Zelensky: Most Dangerous and Reckless Man

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Zelensky: Most Dangerous and Reckless Man

Unread post by Countryboy »

In your diary, you posted an article about Zelensky.
Volodymyr Zelensky: The Most Reckless and Dangerous Man in the World
https://vasko.substack.com/p/volodymyr- ... DQYnro&s=r

The problem is, it's Russian propaganda.
It does not take great strategic acumen to realize that trying to put up a no-fly zone over Ukraine – whose airspace is now controlled by the Russians – would inevitably lead to a direct clash with the military assets of the Russian Federation.

Zelensky is thus, in effect, asking that the United States – as well as other NATO nations – enter into a shooting war in Russia.

What Zelensky is in reality calling for is World War III. Such a war could very quickly escalate into a nuclear confrontation between Russia and the West. With both sides armed with thousands of nuclear warheads, this kind of conflict would result in a fathomless death toll and would almost certainly end the world as we know it.
Absolute BS. Remember the Korean War? How many fighter jets did Russia provide to North Korea?
What about the Vietnam War? Soviet pilots flying Soviet fighter jets in a shooting war with the USA. Over 1200 US planes got shot down by Russians.

It didn't escalate to a nuclear war back then, and it wouldn't now. There is not one button that Putin gets to push to launch a nuclear war. Several Russian leaders all have to agree to a nuclear strike, and they are not suicidal.
As Ukraine’s leader, he kept arrogantly dismissing Russia’s legitimate security concerns. As you may know, Russia has for years vigorously objected to and warned against NATO expansion to its doorstep in Ukraine. Russia’s was a completely justified and reasonable demand.
It's not a justified or reasonable demand.

Russia's exclave of Kaliningrad (historically German, ie Koenigsburg...so why aren't the Russians giving it back to Germany?) is surrounded by the NATO countries of Lithuania and Latvia. NATO member Estonia shares a border with the Russian mainland.

No nukes or missile defenses are in the Baltics. Just because a country is a NATO member doesn't mean there are going to be nukes on Russia's backdoor, or missiles aimed at Moscow.
He even started talking about Ukraine obtaining its own nuclear weapons, presumably so that he could teach the Russians a lesson in power politics.
That's a lie. Zelensky never talked about Ukraine obtaining its own nuclear weapons.

After Russia invaded, Zelensky said that Russia would not have invaded if Ukraine still had the nuclear weapons they voluntarily gave up (in exchange for security assurances) and that in hindsight, it was a bad move on Ukraine's part since the other signatories have not defended Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty.
When the incursion finally occurred, he was clearly caught by surprise. His subsequent behavior further exposed his lack of judgment when in the days that followed, he bitterly complained that Biden and NATO were not coming to his aid. The inexperienced and gullible man that he is, he apparently believed that if his country was ever attacked, western powers would promptly dispatch their militaries to fight the Russians in Ukraine.
Well, you know, the US, Britain, and Russia all signed a legal document agreeing to protect Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. They also agreed they would never threaten or use military force or economic coercion against Ukraine. In exchange for promising to protect Ukraine, Ukraine gave up the world's 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in 1994. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budapest_ ... Assurances
Zelensky could quickly end this conflict by agreeing to the sensible terms proposed by Russia.
Russia has not proposed ANY sensible terms. The ONLY sensible terms would be Russia withdrawing ALL forces from Luhansk, Donetsk, and Crimea (including abandoning the Black Sea naval port of Sevastopol) and paying to repair all damage done to Ukraine.

It would also be reasonable for Russia to forfeit part of its land which borders Ukraine as an additional penalty.
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Re: Zelensky: Most Dangerous and Reckless Man

Unread post by Allen Dick »

I post interesting articles and do not necessarily agree with them. Frankly I don't agree with much.

As my disclaimer states, " Disclaimer
Don't believe anything you see here without doing your own due diligence. The content of this diary is written for my own amusement and edification and nobody should take any of it seriously or assume I endorse or believe anything presented in these pages.  Just to be clear, to my mind most of what humanity does is just passing time and verges on the insane."
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