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 December 2018





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Background image - Looking south on December 1st


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     Saturday December 1st 2018
225.6  6.4

6.4 225.4

Today Cloudy. Snow beginning this morning. Fog patches dissipating this morning. Amount 5 cm. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 2. Wind chill near minus 8.
Tonight Snow. Amount 5 cm. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 7. Wind chill near minus 12.

I'm up at 0745. This is the second night lately that I have used the sleep mask and again I slept an hour less but am feeling fresh.  I think it must be making a difference. 

When sleeping, I half-wake a number of times during the night and if there are lights from the window, the devices and clock in the room, I think that they distract me and I rouse more than if it is completely dark. I have also not been drinking any alcohol at all and that may be a factor, too. 

As much as I like a drink, it seems to not be good  for me at times and I tend to not be a halfway person, so my decision last year to quit was probably the best and revisiting the question merely confirms that conclusion.

 It seems we're overcast and headed into a colder trend.

I see my stag is back in the yard.

Today is another day of planning and figuring.  When done, I'll order the components and see how long it takes to get them here and installed.

I ran a benchmark test on the Samsung.  Interesting.  I may need to fiddle a bit more.

UserBenchmarks: Game 11%, Desk 36%, Work 15%
CPU: Intel Core i5 M 480 - 34.4%
GPU: Intel HD Graphics (Arrandale 0.667/0.766 GHz) - 0.6%
SSD: Spcc Solid State Disk 512GB - 54.9%
RAM: Samsung M471B5273CH0-CF8 1x4GB - 16.9%
MBD: Samsung QX310/QX410/QX510/SF310/SF410/SF510

Well, maybe I do need more sleep.  Today was not too productive.  I did some research, did not walk, and generally accomplished little.  I also had a bit of indigestion.

I did realise, though, that even if I only get the gas and venting done and the ductwork is incomplete, a furnace will work to maintain heat, so I need to get going on that an worry less about ducts.

I obsessed a bit about new laptops and  came close to ordering some top-rated machines but was reluctant to order some models for fear of the Canada Post strikes and backlogs and deterred from other attractive-looking machines that come by courier by questionable reviews that made me wonder.

My first choice costs $1,500 and I have paid that much for a laptop before and not regretted it, but it is a bit over my budget.  It has a 500GB SSD and an i7-8565U processor plus 16GB RAM.  For $500 less, I get 128GB SSD, an Kaby Lake i7-8550U and 8GB.

Any of these will do the job, but which will last me longer? Obviously the more costly one, but If I invest for the future, what is to say I won't drop it or otherwise kill it in a year or two? 

Actually, this old Samsung is still plenty fast enough after the $100 SSD upgrade. and it was manufactured in July 2011 -- over seven years ago --and I could boost the memory to 8GB for $50 if I thought it would matter. Maybe I will.  It is easy.  Maybe I should buy another second-hand?

The Acer still works but won't drive the second monitor now, after the reinstall.  The battery worked when I unplugged earlier, but the machine went black just now when I unplugged so it is not reliable.  I've wasted enough time on it, I figure.

I was not inspired this evening, so I watched the rest of The Break.  The series has a low rating -- three stars -- but I found it excellent. The plot was intriguing and the camera work was unusual and artistic in places.

It's 2130 and I am tired, but figure I'll stay up until I am really tired.

Quote of the Day
I don't hate my enemies. After all, I made 'em.
Red Skelton

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     Sunday December 2nd 2018
225.6  6.4

6.9 225.4  0808AM

Today Periods of light snow ending late this morning then cloudy. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 4. Wind chill minus 8 in the morning and minus 14 in the afternoon.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 13. Wind chill near minus 16.

We had snow overnight and it is overcast again today.

I let the Acer run unplugged last night on battery alone last night and it showed critical battery warning this AM.  I plugged it in an d it is charging. 

I don't know what to make of that.  Last month, it would not run unless plugged in and would not charge.  I refreshed the O/S and that did not help, but now it seemingly has healed itself?  Can I trust it?  It still refuses to se the second monitor.

Computer failure is traumatic when I have work to do that requires a laptop with screen area for research. Even with a backup machine at hand, the loss of one is a worry and remedial action is very time-consuming. I spent a lot of time looking at potential replacements and could not decide what I really need. 

