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 July 2018





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Background image - My crew on lunch break anchored near Gibsons


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Bee-related posts are infrequent here lately, but at one time I was very involved. Just about every topic has been covered somewhere on this site some time or another. Best bets are: 1.) check back on today's date in various previous years 2.) visit the selected topics page 3.) search this site for keywords. 4.) visit

Tuesday July 10th 2018

Today Cloudy. A few showers or thunderstorms beginning near noon. High 26. Humidex 28. UV index 3 or moderate.
Tonight Showers. Risk of a thunderstorm this evening and after midnight. Amount 10 to 20 mm. Wind becoming northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 this evening. Low 12.

I was tired this AM and slept until after eight, then got up and started dealing with the raw water pump leak   There has been water under the engine after a trip, so I need to deal with that.  It took and hour or two to connect with the various people who might help.  I won't be here, so the staff has to handle it.

I also had to deal with a credit card problem.  Yesterday my phone rang and it was President's Choice wanting to speak with Ellen. When I said she had died, the caller hung up.  I wondered if they might cancel the card I use most as she was the primary card holder, and sure enough when I tried using it at Fairway, it was refused.  That meant I had to change all the automatic payments that use that card this morning and that took a while.

I went up Beacon to the hardware store looking for a lockset for the boat and had no luck.  I was also looking for a duffle bag for the items I leave in Sidney and bought two. 

I had promised to buy Dawn a beer after work and on returning to the marina I had about an hour to do various tasks before meeting her.  We met at four-thirty and wandered up to the nearby bar.

We had one drink, then, as we left, we ran into Rick and Colin.  Dawn had to go, but the rest of us went to the Chinese buffet.  The food there is definitely food I should not eat often, but it is excellent.

I returned to the boat after and resumed packing.  A while later, Colin came by and we chatted until I had to call it a day and get to bed.  I had to be up at three to pack to catch my cab at 0445.

Quote of the Day
 Never play with the feelings of others, because you may win the game
 but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for life time
William Shakespeare

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Wednesday July 11th 2018

I woke up at 0300, packed, and at 0435 locked up the boat and walked to my cab at the marina entrance.  The cab came right on time.

My flight was uneventful and I arrived at YYC around 0820.  I found the shuttle and retrieved my car from Park and Jet.  Since I had seven hours until my eye appointment, I drove downtown, found parking and walked to the the Calgary Stampede.  Calgary traffic, morning and night, is awful and it took me an hour to drive a distance that should have taken ten minutes or so.

I had not been Stampeding for a few years and the Stampede has changed a bit, but not a lot. I walked around, looked at things, found the new Indian Village location, then left a bit after one to drive to the appointment at three.  While at the Stampede, I went wild and bought several slices of pizza and an ice cream cone, but did not go for any of the bizarre and more toxic sounding 'food' items on offer.  These fast carbs were far enough from my ideal diet.

I arrived at the appointment early and they sent me right in for the visual field test.  A pressure test showed my intraocular pressure (IOP) to be 10 and 11, which is lower than any numbers I have heard and certainly not the twenty or so the Red Deer doctor had seen that had caused him to order the surgery I cancelled.  I was suspicious of the results and when I saw Dr. Ford after the preliminaries, I suggested a re-test. 

A second test came out at 14 and 15 which is more like what I expected and which are good numbers for IOP.  Apparently my eyes have not changed significantly over the past year.

IOP is just one thing to watch and I have regular scans and exams since I have been flagged as being at risk for glaucoma.  So far, I have not been told I have glaucoma, but also have not been told I don't.  Seems glaucoma is one of those spectrum conditions like diabetes. Assigning any threshold criteria would be arbitrary.  Full-blown cases are obvious, but where exactly does 'normal' end and the condition start? At any rate monitoring and controlling IOP is the best hope we have to forestall and control the condition. High Eye Pressure and Glaucoma

These appointments are a huge nuisance and unless I schedule for mid-day, require me to drive seventy-five miles each way and to be stuck in either the morning or afternoon traffic jam coming and going as the office is at the farthest corner of the city from where I live.  Today I had to fly in from Sidney and I would have preferred to have stayed there another day or two.

