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Prove You Are Not a 'Bot

Unread post by honeybee »

This forum is moderated to prevent spam and 'bots posting dangerous URLs, not to slow down beekeepers or control topics or censor discusssion. The only limits here are that we don't permit slander or attacking researchers or others. (Disagreeing politely with others or challenging their ideas is not "attacking", BTW).

If you can prove you are not a 'bot by writing me or by making a few good posts, I'll add you to the white list so posts go straight through. Sometimes it is hard to know who is who, so rather than using "handles", real names or something close works best for me. Sigs with real names and locations are appreciated, too.

'honeybee" is of course the admin, AKA Allen Dick
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Re: Prove You Are Not a 'Bot

Unread post by Allen Dick »

I checked users awaiting approval and all I see is names that make no sense. How about "MarionMallard132201"? Is that you? Are you a beekeeper?

Anyhow I am still figuring this board out, but as I understand it, all a new user needs to do is register and post a message. It will show up for moderation the first time and I will approve it and you are good to go.

Sometimes it takes me a day or more to think to check the queue, so you can write me from the diary page links if you find I am not responding. I don't mind.

Otherwise, am I going to approve "MarionMallard132201"? No way.
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