What confuses me is that this seven-year old Samsung with 4 GB RAM and an aging i5-480M 2-core processor @2.67 GHz  is more than adequate now that I upgraded the hard drive to SSD. Just the same, I ordered another 4GB of DDR4 memory last night on Amazon Prime for $54.  Maybe the old Hitachi drive was failing without any messages? 

The three-year old Acer R3-131T_1022_1.17, with a Pentium 4-core N3700 @1.6 GHz, 4GB DDR3, and a conventional 5400 RPM drive is fast enough , too, when it is working right. 

Samsung benchmark                                   Acer benchmark

Neither is cutting edge, but both are reasonably quick ands can drive an external 21-inch monitor without breaking a sweat, too -- except the Acer now cannot seem to find its external monitor in spite of my exhaustive efforts to find a solution and that is a major issue.  Apparently that is a common Windows 10 issue.

I'm learning more than I want to know about computers due to the HDMI issue on the Acer.  I've been Googling and tweaking the registry for hours  I came across a few useful things along the way, though.  One is a the Intel Driver & Support Assistant.  So far it found nothing on the Samsung, but did find 145MB of Bluetooth and Wireless improvements for the Acer  that had not shown up on Windows Update.

Carolyn and I went for a walk and found there is a good six inches of light snow in the ground and drifting in spots.  That complicates matters for getting in and out and for taking deliveries.  I'm glad I brought the tractor inside since I'll be able to start it.  Whether i can climb the grade to get out is another question since it is front heavy and the rear wheels lose traction on a hill.

I'm back at the heating project and contemplating how many BTUs I need to prevent freeze-up during the minus forty days and nights that happen periodically. The coldest months are December, January, and February.  That is when the nights are longest and solar gain is least.  Minus twenty-five happens at least once every year and I have to design for minus forty.

At minus forty, what indoor temperature do I want to maintain?  At least plus five, I would think for the safety of the pipes and the plants, not to consider comfort.  Comfort demands plus twenty, so that would mean a differential of sixty Celsius degrees, so I'll design for that and assume that we should exceed the plus five minimum, worst case.

Spending time on these pages shows that experiencing minus thirty-five for at least a day is high probable at some point every year, so to maintain 20 C indoors, we are looking at a 60 C differential.

From my records, in the past 102 output BTU/ per hour was used on average in December/January/February, but that is average -- day, night, sunny, overcast, windy, clam, extremely cold and mild spell. I'll need double that to be safe. 

There are calculators online. This one thinks I need 432,000 BTU

Frost Fighter thinks I need a 210,000 heater but will only use (extrapolating) 125,000 BTUs.  Really? I like than better than 432K.

This one says,

For an average insulated structure and a sixty-degree differential
You will need 263,520 BTU/hour or 77,230 watt.

With poor insulation and air leaks, this:
You will need 553,392 BTU/hour or 162,183 watt.

Or, just to keep the indoors at 10 C in minus forty weather,
You will need 201,600 BTU/hour or 59,083 watt.

So, what do I really know from this?  Nothing I did not think I knew already.

I think, and have for some time, I need 250,000 BTUs minimum to be safe.  That is two high efficiency furnaces and I like having two for redundancy.  Most days, only one needs to work.

Quote of the Day
The learned man knows that he is ignorant.
Victor Hugo

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Monday December 3rd 2018
225.4  6.8 805

Today Cloudy with 30 percent chance of light snow early this morning. Clearing late this morning. Wind becoming west 20 km/h late this morning. High minus 5. Wind chill minus 10 in the morning and minus 17 in the afternoon. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Clear. Wind west 20 km/h becoming light this evening. Low minus 16. Wind chill near minus 20.

My first job today is to plow snow, I think.  I can't do anything much until I can come and go, and the job must be done sooner or later.  The forecast doesn't indicate the day will get warmer, but there may be some sun after lunch.  I might as well start now.

I went to sleep after midnight again and was up at eight. 

The sleep mask seems to be helpful at night but I don't have the benefit of gradually brightening day to help me wake up slowly in the morning and with the mask, awaken groggy.  There are always other cofounding factors, so reaching a definite conclusion is difficult. After all, I was thinking I might need the mask and that was due to unusual sleep disturbances. I sleep quite sounding when I take daytime naps even in full daylight, so the jury is still out.