After that, I drove home, stopping the see Ken and Wendy and Kevin along the way.  It took me an hour just to get out of Calgary.  The rush hours there are brutal.

Quote of the Day
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Thursday July 12th 2018
6.2  219.0

Today A mix of sun and cloud. High 31. Humidex 32. UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Becoming clear this evening. Risk of a thunderstorm early this evening. Low 13.

I got up at 0730 after a good night's sleep.  I weighed in at 219, which is up ten pounds over my latest low.  Some of it may be water, but I can see that I do need to watch my diet.

The weather is beautiful and the day promises to get up to 27C.  I have some paperwork to catch up and then hope to cut some saplings to get more light in here.

I made a vegetable stew this morning so I have something to eat that is ready-made on hand.

My stew, if that is the word, is made up of vegetables and grains only. I'm finding that the idea of eating animals is less appealing more and more as time passes. I do eat the occasional burger and meat when it is on my plate and I'm still eating fish and fowl regularly, but am wondering about that.  I don't know why.  Animals don't seem to hesitate to kill and/or eat one another, but usually not their own kind, and fish merrily eat other fish, so what is holding me back?  Dunno.  I guess it is the idea that I need not model my own thoughts and behavior on others around me.

Some think that raising grains and vegetables does less violence to animals than the meat business, but we have to consider whether driving them out of large tracts of land and tilling over their burrows and poisoning, trapping or shooting them to protect crops is any less violent than raising them, then sending them to the slaughterhouse.

Then we also dislocate animals and destroy habitat to make lumber and to build houses, not to mention roads, shops, harbours...  Violence is inescapable, and that is not even considering the violence we do to our fellow humans which is very considerable.

Enough philosophizing. I'd better get back to my chores...

I did manage to get a few things done, but did not get to cutting the saplings.  I did, however, walk around and assess things.  The place is badly overgrown and I may have to hire help -- or just let it be.  I suppose can always fell the nuisance trees and leave them lie to dry out, then cut them up over time.

I see by several matted patches of grass that the deer are spending the night right close to my house.

Quote of the Day
My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.
Indira Gandhi

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Friday July 13th 2018
6.0    218.8

Today Sunny. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud near noon. Risk of a thunderstorm late this afternoon. High 33. Humidex 35. UV index 9 or very high.
Tonight Mainly cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers this evening. Showers beginning near midnight. Risk of a thunderstorm this evening and overnight. Wind south 20 km/h becoming north 40 gusting to 60 then diminishing to 20 near midnight. Low 12.

I got up at 0810, showered, had coffee, and put a wash in the machine. 

Hi Allen,
Reader of the Diary since you were Pollinating.
Here is a Link to a Phone App you may not have seen:
Not enough room on my old Note 2 to try. Time for a Pixel
Norm in PA

Fen is driving Bert to YYC as he is flying to Winnipeg for a while and then she and I are going Stampeding and then to the Ironwood afterward for some music.

Today promises to reach 33C, so the Stampede is going to be hot outdoors, but there are indoor venues, too.

Since Calgary will be 33C, I got to wondering about the weather in La Paz.  I see  there are no tropical storms on the horizon and it will reach 37C there today. 

People say La Paz is hot, but Canadian cities come close some days.  The difference is that the weather in La Paz is almost always the same day to day and seasonal variations are much less.  When Calgary may reach minus thirty some days in winter, La Paz will likely reach plus thirty that same day.


I'm here for a while.  I have not booked any flights but do plan to go east soon. I'm also looking at Cassiopeia's and Just Do It!'s schedules and considering the un-booked dates for times I should perhaps go out and check them over and do small repairs.  If I don't get on the boats and take them out for a few days now and then, little things don't get discovered and fixed.  It's one of the burdens a charter boat owner has to bear.


Just Do It!

Fen called and we decided to leave The Mill for the Stampede at three.  That should get us there around four.  By then the heat of the day will be past and we will have four hours before the event at the Ironwood begins.  Magnolia Buckskin and The Ruminates are the on the bill tonight.

