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 September 2018




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Background image - Looking back at Sidney from The Spit at dawn


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Saturday September 1st 2018

Today A few showers ending near noon then a mix of sun and cloud. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 20. UV index 5 or moderate.
Tonight A few clouds. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 becoming light this evening. Low plus 5.

I woke up at 0331 and could not sleep, so got up and finished updating Windows on my two working machines.  One had only been off wifi only since the 12th in Sudbury, and the other for a month, but both systems required long downloads and several restarts.

The day is cool and breezy. I spent the morning at the desk, catching up and have along way to go. I see I have no done book entries since July 20.

Tracey wants me to delete the History page on as the truth apparently offends some unnamed parties.  Well, it should make some people uncomfortable, and they should be ashamed, but if they are, I have yet to see them own up and make things right.

I spent the day at the desk.  I really should get some exercise, but I didn't.

I started doing the books, but that is slow.

In the evening, I watched television. I seldom do that.  I actually sat down to watch Netflix, but found the snippets of shows on the the air more interesting than what I have seen lately on Netflix.

I even watched the odd commercial, but skipped around between cop shows, some sort of new Sopranos-like show, and one about how well parents can guess what their kids will say. There was also one where women of Asian descent discussed their experience.

Apparently there is still some sort of stereotyping going on and discrimination, although, as an old white guy (at least that is how people see me), I am thinking that no one is spared. From what I see, we are a cosmopolitan, polyglot country now and I like it that way.

The discrimination is two-way.  People identify with and present themselves as a group or nationality for personal identity and then go on about how others group and stereotype them.

Speaking of languages, I have been slacking off on my Spanish lately and am getting back at it.  I had to write in German recently with the aid of Google Translate and found that interesting.  German is not a very appealing to me at present, but might grow on me.  Some is pretty easy like "Das ist gut" (That is good), but the rest is Greek to me.

On the other hand, learning Spanish is bringing back my French as there are similarities. I never did become verbally or aurally fluent in French, although I can read and write fairly well.  I always intended to read some of the classics in the original French, but never did.

I find that I need to be in context to remember a language, too.  In Sidney, Lodi and I were talking.  It turns out that she and he husband have  a boat at San Blas and know La Paz. She asked how far I had travelled from La Paz and I could not remember the name of San Everisto until I started thinking in context.  It took a few moments to recover my pronunciation, too.

I went to bed at nine-thirty, but woke soon after and eventually got up and stayed up until midnight.

Quote of the Day
That best portion of a man's life, his little, nameless,
unremembered acts of kindness and love.
William Wordsworth

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Sunday September 2nd 2018

Today A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of showers early this morning. Clearing this afternoon. High 23. UV index 6 or high.
Tonight A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness after midnight. Low 7.

I dozed until nine and I'm groggy this morning.   I am having trouble relaxing.   I'm realizing that I have too many files open --  Two yachts and teaching jobs on the B.C. west coast, Mexico, Swalwell (bees, yard work, heating), The United Beekeepers of Alberta startup, Ontario...

Speaking of Mexico, it is peak hurricane season, but I see nothing much threatening at the moment.

The west coast opportunities jumped me.  I had just gone to Sidney to meet Jean and the kids for a few days, but found I had maintenance issues for Cassiopeia and was offered a job teaching on a cruise and two further charter captain jobs.

I guess it all began when I offered to lead the flotilla in Colin's place back in July.  The trip went well, everyone signed up for the next one, and I was a hero.  Now I am being drafted for other duties.

Never one to turn down a challenge, I turned on a dime and said yes to the opportunities.  That does short my Swalwell time, though, and my time with Mother, and I will not get to Mexico for another month. 

And them there is Jon's wedding and Thanksgiving in November.  Kiting has been neglected, too.

I have people for supper today and have no plan yet.

I keep coming across Global Warming and Climate Change articles. They are of some particular interest because our Federal and Provincial governments have staked a lot on what is increasingly being revealed a a hoax. The cost of this folly is high and increasing, especially now that out neighbour and major trading partner, the USA, has refused to drink the Kool Aid.

It's not that climate change is not happening and not that human activities are not an influence, but rather that changes in temperature and sea levels, melting of glaciers, and advance and retreat of deserts have been going on far longer than humans have existed and radical swings have taken place previous to the Industrial Age.

Indeed some of the greatest enlightenment and advances in civilization have been coincident with warming periods and regressions like the Dark Ages, with cooling.

They say figures can't lie, but liars can figure.  Who to believe?  Personally, I don't believe anyone, but listen to all.

Global Warming Links | How the Global Warming Scare Began | The great global warming collapse


Although IMO, the climate argument against fossil fuels is weak, the political argument -- which is never revealed -- is strong.  (Pollution and ecological concerns are valid, also)

Dependence on fossil fuels places undue power and influence in the hands of tyrannical localities like Saudi Arabia and is the underlying cause of continuing wars and oppression. Moving to more distributed sources of energy like tidal, wind and solar allows regional independence and distributes economic and political power more evenly.

