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Allen Martens
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Allen, interesting study you linked in your diary. I am not seeing the negative results the study is describing. The sample size seems much too small to give conclusive results.

I did 4 OAV this spring at 4 or 5 day intervals beginning April 15 immediately after the bees were moved out of the wintering shed. Most hives have almost as many frames of brood as bees. The largest hives have 7 to 9 frames with brood in them and many actually having 7 to 9 frames of brood. Not what I would expect if OAV was having substantial negative effects.

Full disclosure. I manufacture and sell a commercial OAV unit.
Allen Dick
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Agreed. I probably should have commented further, and I just now revised the May 12th article considerably as not all readers may be as critical as you or I.

Personally, I always find even a small study that contradicts larger, more robust studies -- or what we ourselves observe -- to be very interesting, but some people believe everything or anything they read, so I am not offering that link without comment now.

As I sometimes mention, I often revise earlier posts to clarify comments and update links, etc. However I try not to alter the record of events or my thoughts at the time much if at all. I find my mistakes and misconceptions to be at least as interesting as my successes.

BTW, you are welcome to mention more about your device here. I'm sure we are all interested.
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