I have been thinking of trimming my beard for a while now and decided that today is the day.  It is a bit of a bother and I am always of two minds about it, but got down to it. I'm told the short beard makes me look younger, not that I care, having worked hard to get this old, but I think it does tend to make me less noticeable and less like a biker, that is probably a good thing.

We arrived in Calgary around four-thirty.  Traffic was slow on the #2 highway and not too bad in town.  The  temperature in town was 35C, but the hottest part was over by four and it was pleasant. 

We parked close to the Victoria Park entrance and wandered around then walked through the ag building first, then went to the Dog Bowl show

I saw it the other day, but Fen hadn't seen it lately.  It's just plain silly, but very entertaining and it is clear the performers -- human and canine -- are having a lot of fun.

From there we went through the exhibits in the Central Hall, had supper in the Palm Bay Hideaway and walked over to the Big Four to see what that was happening there.  That turned out to be a huge beer hall with a live band playing at one end.

Next we went back to the ag building and found the Bee Exhibit put on by the Calgary and District Beekeepers.  Liz was there and we had a good visit. 

Then we had to leave for the Ironwood. It was calm and hot outside when went into the building, but we walked out into wind and blowing dust.  Later reports said the winds were up to 100KPH.

We made it back to the car, drove to the Ironwood, and found our reserved table right near the stage.  Fen is a regular and knows the women in Marigold Buckskin, so we found ourselves visiting with them at our table after their set.

Both bands were excellent.

Marigold Buckskin                                              The Ruminants

We left after eleven with an hour's drive ahead of us.  I dropped Fen off at The Mill and returned to the Old Schoolhouse, arriving home just after midnight.

A lot of Alberta locals don't bother with the Stampede and say they don't care for it, but people come from around the world to see it.   The Calgary Stampede is billed as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and might well be.

Sure, the traffic is bad and the prices are high, but for nine dollars admission we could have taken in all the exhibits, the dog show, the pow wows, at least five or six live musical performances, some by internationally known artists like Jan Arden, and a bit more, the chuck wagons, the infield show, the rodeo, and more. 

There is action and displays from early morning to late at night and something different every day.  I'm thinking I should make a point of going more often next year.

If you don't find something you love at the Stampede, you are simply not doing it right.

Quote of the Day
Just because you believe in something does not mean that it is true.
Albert Einstein

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Saturday July 14th 2018
6.8  220.0

Today A few showers ending this morning then clearing. Risk of a thunderstorm this morning. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 22. UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight Clear. Low 9.

I got up around seven-thirty.  I see I am up in weight again and glucose is high.  I wonder why.  I walked a lot yesterday, but did have two beers and a snack at the Ironwood last evening.

Today is cooler and windy.

I'm spoiled by the consistent and predictable weather in Mexico and I find the daily weather fluctuations here unsettling now. Just the same, the prospect of hurricanes in the Baja is worrisome, but we do have destructive flash floods, thunderstorms and tornados passing through Alberta fairly often in summer, so I guess devastating weather happens everywhere.

I'm still digging through a mound of paper on my desk, and fighting with Windows 10 on my computers, but did get out this afternoon to do some yard work.

Windows 10 is like malware in that it is always doing things in the background and eating data for unexplained reasons.  It also has hundreds of 'features' and apps that I have no use for and cannot get rid of. Micro$oft calls it 'Windows as a Service'  I call it "Windows a as a Disservice.'

I decided I simply must get more active and invited friends for a barbecue tomorrow and went outside, so went out and played with the truck a bit, then tried grading the driveway seeing as weeds are growing due to disuse. That did not work well, so I mowed the driveway a bit as an experiment.

Dawn phoned and said they have a rigger inspecting the sailboats and should he do Cassiopeia.  I spoke to the rigger and he seemed a bit flakey, but told him to spend and hour and call me.  I need to keep a finger on what is happening to my boat and get a written report if I am paying for the work.

Next, I went  to town for supplies for tomorrow.  They stay open until nine, but I like to be there before they reduce staff and put produce away.

I returned home, put the groceries away, and went out to  mow grass.