I worked intensively on the furnace plans last evening and this morning I remembered to consider return air. It seems my mind continued working as I slept.

Return air is an important factor to think about when planning forced air layout that I had not been thinking too much about. The existing system has ducts, but also relies on air returning from the south section through doorways. I'm also realizing that I have only twelve days until I am scheduled to fly east.  I need to get things done.  Computer issues distracted me and ate up time and attention but I figure I need the computers to research.

Anyone else might just have called a heating company to come and do an install but I like to know what the options are, especially when in a complex place like this and when such large heating load is contemplated.  This place is not your typical house or commercial space. Budget is also a consideration.

The road grader had thrown up a swath of thick, dirty, salty snow, totally blocking my driveway, at least for today's plastic vehicles. In years past, cars or trucks could muscle through such barriers, but these day, air dams and bumpers are flimsy and fragile.

So, I cannot come or go and neither can the mail, and I have to deal with it.  The tractor is one solution.  The blower is another.  Shoveling is out of the question except for the walk. Both the tractor and blower take about the same amount of time, more or less, and each has its pluses and minuses.

I decided to  look at reassembling the snow blower first since I have been putting the job off for too long and it figured should be simple.  I had almost finished putting it back together some time ago but was interrupted.  Having the blower working would be helpful for getting the tractor out of the shop since the tractor is snowed in. 

Replacing the wheel drive belt took me until three.  Clearing the driveway took until four.

The snow blower reassembly job was straightforward except that a belt tensioner seemed a bit out of alignment and I inferred that was the probable cause of the belt failure, so had to remedy that or risk another belt and another repair.  It took me a while to figure out how to align it and then replace the guard, but I did and the blower worked flawlessly for an hour so I consider it repaired.

While I was working, I listened to 'You Are Not So Smart', an audio book about how humans think.

Listening to the talk about framing, fallacies, procrastination and how we are not conscious of these things, but realised I am and think about them constantly.  That is why I question everything and doubt what we all claim to believe. 

Looking back we see that what humans have believed and done in the past does not make sense by our sensibilities and I am quite sure that our  thoughts and actions would hardly stand up to theirs.

I got a lot of exercise clearing the driveway. I suppose I could have used the tractor, but this snow is light and I wanted to test the blower. Besides, the tractor started once, but then refused to go again, so my mind was made up: blow until the tractor battery charged. Once started, as is often the case with exercise, it felt so good I did not want to stop.  Plus, I need the exercise and the blower does not leave swaths that drift back in the way the plow does. 

I may use the tractor later for the back yard. I have decided to get more coal and not depend on gas to carry the load until I have proven it can.  I'm still uncertain what my peak heating load will be.  I also learned today that I do not have to go east as planned since Mom may be in a rehab exercise facility for a month.

Now it is after four and still daylight.  I'm damp, weary, snow encrusted, and too keyed up to do much except relax.  It was hot work  out there in the sun and minus seven Celsius (+20F) weather with my long underwear and snowsuit and toque. Maybe I'll shower and change.  Maybe I'll go to town.

The hearing centre called and my hearing aid is in.  I'll go in tomorrow morning at eleven.  That should be interesting.

What will I have for supper? Turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, as it turned out.  next, I sat and looked around the living room and enjoyed the plants.  I've been pretty driven for a while and this exertion today snapped me out of it.  That, and the news that I don't have to fly out on the the 15th.

I called a few friends and was invited to supper some night and a birthday party.  Bill reminded me about using a boiler and fan coils for heat rather than forced air furnaces, and old idea I had abandoned.

After all the time I spent looking at forced air furnaces, I am getting back to looking at boilers and fan coils again.  They don't need duct work and are very flexible. I can place a fan coil tight in the existing furnace for that matter and use both alternately, or even at the same time.  Change of direction?  Again.

Some of my larger plants

After listening to the talking book this afternoon I'm realizing that I am unusual in more than how I think. Who else do you know who lives alone in a four-room school, has a pet coal furnace, kept bees for a living, owns four live-aboard sized sailboats in four distant locations and has 100-year old mother.  Oh, yes, and the plants... I think I must be eccentric.