Carolyn and I have agreed to go for a walk, so that comes next.

I walked down to Carolyn's and noticed that everything seems strange today.  Maybe I have some sort of bug.  Carolyn was not feeling great today either and found the two-block stroll an effort.  Last time out we went further without effort, so maybe there is something going around or maybe it is something in the water?

I've only cut the grass twice and it still looks presentable (right).

Summer is over here and things are wilting and turning brown.  I don't know if we had a killer frost yet, but it looks that way. I needed my jacket and long pants.

I've gotten used to perpetual summer and warmer conditions, and forgotten how I lived here for years and found this house to be bright and the climate just fine.  We went outside to work almost every day from early spring to late fall. Now Swalwell seems cold and dark compared to the bright sun in Mexico and the warmer colours and climate of the B.C. west coast.

I'm not very inspired about supper.  I had thought to do a barbecue, but the day is dull and cool so far.  Regardless, I'll have to go to town for supplies.  I think I'll make shepherd's pie -- cottage pie actually, since I'll use beef.

Fen came early and we sat and visited a while, then Joe and Oene came over and wee looked at my bee equipment. 

The cottage pie turned out well and supper was a success.  During supper, I heard from Ruth.  She had not replied earlier, but now said she was taking Dave to the hospital with a hand issue.  I assume it is related to his diabetes.

By ten, everyone had gone home and I went to bed.

I woke again at half-past midnight and am still up, now, at 0244.  I did the dishes, some UBA work, and cleaned both computers.  Running on an elevated command prompt, sfc /scannow turned up issues on one machine and fixed them.  Ccleaner removed over GB of junk and about fifty obsolete registry entries. Tomorrow, my routine Malwarebytes scans, but it is time for bed again.

Quote of the Day
Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward,
safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.
Princess Diana

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Monday September 3rd 2018

I slept poorly and dozed until nine. Malwarebytes declares my computers free of bad stuff and they are both running better than they have in a while.

The morning was rainy and I did some books but was not getting far and needed some exercise, so I went out, walked around, and then graded the driveway a bit. 

Then I called Joe and he said he was on his way.  Shortly a big flat deck with two Mexican workers arrived, followed by Joe and Oene in the pickup.

We loaded all my boxes -- 200+ -- onto the flat deck and the truck left.  I'm now almost right out of bees, and that is a relief.  I hated to have good equipment sitting there just waiting for mice and ants.  My friends will put it to good use.


The brothers stayed for coffee, and then supper.  We ate the rest of the cottage pie.

I now have three live hives and a few boxes. The rest is gone.  I have an awful lot of floors and lids, though as the Meijers use a different style.  I also have a lot of old wood to burn when conditions are right.

I'm making changes in my life.

Quote of the Day
A sign of intelligence is an awareness of one's own ignorance.
Niccolo Machiavelli

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Tuesday September 4th 2018

Today Mainly cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers early this morning. Clearing this morning. High 16. UV index 5 or moderate.
Tonight A few clouds. Low plus 3 with risk of frost.

I went to bed early and slept poorly.  I've been taking Benadryl to sleep lately and decided not to last night.  I also decided that drinking in any amount is affecting my sleep and I see my weight is up roughly fifteen pounds from my lowest.  I've been tired in the daytime and having trouble concentrating. 

My activities have not required much concentration but when I sit down to organize or do books, I find I am not getting much done -- at least not as much as I expect to.  Time to get myself back on track. 

In the middle of the night, I decided the issue was that I was not breathing as deeply as I should, so took out the CPAP machine again.  I used it for the rest of the night and slept lightly, but I slept.

I have been active lately but not aerobically and that is affecting my lung capacity. One needs to use maximum air change regularly to maintain condition. 

A sleep specialist I saw once gave me some breathing exercises he said would eliminate the need for CPAP, which in my case was very marginal anyhow, but may be increasing with weight gain.  I have neglected the exercises, but did remember to try them last night and the results were immediate. 

Basically, they consist of breathing out as far as possible and then a bit more through a constriction like pursed lips, or as he suggested, a soda straw into a bottle to see bubbles, then breathing in to the max plus a bit more and repeating a few times. When I do that, I always breathe more deeply after, and find a lot of mucous comes up, so I assume that my lungs were being lazy and that expanding and contracting them stretches the surfaces a bit and loosens whatever they have accumulated.

In past weeks, I've been with people who eat and drink in ways that are not healthy for me and my present condition shows it.  I tend to go along with whatever is happening.  I have another two weeks of cruises and they will testy my resolve, I am sure.

I have to be in Red Deer today around noon to see the urologist, so have to leave by eleven or so.   I heard from the client and don't have to be in Vancouver until ten on the 6th, Thursday, so have a bit of time before I go.  I have not decided whether to go to the Bluewater meeting tonight in Calgary, visit Jean in Gull Lake -- or neither.