Mowing grass is easy to start, is mindless work and makes a visible difference.  Mowing and trimming makes the place look occupied, keeps down the vermin, reduces fire hazard, keeps the weed inspectors happy, and improves my morale -- but the dust the mower stirs up can also aggravate my allergies and affect my sleep.

I cut the grass late the last time.  It had gotten fairly long, and I see the lawn looks dry and sparse, possibly due to stress from letting it go too long before the first cut.  It could also be due to a dry summer.  I don't know.  Wasn't here.

This is only my second cut and I cut it short, maybe too short.  We'll see. Cutting close is hard on the grass, but may relieve me from the need to cut again soon.

The way to get a dense lawn is to cut often, cutting off only a little each time but that stimulates the lawn and creates a need for frequent cutting.  Stressing the lawn is not  a bad thing if I want to reduce the number of mowings required.  I'm not trying for an award for my lawn, just a neat look.

I quit at nine and sat down to watch Stranger.

Quote of the Day
Religion consists in a set of things which the average man thinks
he believes and wishes he was certain of.
Mark Twain

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Sunday July 15th 2018
6.4  218.4

Today Mainly sunny. High 28. UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight Clear. Low 11.

I woke up at five. I figured I'd only slept five hours, but was wide awake so I got up.  I slept reasonably well, but maybe the mowing affected my sleep.  I'll have breakfast and coffee and if I'm tired, maybe go back to bed.  That works sometimes and if it does I sometimes have several hours of excellent sleep. We'll see.

I have a lot to do today.  I want to vacuum and to tidy and also finish cutting the front lawn and back yard.  Then I am expecting the Usual Suspects at five-thirty for a barbecue.  I suppose I should test the barbeque before then.  I have not used it for a while.

I'm serving hamburgers and smokies.  I'm out of the habit of eating much red meat lately, but meat is traditional for a barbecue, so that is the menu. I lack imagination for alternatives that would satisfy everyone.  I suppose I could try chicken, but that takes more skill and management. Burgers seem to work.  Maybe next time.

I went back to bed and dozed.  At 0800, I'm up again and find I am a bit  chilled and more  tired than I was earlier.  It is 7C degrees outside and 68F in here.

I know now that I should have taken antihistamines before bed last night.  I took some and lay down again, this time sleeping to ten.  I was groggy on awakening, but am much better.

Jean and family are coming down, so I called Ken and Wendy just in case they can come.  They have something on, but may show.  We'll see.  I'm up to fifteen people so far if everyone comes.

The vacuuming begins.

The rigger called this morning and he sounds much more competent and co-operative today.  I guess he was in the office, speaking on someone else's phone, and therefore uncomfortable talking yesterday.  Today he was much more expansive.  He says he found the rigging to be sound, but is going to do a few adjustments and will give me a full written report when finished.

I went through the house vacuuming and it makes a huge difference in the look of the place and my opinion of it.

When I say vacuum, I should say I also mean blow.  I use a leafblower to clear large areas and then vacuum up the results in corners or downstairs. 

I learned this dusting trick from my Aunt Ev, who dusted shelves and furniture with the vacuum clear hose plugged into the exhaust outlet on the Hoover.   She said, "Don't tell your mother."  Mom was the youngest of three sisters and used to boss her older sisters around mercilessly, much to the silent amazement of those of us standing by.

It's four and I am ready for company.  Jean says she will be here at half past and the others should come around five-thirty.

I went out and finished mowing the front and as I was on the last pass Jean and family pulled up.  Jean and I went in and I began the last-minute items.  Chris offered to mow and off he went. Kenzie found a bike and went riding. Soon Chris came in and said the mower won't go into gear and we discovered the drive belt is shot, so we pushed he mower out of the way.

Soon the others came, thirteen in all.  The weather was perfect and there were no flies.  We sat outside and ate corn, then burgers and smokies, followed by cake and ice cream.

Everyone left by nine and I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up the rest, and then sat down for an episode of Stranger, the second last one of the series.

I finally feel like I'm home.  Having people over makes the place come alive and gives me incentive to organize things and be active.  Ever since Zippy died, the place has been empty.  First Ellen died, then Amos, then Zippy.   This August 15th, I will have been a widower for five years, something I could never have imagined a decade ago.