Hmmmm.  It is 10:10 PM and I see the Acer is downloading Windows 1809.  That is the notorious, troublesome Fall Update, first released in September (09) of 2018 (18). Should I prepare for more computer problems?

At 10:45 PM:  Uh oh. I see that the Samsung is downloading 1809, too, now.  Let's hope that M$ has worked out the bugs and that at least one of these computers works tomorrow. 

I was going to wait up to see how it works out, but the Acer is still only 58% installed and it is 11:49. 


Quote of the Day
There is a better way for everything. Find it.
Thomas A. Edison

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Tuesday December 4th 2018

Today Sunny. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud this afternoon. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 5. Wind chill minus 20 in the morning and minus 10 in the afternoon. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Mainly cloudy. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 12. Wind chill minus 12 in the evening and minus 18 overnight.

I woke up at 0425 and realised that I am not going back to sleep, so got up, made coffee and eggs and watched the computers finish the 1809 setup. Amazingly, it worked without hitches on both machines.

 I slept only about four hours, so may go back to bed in a while. 

I find that I am feeling great and somehow am relaxed and excited at the same time. 

The exercise yesterday assisted in some sort of breakthrough, physical and mental.  I've been too inactive and lost in abstract work.  Getting physical and dealing with the blower reassembly and clearing the driveway was good therapy.  It is amazing how much longer a day is when I'm active and not lost in mental work.

The news that I don't have to travel east on the 15th came as a relief. The heating problem has preoccupied me and that deadline was hanging over me.  Now I have more time and I have also had some conceptual breakthroughs.  Oddly, the significant breakthrough was to revert to reexamining a previous plan.

Getting the computers working properly helped too, even though the smaller one still does not recognize the second monitor through the HDMI.  These issues were affecting my ability to do books and do research.  I have ordered an USB to VGA adapter, though, so maybe that will fix that monitor issue.  Maybe not.

The 1809 upgrade went well and that was another overhanging worry since that major Windows upgrade could have decided to come anytime without warning and if it was troublesome, could have shut me down for hours or days.

Spotify is learning my tastes.  At first it was just repeating what I had been listening to, but now it is finding new material that better fit my tastes.  It misses sometimes, though and I have to give a piece thumbs down and that ensures I won't hear it again -- and probably the logic proportionately down-votes anything else that other listeners who dislike that number have blackballed. I assume there is an algorithm for that.  By the same token, it pays to 'like' anything I especially enjoy and would like to hear again.  I can always kill it later.

I see the Acer is puffing and panting doing next to nothing except playing Spotify.  System is using 99% CPU and up to 97% disk on and off. I assume Windows is sorting out the changes from the upgrade.  I hope it finishes at some point.  The Samsung isn't breaking a sweat at 28% CPU and 2% disk while I work.  I wonder what is up with the Acer.

Acer Task Manager image.

It's 0655 and I'm going back to bed.

I slept until 0845. I see now that The Acer finished whatever internal adjustments it was up to and is idling at low power and low usage.

At eleven, I was in Three hills, at my hearing appointment.  We spent almost two hours setting up these hearing aids.  They cost more than my Merc, but they are pretty good and are very programmable. 

The only issue is that they do not yet stream audio with Android.  Apparently they do with iPhones. That could be a deal breaker since the feature I wanted that justified the cost in my mind  was to be able to listen to apps on my phone through them.

I bought groceries and a bottle of pinot grigio and drove home.  I was not very motivated and played around with the hearing aids and computers and  things but could not focus on work.

I lay down for a nap and dozed a bit.  Then I had supper, drank the bottle of wine, made popcorn and watched the rest of The Runner, a Nicholas Cage flick I had started a long time ago,  It was okay, I guess.

Then I began I Could Never Be Your Woman.  I'm not sure why, but I watched over half of it before I got bored and went to bed.  Must have been the wine. It was pretty bad and revolved around formulaic expectations about relationships, age, and self image that are a standard US cultural mindset promulgated by vapid 'reality' TV, 'entertainment' shows, game shows and magazines.  Sad and puzzling, but full of eye candy.

