Forum Reminder -- Sent to All Listed Forum Members

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Forum Reminder -- Sent to All Listed Forum Members

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You are listed as having visited the honeybeeworld forum in the past ten years.

The forum became inactive for a while years ago, but has again been active for a few years now. Some old members have returned, some have not.

As routine maintenance, shortly all usernames and registrations which have not been active in the last two years will be deleted.

We will be pruning old, unused memberships, so if you have not been here lately and wish to maintain forum membership, please visit in the next few days and sign in. If for any reason you are unable to sign in, please use the options on the forum to retrieve passwords or request assistance -- or simply register again.

If you are no longer interested, you need not do anything. Your membership will be deleted and you will not hear from us again.

If you have been an active member of the forum recently, please disregard this message. Your forum membership will not change.

Thank you for visiting
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