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New Users

Posted: February 28th, 2011, 7:31 pm
by Allen Dick
I just okayed some new users. For all I know, they could be 'bots from their handles. I much prefer real names partly for that reason.

I have the board set up so that the first post anyone makes goes to moderation before members see it (I think, but won't know until someone tries to do something funny).

Anyhow, they can now post. I hope they are real people, but if they are not, they may try to post spam. Moderation should catch them -- I think it will -- but if it does not, we may see some garbage before I delete it. Warning: don't click on any links unless you think you know the writer and the post is appropriate to this forum.

At one time, I had to shut this board due to spam, and it took me a long time to get around to fully restoring it, but hopefully things are under control now.

It would be nice to have more beekeepers posting here. Tell your friends.

New Moderator

Posted: April 16th, 2016, 9:14 am
by Allen Dick
On occasion, new members have had to wait days to have messages approved since I was unaware that the messages were awaiting approval. phpBB, the software behind this board does not notify moderators of waiting messages.

While trusted regulars are unmoderated and their posts go straight to the board, new members are moderated for a few initial posts just to make sure they are human, polite, sane, and writing about bees, not some product or obsession. At one time this was a very active board but I shut it down for a while due to SPAM. Later, I cleaned out the dross and reactivated it, but it never has been the same.

I know the registration process is a nuisance and it seems that many new people do not respond to the email sent as part of the registration process. As a result the registration does not complete. I found ten incomplete registrations in the admin bucket today, some going back months.

Clicking the link in that email is essential, to verify that the email and person is valid and if that is not done, the person is not registered. Sometimes that email goes to the spam folder and people who do not check their spam never see it, or if they do, they do not understand it.

To date, I have been the sole moderator, and sometimes I do not check the board for days. Sometimes I am away. As of today, however, we have a new moderator who will check for waiting posts daily and that means when I am away, as I will be offshore and out of touch for a while in the coming weeks, someone will be approving posts.

As always, moderators do not change your words. Your messages will either be approved in their entirety, just as you send them -- or rejected. If they are rejected, you will be told why and asked to resubmit. So far, I don't think that has ever happened, but if emotions run high, it could.

Our policy is not to edit your words (other than subject lines). To date, we do not delete posts once on the board. and that has not been necessary. In the case we see posts that break the law or common decency, that policy will change and the offender put on moderation or banned STAT.

Re: New Users

Posted: June 16th, 2016, 9:34 am
by johnogaunt
Registration email activation again had to retreived from my spam folder .Please warn others in the application stage that this is a likely event.