I drove to Red Deer and arrived on time. My meeting with the doctor went well. Nothing has changed.  From there, I went to Walmart, then drove home, stopping in Three Hills to pick up a prescription along the way.

I spent some time on the phone with Liz about the UBA, and then had supper and watched TV, jumping from channel to channel.  It is all new to me as I have seldom watched TV for years.  I was surprised to see Jeopardy with Alex Trebek is still running.  He is a bit older than me and also from Sudbury.  He is looking good.

There is a new show starring Scott Bakula.  It's a bit lame, but watchable. He was never a great actor, but likeable and he endures.  Oh, on researching, I see that NCIS: New Orleans is not new, but it is for me.  It has a predictable plot -- if you can call it that -- and the usual diverse cast of adorable characters, but happily lacks the hyperbolic insanity of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I might even watch snatches of it again if I come across it.

I'm going to bed and I hope to sleep.

Quote of the Day
Compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth
if it embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind.
Albert Schweitzer

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Wednesday September 5th 2018

222.6       6.1

Today Sunny. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud near noon. Wind becoming south 20 km/h this morning. High 22. UV index 6 or high.
Tonight A few clouds. Low plus 5.

I'm up at 0630, having slept fairly well. I did try the CPAP machine for a while, when I woke up a bit after midnight, but decided it was probably unnecessary and I need to look at the settings before I use it again, and that breathing exercises are more practical and effective and I slept reasonably well after I took it off.

I was a bit groggy when I woke up -- I have been recently -- so took a quick stroll around the driveway circle to get the blood circulating.  I have a lot to do today and plan to fly west tomorrow morning.

I have a requisition for blood tests and among them are HbA1C and fasting glucose.  To get an idea in advance, I tested my blood glucose and got 6.3, 5.8, and 6.2. These strips are not as consistent as some I have had.  My BG seems consistent with my past readings over the past decades.

I have a prescription for metformin and was taking a half pill in mornings because it seemed to drop my BG a bit, but stopped again when I experienced GERD recently.  That seemed the end the GERD.  Was that just a passing thing?  Dunno.  I was feeling strange for a few days, so it could have been associated with something I ate or a bug.  I'll resume metformin again, but not for a while.

*   *   *   *   *

I'm realizing that my problem sleeping and thinking the past few days is allergies.  My light head, distorted vision and fuzzy thinking disappear when I take a Benadryl. I noticed that the house smelled dank when I came home and I noticed that water had come in under the garage door. I gather that lighting the forced air furnace circulated the dank air and maybe some spores. Anyhow, its a relief to find the cause.

*   *   *   *   *

I drove to town and had my blood tests then I went to A&W to break the fast, and the tire shop to have the tires checked. One had gone down while sitting and it turned out to be a bad valve stem. While in the bay, I had them look for the bad ground, but they are a tire shop and don't have a clue.  I drove home.

Then I did awash, packed, and reserved a flight. For some reason, Plus was cheaper than economy.  Bonus!

By the time I left the house it was 4:15 and the flight was for 6:30. That gave me just 2-1/2 hours to make the one-hour drive, shuttle to the terminal, check in and go through security.

I finished packing, drove to Park & Jet -- I had considered cheaper options, but time was short --and waited twenty minutes while the driver waited for some very slow folks. Security was routine and I was in time to go to the premium lounge for twenty minutes. 

I had supper there, then went to the gate.  The previous flight was just pulling out and I might as well have gone back to the lounge, but could not get definitive word.

After an hour we boarded and after another hour, at 8:00 we pushed back.  At the moment, I am sitting in Plus, five miles high, drinking sparking  wine, and life is good.

Next I walk to the Skytrain and ride to Olympic Village, catch the 50 bust to Anderson, walk 500 yards to the marina, board Agape Force, unroll my new sleeping bag and it's lights out. Unless I go to the Fish Factory for a Pilsner nightcap.

I didn't.  I found Agape Force, went aboard and went to bed.

Quote of the Day
The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Thursday September 6th 2018

Today A mix of sun and cloud. High 24. UV index 6 or high.
Tonight Clearing. Low 6.

I slept pretty well and got up at 0700.  I'm still feeling aftereffects of the allergy, but I am now sure that was the issue. That's a relief.  I was beginning to think old age had caught up with me and that I was in rapid decline.

I walked up to Pedros and had coffee and their new breakfast wrap.  It was excellent. At nine, I'm waiting on the client.  I've clarified my position.  I'm not expected to be captain, but a coach --  someone familiar with this type of boat as the client has only managed smaller boats, but is otherwise qualified.  Interesting.

My crew arrived and we shoved off for Gibsons, arriving in the late afternoon.

Quote of the Day
A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate,
because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.
Bertrand Russell

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Friday September 7th 2018

We returned to Vancouver

Saturday September 8th 2018

Andy's family arrived and we did some sailing in English Bay

Sunday September 9th 2018

We went for a sail over to Snug Cove and back.

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