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Read This Before You Register

Posted: April 16th, 2016, 9:22 am
by Allen Dick
After you register you will get an email from the server to verify your address and that you can read email from the server, implying you are human.

You MUST click on the link in that email or your registration halts and waits until I notice or you find the email and click the link.

Sometimes that email goes to the spam folder and people who do not check their spam never see it, or if they do, they do not understand it.

I know the registration process is a nuisance and it seems that many new people do not respond to the email sent as part of the registration process. As a result the registration does not complete. I found ten incomplete registrations in the admin bucket today, some going back months.

Clicking the link in that email is essential, to verify that the email and person is valid and if that is not done, the person is not registered.

Checking the spam folder once a day is a smart thing to do, regardless. Spam filters are very good, but have a failure rate and it is not unusual to find valuable email in there at least once a month and occasionally several all at once. Relationships have been destroyed by lost email.

Just sayin'