Installing Package Bees into Nucs Indoors
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  • Everything is set up in a dark building with red lights only

  • A pallet of packages

  • A 4-pound package of bees

  • 2 nucs waiting with frames removed

  • 1/2 package (2 pounds) shaken into each nuc.

  • It's hard to get the last bees out.

  • Bees are climbing the outside frames.

  • Middle frames go back into the nucs

  • A queen cage goes onto the top bars, candy exposed, screen down over a slot

  • Screen goes on top.  Entrances are plugged.

  • Nucs are stacked onto pallets and pushed into a dark ventilated store room

  • After all the bees have climbed up off the bottom of the nuc, several
    cups of 67% sugar syrup are introduced thru the entrance hole.

  • Looks like some backsplash.  I think he overdid it.

    Photos courtesy Joe Meijer

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