Quote of the Day
It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important,
 but how much money you make when you're right
and how much you lose when you're wrong
George Soros

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Wednesday December 5th 2018

225.4  6.2 

Today Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries this morning then a mix of sun and cloud. Local blowing snow this morning. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this morning. High minus 5. Wind chill minus 20 in the morning and minus 7 in the afternoon. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Clear. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 20. Wind chill minus 15 in the evening and minus 24 overnight.

I slept in until eight and got up.  I'm more focused today. Yesterday I was distracted and weary.

I killed a few hours at the desk and then Carolyn and I went walking.  A light snow was falling.  She has cut back her medications and has more energy and walks faster, but we only did two blocks, not the three we were doing not so long ago.

I can't believe how cavalier doctors are about prescribing medications.  After the last doctor visit, she was taking so much that she could hardly walk and had an upset stomach.  The dose was six (6) times what she was taking a few months ago and three times what seemed to be ideal a few months ago.

In this case exercise is just as good a solution, but if people won't exercise, doctors prescribe pills. The problem is that the pills make a person unable to exercise.  Catch 22.

I'm not getting much done today. With the pressure off, I am getting back to being myself.

I am enjoying the hearing aids, but research is also showing that these are cost twice what similar devices from Costco are priced at.  Also, they do not stream to Android without a second device and I am not sure I want that. I may decide to return them.

That said, they definitely make listening to radio and music much more enjoyable.  I can hear the cymbals and snare drums now, plus the higher pitched voices are clearer.   Doing things around the house is interesting: I hear the floor squeak, papers rustle, keyboard clattering, and water running and pouring more clearly.

Having a fast computer with two screens is treat, too, and I am catching up.

By five, I was ready for supper.  I cooked a salmon fillet, broccoli, cauliflower and sat down.

After, I was without inspiration.  I am backing off. I can do anything but I don't want to. I drove to Three Hills and bought two bottles of the cheapest pinot grigo. The idea was that I would only drink one and save the second.

Who am I kidding??  I'm doing a deep dive into myself. Can I predict where it will end?  Yes and no.  I know myself and I don't.  That's the point.

Being suddenly able to hear well is like being born again. It is shocking.  Disorienting. I have aural spatial awareness again.  It is like being able to see again after fading vision (that too).

Quote of the Day
The greater your capacity to love,
the greater your capacity to feel the pain.
Jennifer Aniston

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Thursday December 6th 2018

6.0  225.4  0845

Today Sunny. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 12. Wind chill minus 27 in the morning and minus 15 in the afternoon. Risk of frostbite. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Clear. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 20. Wind chill minus 16 in the evening and minus 24 overnight.

Several items from Amazon appeared in my mail this morning, including an air speed device for measuring the air flow in my ducts (or wind speed), a USB monitor driver for the Acer, and 8GB of RAM for the Samsung.

The monitor driver worked well after the drivers were installed and the machine rebooted, so now I am back to my four display setup.  I find that handy for working on things like books since I can have statements open on one large monitor and the accounting program open on another at the same time.  It is far easier than having to Alt + Tab back and forth.  The smaller displays are harder to see, but useful for multi-tasking.

I'll install the memory shortly, but Windows wants to restart and I'll do that first.

*    *    *     *    *

Well, the new memory does not work.  I don't know why.  It was supposed to be the right type as far as I can tell.  Both the original stick (top) and the new one (bottom) are at right.

I see the plow has been by again and the driveway has drifted in a bit, so I think I'll go out and clear that up while it is sunny  It is up to minus twelve right now, so this is the time to do it.

I went out and tried pushing through the drifts with the tractor and gave up. 

I got out the blower and it did the job, but it took a bit of muscle and pushing to cut the drifts.  Maybe the job would have been easier if I had dealt with the drifts as soon as they formed, but at any rate, they were pretty hard.  The blower had to work to break up the chunks.

I brushed off the Merc and drove it to a new spot. The summer tires just spun until I placed the strips of carpet I carry for such occasions (left) behind the wheels and was able to simply drive out.

I pulled out my Lenovo laptop that quit working some time back and notice it has 8GB and a 500GB SSD.  I had forgotten.

