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November 2005
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The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so
certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.
 -- Bertrand Russell --

I'm in Ontario this month, driving my mother to Toronto to have hip replacement surgery.  On the way here, I was featured as a guest speaker in Iowa, and had a very enjoyable time there.  I'm hoping to come back and fill in more details here when I have time.

After Mom was comfortable in hospital, I drove to Rhode Island to see my son, Jonathan, and family, and I stopped at the Empire State Winter meeting on the way back.  More to come on that!

In the meantime, here are my BEE-L posts for the month

053717 05/11/04 10:00 59   Re: Dr. Harbo's Comments on SMR
053734 05/11/04 19:20 28   Re: deformed wing virus?
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053757 05/11/05 15:42 42   Re: Dr. Harbo's Comments on SMR
053764 05/11/06 03:15 88   Keeping an Open Mind
053770 05/11/06 09:52 35   Re: Succeeding with small cell
053773 05/11/06 20:03 144   Re: Succeeding with small cell
053774 05/11/06 15:55 27   Re: Sulfa thiazole?
053778 05/11/06 09:29 43   Re: Keeping Bees in Alaska with Love
053841 05/11/09 20:30 23   Re: deformed wing virus?
053842 05/11/09 20:50 29   Re: Feral Honey Bees
053844 05/11/09 21:18 26   Canada Shares Oxalic Success with ABF
053871 05/11/10 14:13 34   Re: deformed wing virus?
053882 05/11/11 10:27 19   Hey! There is New Money Being Spent on Bee Research!
053889 05/11/13 21:59 56   Re: Succeeding with small cell
053891 05/11/14 06:47 34   Re: Succeeding with small cell
053909 05/11/14 18:27 26   Re: evolution
053914 05/11/14 18:33 32   Re: Succeeding with small cell

For those wondering where I have disappeared to, I have given up on BEE-L for now -- at least until my last message, which was refused by the BEE-L moderator, is approved.  The post seems quite level and polite to me, but maybe I'm wrong.  It seems reasonable to ask details from a person who reports things that others do not see.  Maybe he is in different circumstances.  We'll never know if we don't know the details behind his reports.

Here is my last BEE-L Post.  Although the article was submitted, it was rejected by the moderator and not published to the list.  The questions I ask are, in my view, quite important, given the fact that discussion was at that point seemingly dominated by a confrontive and somewhat evasive individual who made strong assertions, apparently based on his (generalized and mostly undisclosed) experience.  What evidence he did provide for his opinions in the form of citations, turned out often to be only peripherally related to his claims, or even opposing them.  Nonetheless, where there is smoke, there is often fire, and maybe he does have something.  What it is, though, is hard to tell without some clue as to where he lives, what he does, and on what scale he operates.  Thus the questions.

I accept reasonable moderation, and expect it, but this seems out of line to me, especially inasmuch as I offered to re-write the message removing anything offensive to the moderator.  Tell me if you think I should have been censored -- or not.

"We know some of the list members quite well, and their credentials.  Some we have spent quite a bit of time with, and others we have never met.  Some have been keeping bees for decades, some have thousands of hives, some have PhDs, and some work in extension or research.  Some are hobbyists, some are newbies, and some are wannabees.  Some are conventional; some are, well, odd.

"Knowing a person helps understand his/her point of view and beekeeping experience, and helps when  trying to visualise his/her perspective. Some time back, I asked Joe about his locale, and the surrounding ecosystems, thinking that maybe he has an unique location that explains what he reports.

"I also asked how many hives he keeps, over what area, and for how long.  I also asked how many swarms he catches each year.  I thought that would help explain where he is coming from, and be of interest to all, especially as he is such a frequent contributor. So far, no answer.


" Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting
where you heard it.             -- Laurence J. Peter


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