Beehives Temperature and Humidity control

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Beehives Temperature and Humidity control

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Why does the humidity matter so much on a beehive and how do I control it?

Temperature itself doesn't affect bees so much, since they can regulate their own temperature and the beehive's temperature. On the other hand, humidity in the beehive has several negative effects on the well-being of the hive, the worst of all being that it endangers the honeybee colony living there, since with humidity levels below 50% eggs can't hatch meaning that the colony numbers will drop.

It's the 21st century, so it's time to put some technology to use, and get correct readings on temperature and humidity levels on my beehives, and I've been using a gadget manufactured by Ruuvi

I equiped every single one of my beehives with a Ruuvi Tag, and whenever I'm around I check how has the temperature and humidity been on the colonies.
The device is pretty simple to use, just get the Tag on the beehive, connect it to the app via Bluetooth on your phone and whenever you are within range you can check how the temperature and humidity has been on the previous days, since the device stores all the info that it has been reading.

This allowed me to improve the overall performance of my colonies and adapt every single beehive to have my bees confortable.
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