Bricks on Lids

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Bricks on Lids

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I know I read in the diary years ago that you used bricks as an easy way to tell the state of each hive in the yard, depending on how the brick was laid on the lid. Long ways, perpendicular to you, on its side, on end, placed diagonally, etc. Each placement had a meaning.

What was your method of placing bricks?

I recently picked up about 700 bricks at an estate sale for $20, and I was thinking about incorporating bricks as markers, especially on queen mating nucs. (mated queen, needs a cell, virgin, etc.) I'm trying to come up with a simple method that works well.
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Re: Bricks on Lids

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The meaning changed with the season and year to year, depended on what round we were doing and was personal.

We communicated the signals at our daily morning meetings.

There are many ways to signal with a signal brick: Angle to north through 360 degrees, position on lid, Brick on edge, side or on end.

(On end always meant dead or in serious need of attention).

In fall we placed a second brick on top to ensure the lids stayed on.
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