Making Bee Hive Winter Wraps

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Looking at the jigs. Ironing the flat spot where the auger hole is located.  A circle of Kodel has been removed before assembly to allow pressing the two layers together.  A 3/4" hole will be cut here. Ironing the hole area.  A circle of 3/4" plywood is screwed to the table under the wrap to provide an anvil.
A close-up of ironing. The flat spot is finished.  The waxed paper remains until the plastic cools.
Folding the wrap over the hinged jig to iron the back seam. The material is tucked in.
Waxed paper is placed The wire hold-down is lowered
The seam is ironed closed. The wrap is placed on a jig to iron the back of the seam. Waxed paper is placed in preparation for ironing...

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