Quote of the Day
Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty.
To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.
Bertrand Russell

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Monday July 16th 2018

5.9  218.2

Today Sunny. High 32. UV index 9 or very high.
Tonight Clear. Low 14.

I woke up at 0645, feeling fresh and energetic.  I took two Benadryl last night, knowing that having mowed grass yesterday, I would otherwise sleep poorly.

The day promises to be hot, almost like a typical La Paz winter day.

The house and yard are tidied up.  The dishwasher needs emptying and that is about it.

I have more mowing to do, but my mower needs repair.  I am now hampered by machinery breakdown.  My truck, my mower, my snowblower and my forklift are all out of commission.  Moreover, I cannot find my ramps to change oil on my vehicles.  I lent them to someone and did not write down who.

I went looking for something back in the diary and was reading my January notes.  That got me thinking about my six months of not drinking and about breaking that promise to myself.  I decided to start again because I found I was getting tense.  I decided to stick mostly to beer and avoid wine and mixed drinks as they tend to be more concentrated and are easier to overdo.

After a while back at it, I am observing that I can usually (not always) remember not to drink too much, I am generally feeling less tense, on occasions where I drink more than I should  my digestion suffers, and I am putting on weight -- ten pounds to date.  Some of the weight gain may be associated with the doxycycline I was taking for a urinary problem, though.  Drinking also costs money.

This experiment continues.  Should I quit again? Should I limit drinking to special occasions? specific days? specific amounts? I do see some benefits, but also am aware of the pitfalls (interesting word).

I had intended to quit entirely forever and obviously did not.  Reconsideration is a normal process.  It is a normal behaviour to relapse and whether the resolution sticks depends on what happens next. Have I enough info and insight into myself now to decide? Abstinence was okay, but I was getting tense after six months.

There is a middle road, but can I stay on it?  Overdrinking is both dangerous and unhealthy. Of course, there are other solutions to tenseness like meditation (and medication), but I find I have been reluctant to go too far down the meditation road, due to the obvious hypnotic and cult aspects that are apparent in the avenues I have examined.  I have some experience with hypnotism and what it can do, and have deep reservations about tinkering with the mind.  Although suggestion is everywhere every day, hypnotic suggestions to alter behaviour are IMO sorta like attempting neurosurgery on oneself or allowing strangers to do so.

I've been planning to go up to Jean & Chris' today and wondered, seeing as they were just here yesterday and if this might be overkill, but they seem anxious to have me go up to appraise the cover on the pontoon boat and I do owe them a visit. I realise now that my last visit there was March.  I'm a busy guy.

I do want to fix the mower right away, though, and if I am going up that way, I pass through Red Deer, so I figured I should appraise the issues in case I need parts that could be obtained there.  So, I dropped the mower deck and removed it to evaluate the belt problem. That took me an hour. 

One belt is shot and the other is showing some wear.  I have replacements on hand.  The bearings seem okay.

Although one belt is simple to change now that the deck is off, the other looks to be a bit more work and the job will take at least two hours more, and I know what I need to know, so I headed north.

The drive to Birch Bay was routine other than the sudden shower of glass when a large rock was thrown up by a passing car on bare pavement on highway 21, hitting the windshield.

At times like this I wonder how motorcyclists fare with such impacts, especially on the head. I wonder how many motorcycle deaths are due to such impacts resulting in crashes after which this small injury would be hard to detect among the other injuries from the spill.

I had already been considering changing the windshield as it has several other chips and a crack, but now I am glad I hadn't gotten round to it.

I met Orams at the Birch Bay landing.  They had been out and came back to pick me up.   We went offshore a ways to get away from the water stirred up by boats near shore and anchored.  We had a swim, then returned and tied up at the space on Al's dock he had set up for them.  We fiddled with the ties and I removed a pipe that was sticking up from the lake bottom, threatening the prop.  Then when the cover was on we went up to the house for supper.

Everyone went to bed early.  Before I went to sleep, I watched the last episode of Stranger.

Quote of the Day
 Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.
George Bernard Shaw

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Tuesday July 17th 2018

Today Sunny. High 35. Humidex 36. UV index 9 or very high.
Tonight Clear. Becoming partly cloudy overnight. Low 16.

