Using Formic Acid

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Using Formic Acid

Unread post by MikeB » September 3rd, 2019, 8:58 am

As this is my first post let me introduce myself. I apologize if there is an area for introductions or if I am asking a question which has already been answered.

I have been keeping bees for about 8 years and am located in the state of Indiana in the U.S.A
In the past I have tried various methods of varroa mite control with varying degrees of success. Cost is naturally a factor which I consider, but efficacy is also important. I have used the commercially prepared formic acid treatments and they are quite pricey. From some of my research it appears you can make your own with acid diluted to 65% and used to saturate pads. In the commercial ones like MAQS they recommend placing the treatment in the lower brood box. From some of the information I have gathered it appears people are using a vaporizing tray on the top of the hive. The vapors are heavier than air so in my mind they would sink. Also, the bees actively ventilate the hive. So, what I am asking is from your experience what is an effective method to make and apply your own formic acid treatment? Thank you.

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