After my initial fascination with the hearing aids and wearing them all day yesterday and listening to Spotify all evening, today I did not wear them once. I may put them in tonight for a while.  We'll see.  I'm thinking now that they are a pretty expensive item if I only wear them on occasion.

I notice that both computers are very busy since the last upgrade.  'System' is very active.  The 1809 upgrade added features to Photos app and it is busy rifling through my photos and making stupid albums and things in the background.  I think the indexer is also busy in idle time.  I really don't much like my computers doing things I haven't asked for, but what can I do?

I set out to return the memory and the adaptor to Amazon and the job looks easy.  I also ordered an external DVD/CDROM drive while I was at it. They come in handy for installing legacy software sometimes.

I have not worn the hearing aids today.  As with many must-have items, the shine is wearing off.,  I'll have to try them when I am in a room with others , but I recall buying the Spot Messenger after wanting one for a long time and researching in intensively, using a few times and now it just sits, unloved.  I bought bifocals twice and now I don't even know where they are.

"Our desires always disappoint us; for though we meet with something that gives us satisfaction, yet it never thoroughly answers our expectation." -- Elbert Hubbard

"The anticipation is worth more than the reward".

I was not much inspired this evening and watched Madam Secretary until midnight.  Somehow, I find myself watching series that revolve around fictional US government personnel. 

Quote of the Day
You must not fight too often with one enemy,
or you will teach him all your art of war.
Napoleon Bonaparte

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Friday December 6th 2018

Today Mainly sunny. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 6. Wind chill minus 28 in the morning and minus 8 in the afternoon. Risk of frostbite. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Clear. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 19. Wind chill minus 11 in the evening and minus 23 overnight.

I slept until nine and woke to a bright, sunny, cold day. The house was cool and the thermometer said fifty.  Checking in the bin, I saw a chunk of coal had hung up the sensor ball.  That's a bit of a fluke.  I had lowered the auger to use up the last bit of coal and as a result, the range of motion was shorter than usual and that one little chunk just did not fall down.

I have a load of coal coming tomorrow and will finish getting ready today.  I have more snow to blow and the bin to clean off.

My furnace project was paused when I decided to reconsider forced air and look at boilers again, and also figured I was no longer running against a deadline.  I'll have to get back to it again today.  In the meantime, I'm getting more coal since there is no chance I'll have a gas system set up by the 15th.

Flo knows everybody, so I called her for advice and she said that Maurice is in emergency with abdominal pains and she is there with him waiting for a diagnosis.

I had called for advice about gas fitter so she gave me a name and number. I called the number and the guy sounds like the kind of person I can work with. It sounds as if it will be a while, though.  I made a number of other calls so we'll see what happens.

I made another vegetable soup/stew this morning then went out to finish clearing snow.  The day warmed far more than predicted and the job was pleasant. I'm now ready for the load of coal. I'm a bit sorry that I'm finished the yard.  Blowing snow is a workout and therefore a mood enhancer.  I find lifting weights or walking a treadmill futile, but exercise with a purpose is fun.

Mom went into the continuing care home yesterday for some physiotherapy, so I found the number and called her. She is bored already and determined to get back on her feet soon.

She's done it before.  After being told she would never walk again after polio back in the fifties, she worked at it and walked for another sixty-some years.

She is still looking forward to my visit.  I had assumed it was off, but I guess my peaceful stay at home is over and the pressure is back on and furnace worries.

With a new load of coal, the furnace should need very little attention, but I am worried about Carolyn.  She is not walking daily. 

Today she was feeling lazy, but she needs to stay active for her own good if she expect to keep living alone in her house for long. My interest is not entirely altruistic. . I need her to be in good shape to watch over the house and the plants.

Unlike my mother who exercises daily and has as long as I remember, for my neighbour any excuse is good enough to skip it.  I confess I am not a lot different that way.

I'm expecting Fen around five and we are off to Joe's birthday party.

Bert and Fen showed up a bit earlier than expected.  I rushed out, and we drove east.  We missed the turnoff, but were there by 6:30. 

Quote of the Day
You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way,
the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.
Friedrich Nietzsche

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Saturday December 8th 2018

Today Sunny. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 4. Wind chill minus 25 in the morning and minus 6 in the afternoon. Risk of frostbite. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Clear. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 21. Wind chill minus 13 in the evening and minus 25 overnight. Risk of frostbite.