It'll be another hot day according to the forecast. I'm in Birch Bay today and expect to be driving home later.

I called around and made an appointment to install a new windshield tomorrow, so I'll be here another day.  It makes no sense to drive home past the windshield shop, then drive back seventy-five miles tomorrow.  Besides, I like it here.

Jean, the kids and I went out on the boat for a while around noon while Chris had a nap.  Later he called and we returned to shore to pick him up. 

We spent the afternoon on the lake, then returned to the house for supper.  Kenzie had a volleyball game in Sylvan so I rode along and got out at the north end of the beach so I could walk the strip where we spent so many summer weekends in the past.

The area has changed completely.  Back in the nineties, we parked on the gravel shoulder along the edge of the road as long as we wanted to.  Now there is a concrete boardwalk where the shoulder was and no parking allowed anywhere along that long strip. Parking further down in a lot far from the water costs $2/hour.  Things have changed and not necessarily for better.

Whereas this roadside would have been parked solid with vehicles at this time of year and the area between he road and beach filled with people, this section is now almost abandoned.

I stopped for a beer at a bar on the strip, wander up main street and then sat for a while at the pier and listened to my Spanish lessons on Audible while I watched the world go by  At eight-thirty, I met up with Chris and Kenzie for the drive back home.

Quote of the Day
 People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because
rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
George Orwell

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Wednesday July 18th 2018

Today A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of showers early this morning with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind becoming north 20 km/h gusting to 40 this morning. High 32. Humidex 34. UV index 9 or very high.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Becoming cloudy near midnight with showers. Risk of a thunderstorm overnight. Wind north 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Wind becoming north 20 gusting to 40 before morning. Low 16.

I woke up after eight and got up.  I must have slept at least nine hours. 

I had some breakfast, then sat down to catch up with these notes. I leave shortly for the windshield repair and home.

I drove to Red Deer and had the windshield installed, then stopped at Walmart for some groceries and drove home.  I chatted with Liz about the UBA along the way and that passed the time.

Recent updates had reduced my Pixel XL's volume on Bluetooth devices to the point where my car Bluetooth device was too faint to use, but an on line search turned up a forum mentioning an app to restore normal volume.  I downloaded and installed it and presto!, it works well again, allowing me to talk on the phone and listen to Audible.

I arrived home mid-afternoon and did housework and deskwork and intended to go outside to work on the mower, but the weather changed to wind and rain and I spent the rest of the day inside.

The UV Index is Changing

Time to sunburn

Quote of the Day
 If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
George Orwell

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Thursday July 19th 2018
6.6  218.4

Today Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers late this morning and this afternoon with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind north 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light near noon. High 28. Humidex 30. UV index 7 or high.
Tonight Mainly cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers this evening and risk of a thunderstorm. Clearing near midnight. Low 13.I woke up after eight and got up.  I must have slept at least nine hours. 

I woke up at 0843.  This the second day in a row I slept ten hours or so.

I spent another day at the desk. I spent several hours trying to install a forum on  I installed phpBB several times, but could never get administrative access.   

I intended to go outside, but got a phone call first from from Colin regarding a boat trading deal and second from Tracey regarding the UBAc.

Colin's call was about an opportunity to sell and buy boats and caused me to do a lot of analysis and introspection.  I was not reassured by what I discovered.

I have been somewhat lax in my bookkeeping lately, simply making entries and taking the books to the accountant and not doing the analysis I have done in the past.  Somehow, I have just not cared, but this call caused me to dig deep, and I was surprised at what I found.

I have been too inactive and decided to make the one-mile bike ride out to Elliotts' and back.  I stopped in to visit briefly and returned home.  I really should be doing more exercise.

Initially, Colin's offer had sounded good and I went to bed thinking that I might act, but then woke up and spent another hour or two at the keyboard double-checking my assumptions and found that I seem to have made some errors in past calculations.

I went to bed again at one and will do more figuring tomorrow.

The Wisdom of Yogi Berra

Quote of the Day
God gave us mouths that close and ears that don't... that should tell us something.
Eugene O'Neill

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