, plus some shoulder pains.  Some of the symptoms suggested heart, including denial, but I figured if I walked to camp and back that was not a probable explanation, unless it is angina. I did not experience shortness of breath or sweating, but have noticed very slight nausea at times, but that is not unusual with digestive upset and, besides the more I walked, the better I felt.

Angina should not get better when going out in the cold or  with exercise but I was more energetic walking back from camp than on the outbound trip.  As with everything, though, there are exceptions and one is Variant Angina: "Usually occurs while resting and during the night or early morning hours."  Oh, goody!

Quote of the Day
What matters most is how you live your life,
not what you have to show for it.
Jenny Sanford

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Sunday January 6th 2019

Today Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries early this morning. 60 percent chance of flurries late this afternoon. Fog patches dissipating early this morning. Wind becoming west 20 km/h this afternoon. High plus 1. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Wind northwest 20 km/h becoming light late this evening. Low minus 9. Wind chill minus 7 in the evening and minus 13 overnight.

I'm up at 0700 and wondering if I just have a bug or something more serious. I have had indigestion and some light-headedness over the past week and some vague pains.  If I were in Alberta, I'd have myself checked for heart problems at the local hospital, but here it would be a hassle.  I notice, too, that my bowels are acting oddly today and that is not in the heart symptom list.  Considering my indigestion and gas yesterday, that trail leads away from heart issues, but I do have several common symptoms.

The neighbours came for coffee and I'm back upstairs trying to catch up on correspondence etc..  I seem to be better now.  Hard to say what is going on with me.

It's a beautiful day, so Mom and I went out to the shopping centre.  We intended to go to Walmart and normally Mom would ride an electric scooter with a shopping basket at Walmart, but lately there are so many morbidly obese people who can no longer walk using them that the scooters were all busy.  I pushed her around the mall in her wheelchair instead.

We returned home in time for Mom's helper at 4:30 and I went upstairs to catch up on email.  One email was about DSTAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) and made a nice distraction from more practical work.  Then Bill phoned to alert me to the Sudbury radio net at 7:30 and mentioned Echolink so we played with that and moments ago I checked into the VE3SRG net.  So far, I have not struck anything off my list tonight.

Quote of the Day
A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation
with the bricks others have thrown at him.
David Brinkley

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Monday January 7th 2019

Today Periods of snow ending this morning then cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud this afternoon. Wind becoming north 20 km/h gusting to 40 this morning then light this afternoon. Temperature falling to minus 14 this afternoon. Wind chill near minus 16. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Partly cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries late this evening and after midnight. Becoming clear overnight. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 20. Wind chill minus 16 in the evening and minus 26 overnight. Risk of frostbite.

I spent another night waking up every hour or two for no apparent reason, but I got up, rested, at 0700 and made coffee and eggs for breakfast, then spent an hour mulling over Mom's lab test results.

I'm about done here and thinking I need to fly west again soon.  I have to be on the coast in three weeks, so I booked a flight home, then one to Sidney.

I see the belt came off the bin auger again.

Mom and I went shopping at The SuperStore after lunch  By the time we left to drive home, it was snowing and blowing.   She cancelled her home worker and I made supper.

After, I watched video and went to bed early.  I am not myself lately.

Quote of the Day
How people treat you is their karma;
 how you react is yours.
Wayne Dyer

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Tuesday January 8th 2019

Today Sunny. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h late this afternoon. High minus 10. Wind chill minus 25 in the morning and minus 13 in the afternoon. Risk of frostbite. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Clearing near midnight. Wind southeast 20 km/h. Low minus 15. Wind chill near minus 24.

I woke up at 4 and got up for an hour, then went back to bed until 0745. 

We have seven inches of fresh snow on the ground and it is zero outside.  Wind is promised, so maybe I'll kiteski today.  Yesterday was windy, but the temperature was minus twelve and that is unpleasant.  Driving snow also makes kiting unpleasant, so I put off kiting for a better day.  Maybe today is that day.

After lunch I went to the lake and launched the 8.5.  I was able to get it up, but the wind was up and down, so even when I managed to launch, the kite soon dropped and it was clear that it would not have enough power to pull me through the heavy snow.  I packed it up and went back to the house, glad that I had not bothered to don boots and skis.

I spent the rest of the day on bookkeeping.

Also, Inasmuch as I am listed a s a director and contributed hundreds of hours and my own money and resources to the project, I requested information on UBAC activity if any.

Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, all I got was defensive responses. It seems that the UBAC is essentially dead and has degenerated to just endless talk now that the three founders have been edged out (I'm assuming I have at this point).

The three founders have stepped back, there have been no minutes presented since the Calgary general meeting, and no accounting for funds is available even after repeated requests. I think it is time to stick a fork in it.

Moving on, it is starting to look like time to leave Netflix. Shows disappear without warning and the selection is narrowing. Maybe it is just me, but I am having trouble finding anything I want to watch and when I do, it disappears.  Amazon Prime is not a whole lot better, and the field that Netflix invented is fragmenting as every content provider attempts to maximize on investment.

Airlines are raising prices every way they can.  It now costs twice to three times to fly the same distance to Toronto and Sudbury as it does to fly to Los Angeles.

We are entering the ugly phase of the economy. The long recovery, fueled by borrowing and fake money has run its course and stalled as opportunities to grow scarcer as explained by the law of diminishing returns.  Things have gone about as far as they can go.

Companies are falling short on earnings and scraping to increase revenue and all targeting the same products to the same consumer who is already borrowed to the hilt.  China's growth is reaching its limits. Debt -- borrowing from future -- has expanded to where the foreseeable future is fully committed and then some.  Almost all the blood has been squeezed from this stone.

Borrowing works well until there is nothing left to borrow.  Then the disappointments start.  An economy that cannot grow must shrink, and when the shrinking starts, the effect is like dominoes.

I went to bed at ten.

Quote of the Day
I've made an ass of myself so many times I often wonder if I am one.
Norman Mailer

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Wednesday January 9th 2019

Today A mix of sun and cloud. Wind southeast 30 km/h gusting to 50 becoming light this morning. High minus 6. Wind chill minus 21 in the morning and minus 10 in the afternoon. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight A few clouds. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 13. Wind chill near minus 16.

I slept well, only waking up every three hours. At four-ten, I got up.  I'm awake.  I've been sleeping eight hours lately, but at times found six sufficient. Will I go back to bed today?  We'll see.

Back to the bookkeeping.

I worked until six then went back to bed, rising again at 0830. 

Susan is here now, and Janelle, her daughter in law, who is interested in working for Mom, alternating with Susan.  Outside, snow is still falling and it is minus seven.  There is no wind.

I went down the lake and launched my kite.  There was plenty of wind, but the kite was tangled and out there in the wind, trying to sort the lines is dangerous.  I bunched it up and carried it up to the house, leaving the skis standing in the snow.  I'll get them later.

Quote of the Day
Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.
Sun Tzu

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