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I have recently become infected with Ransom-Ware. Apparently “stopper@india.com” is particularly bad. The original attack vector came in through a piece of spam on my server and infected the server. Please don't search for "stopper@india.com" as 90% of the sites that report back in Google search are infected with this Ransom-Ware. I infected a couple of computers looking for a solution to this problem. It does affect Windows machines and Linux machines through the browsers. I suspect that Mac's will suffer the same if infected. It is the single worst Malware of any kind that I have seen in 25 years.

The best defence is ensuring that you have an up to date " offline backup". Any backup that is connected to the computer in any form including map drives will be encrypted and rendered useless.

Malwarebytes AntiRansomware appears to stop it from coming in, at least in the Limited testing that I've done. I have run antivirus on an infected machines while it was encrypting the hard drive and three different antiviruses couldn't detect it.

Please be extra diligent and cautious.
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Re: Ransomware

Unread post by BadBeeKeeper »

Well, that sucks. And, yeah, if it will do for Linux, it will do for Macs too.
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