Garlic cloves in honey

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Garlic cloves in honey

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Don't know where I heard about it but it sounded good so I peeled a pint of garlic cloves, which was even less fun than I imagined!, and drowned them in warmed honey. Then I went on line to see why I was doing this and found it is a cold treatment. The build up they gave on this stuff made me think that if you just added propolis, you could raise the dead.

What other things do I have to try making with honey? I have ginger in mind as soon as I get some to peel.
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Re: Garlic cloves in honey

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Honey mustard is popular. So are preserves made with honey and honey with fruit chunks.

Personally, I seldom eat hotcakes, but the best syrup, as good as or better than maple syrup IMO, is diluted honey. Diluted honey tastes entirely different from honey.
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