I woke at 0830 and called Tracy to see when he is coming, then went back to sleep until 0953 and woke up refreshed. I still have bad gas and digestive upset, but otherwise am fine.

Tracy brought the coal. Carolyn and I went for a walk, and now I am getting ready to go to Jean's.

I drove to Red Deer and pulled into Costco to meet up with Jean.  When I arrived,  she had just left, but I went in and bought a pizza for supper anyhow.  Then I drove to Birch Bay, arriving just after she got there.

We had supper, visited a bit and called it a day.  I watched some video, before bed, but, as always, had issues with the Internet here.   This area is badly served by all providers.  Being a summer and weekend village, good coverage and adequate bandwidth does not seem to be a priority for any provider.

Quote of the Day
The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.
Ralph Nader

Yesterday's post

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Sunday December 9th 2018

Today Sunny. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 6. Wind chill minus 25 in the morning and minus 8 in the afternoon. Risk of frostbite. UV index 1 or low.
Tonight Clear. Increasing cloudiness after midnight. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 15. Wind chill near minus 19.

The day is bright and sunny. 

I brought the Samsung this time.  It is bigger and bit heavier than the Acer, but a better machine and is working well. I have lost faith in the Acer after its recent shenanigans.

I had some worries about the Samsung battery since it tended to go flat on sitting, but it functioned well this time and the new SSD makes this machine fast.  All in all, the larger screen and quality keyboard make this old laptop stand out over the newer Acer. Even if the Acer is a convertible and smaller, and newer by three years, the Samsung is a quality machine.

J&C and I walked Fish (the dog) down to the beach and back.  It is exactly a mile round-trip, just like walking three blocks in Swalwell.

I returned home at noon, stopping in Sylvan for coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  I then went to Walmart, looking for a dieffenbachia, but they had almost no house plants, so I carried on and stopped at Home Depot in Red Deer where I was similarly disappointed.

I arrived home around four, checked the furnace, then showered and fiddled around for a while.  I am not ambitious at all today, or yesterday for that matter.  I've had gas and intestinal upset and a general tired feeling.  I wonder if it is the soup I made.

I turn the heat down to 55 when away and while warming the house, I measured the furnace duct flow with the new meter and get 50 feet/sec (or 300 ft/min).

That is of interest since if I am planning on using duct coils, the heat transfer depends on air flow rates,  Apparently 1000 ft/min is the max in the specs I read, so I am fine, but at slower air speeds, less heat is transferred, so I have to look further and do some engineering.

For supper, I had frozen vegetables and a bit or two of turkey and some mixed nuts.  I'm going to bed early tonight.

This visit to Jean's gave me a second chance to test the hearing aids in a hard room and with children's' voices.

The first test was at Joe's birthday party.   There, I found they helped a bit, but did not diminish the noise and ambience of a room with hard walls, floor and ceiling.  Men, women and a child were all talking, and the hearing aids helped a bit, but not too much.

Yesterday, at Birch Bay, I found they helped a bit, but echoes and noise were louder, too.  I also noticed that I forget if I am wearing them or not, so that shows they are comfortable, but also that they don't make that big a difference.

For the $6,500 retail price ($5,600 after a government contribution), I find they are not as life-changing as I had I had expected. 

The difference is not 'night and day' as I had hoped and streaming to Android is not quite ready and  for me that was the major attraction -- besides hearing my grandkids better. I can change settings in the Android app, but that has not proven very useful.  Streaming was what interested me.

If the Android streaming was available, I would be able to hear my phone in them and also listen to apps like Spotify via my hearing aid speakers.  I'm told I can now, but with an additional device to carry.

Considering, too, that I may be going east in a few days, I won't be here for the full thirty days of the trial.  So, I'm inclined to return them and wait another year until the technology is ready -- and maybe my hearing is worse. At that time, I'll also cast my net further and include Costco which is reputed to cost less than half for similar products. 

Looking on Amazon, I see some interesting Chinese versions that are probably pretty good, but lack Android connections.

Quote of the Day
Don't force your children into your ways,
for they were created for a time different from your own.

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