Queen Rearing
at Fairview College

College Beekeeping Buildings and Queen Yard

College Beekeeping Building (left centre)
Queen yard (fenced at right) &
wintering building (right rear)

Cell Builder Colonies

Cell Building colonies inside
the fenced queen yard (above)

Nice Cells!

Nice Cells!

Nice Cells!


AJ at work cutting cells

A.J. cutting cells from bars
& placing them
in a foam rubber carrier tray

Cells are carried in a picnic cooler

Ripe cells are carried in
Foam blocks in a styro picnic cooler
with a hot water bottle under them

Making mating nucs

Two-way mating nucs are made in
the field from larger colonies

A mated queen ready to introduce with a push-in cage

Here's the finished product...
A mated queen

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