What you see at 640x480

What you see at 800x600

What you see at 1152x864

Hey folks!  If you have a reasonably new machine and a 17" monitor (or even a 15" monitor), right click on your desktop (an empty screen with no programs showing) and choose "Properties", then the "Settings" tab.  Move the "Screen Resolution" slider to the right one notch and press the 'OK" button.  While you are at it, check the "Color Quality" dropdown list beside the slider and make sure you have at least "16 bit" selected.   In the third picture (above), most users would likely increase the active window size, but I've shown it small so you can see how much more you can get on the screen, just by increasing resolution.

After the change in resolution, don't panic or rush to judge, unless it is really awful.  Any change will look small at first, but try it for a while before giving up.  You'll get to like it, and -- trust me -- your eyes do adjust.

FWIW,  I'm running 1152 x 864, at 32 bit depth. You'll notice I use the Opera browser for most of my web work.  I do have Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), though and also Phoenix

(Added Nov 2003) My favourite browser is now MYIE2.  It's free and installs over Microsoft Internet Explorer, giving MSIE a much nicer user interface.  Opera is still very good, though, and fast.